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  • 11 June 2020
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review Phantom Limb Read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Dennis Palumbo Dennis Palumbo È 4 Read H a brilliant lethal adversary Complicating things is the victim s own family whose members have dark secrets of their own and whose loyalties are suspe. Police psychologist Daniel Rinaldi returns in Phantom Limb another deftly plotted thriller from Dennis Palumbo This one revolves around Lisa Campbell ex Hollywood starlet ex Playboy model and current arm candy to a disabled tycoon and her planned suicide to occur at precisely 7 pm Daniel has a single 50 minute session to convince her otherwise But as if that wasn t enough pressure as soon as Lisa leaves his office she is kidnapped But this is no ordinary kidnapping and Daniel is launched on a roller coaster ride that pits him against the police the kidnappers and the powerful and ruthless Harlan family and brings his own professional ethics and family secrets into play This might be the best among the stories in this excellent seriesDP Lyle award winning author of the Jake Longly Samantha Cody and Dub Walker thriller series

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review Phantom Limb Read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Dennis Palumbo Dennis Palumbo È 4 Read Outside his office Through a bizarre seuence of events he s forced to deliver the ransom demand himself drawing him into a deadly cat and mouse game wit. Phantom Limb Dennis PalumboA phantom is something that can exist in the mind of a person but is not really there I can haunt them cause them to believe that something exists yet it does not Imagine living your life as if you are going through the motions doing things by rote yet not really thinking anyone sees you or cares that you are there Sometimes people lose a limb and think it s too attached to them even though it s gone An apparition a vision that seems to reoccur within the depths of a person s mind yet that s the only place it really exists Lisa Harland lives in a world that was created by others in order to make it look like she was some type of starlet or movie ueen Lisa s life took than a downward turn when she married a rich industrialist named Charles Harland and this ordinary girl who once filled the centerfold in Playboy enjoyed recreational and hard drugs drank and eventually bottomed out lived her life married to one of Pittsburgh s richest and most dangerous businessmen Lisa gave up on life because she was being blackmailed threatened and had been abused by someone that was close to not only her but her husband Someone that many feared others hated and would soon prove to be than just an adversary but a coldhearted killer What would you do if you were a psychologist and consultant for Pittsburgh Police Department and a client or patient came into your office and dared you to convince them to not commit suicide Within a short 50 minute time frame consultant Daniel Rinaldi had to convince new patient Lisa Harland not to take her own life The time 6 10 the end game would be 700 PM using everything he had and incorporating all of his skills Daniel needed to find a way to convince Lisa to vote for life and hopefully buy himself some time to delve into the real Lisa But although she agreed to a pardon for herself or a reprieve from the warden she was far from home free Leaving his office someone stood in her way enter Daniel office knocked him and out kidnapped Lisa But why Who and what would the end result be Lisa s disappearance was to be handled without the police or any law enforcement agency included But Charles Harland was a powerful man and one phone call would change what the demands of the kidnappers were and the chain of events would place than just Lisa in harms way Phantom Limb Dennis Palumbo Just where is this imaginary vision Who will it strike next and why was Lisa kidnapped Her story will unfold and readers won t believe the outcome or who is behind what Dennis Palumbo so brilliantly deliversDanny has not choice to be to the Harland Estate and face a cast of characters that from the start will not be on his top ten list of favorite people Mike Payton the security guard roughs him up and uses him for a punching bag to make sure that he s not going to endanger his boss A deadly killer named Sykes and his accomplice Griffin are behind the kidnapping but who orchestrated it and why Five million in bearer bonds is what the kidnappers want Arthur Drake is counsel for Charles Harland Mike Payton his bodyguard James Harland his outcast son and Detective Lieutenant Biegler whose presence creates dissension and whose lack of proper leadership could blow it all Added in Danny is the one that is told to deliver the ransom When the first attempt goes sour the second proves deadly for someone As the author reveals Lisa s history and story we also learn about James the death of his younger brother the guilt that he feels for introducing him to drugs and a downward spiral life and the end result that would alienate him from his father s love forever Added in we meet the cast at Noah s Ark the bar that Danny freuents and a veteran named Skip whose life changed and might be as volatile as an explosive bomb unless he seeks the help that Danny suggests that he get When both the police and the FBI uestion Danny and insist that he reveal his consultation with Lisa he invokes the confidentiality clause much to the frustration of both the police and the FBI Wanting to get Lisa back placing himself in danger Special Agent Gloria Russo finds herself a victim of this dangerous killer as Danny is tricked into meeting with her and before the killers can do their worst something happens and the tables are turned Able to escape and find their way to safety Lisa is still missing the nurse that takes care of Charles Harland is missing and the end result is than just tragic Lisa s revelation of what happened to her at the hand of James Harland changes the complexion of the investigation for Danny as he promises not to reveal what happened to her keeping information from the police and the FBI and knowing that she might still carry out the threat she made when she met him But things get hot when Danny returns home after being interrogated and can t sleep Finds his way to Noah s Ark and a starling revelation is made that might link not only the identity of Julian to someone he just met but who else might be behind the kidnapping and why Money greed power or was it something else that someone wanted Just why was Lisa taken and who was the mastermind Who is Julian What about James He hates his father and Lisa did he have something to do with the murders and her kidnapping Who are the Four horsemen Lies deceits betrayals hate drug cartels greed power and revenge are all at the center of this novel A recurring theme that runs throughout this novel is acceptance Lisa wants people to accept her for the person she has become and not what she was before James cannot reconcile himself with his feelings for what he did to his brother and knows that his father will never accept him as a true son Danny seems to be searching for his own acceptance as he works with many agencies as a consultant and yet in many ways is an outcast Forgiveness comes hard to so many as some of the characters like Mike Payton pay a heavy price for their actions Often blaming himself for what happened to Lisa and not moving ahead with the investigation into her disappearance the right way and holding back information he learns a hard lesson but not in a good way Danny finds himself in the middle of this controversy and searches long and hard within himself whether to keep Lisa s confidence tell the police what she told him or just hope for a positive outcome When the author describes what happened to Lisa on pages 186 187 you being to wonder is what Danny does or does not do is truly justified Sergeant Harry Polk counselor Arthur Drake James Harland Charles Harland Mike Payton Daniel Rinaldi Skip Hines and the killers themselves Each having their own agenda Each one searching for their own truth and each one seeking a goal of their own Money greed revenge retribution hate fear in a climate filled with sex drugs slave trade4 and a high profile billionaire who will use his influence and power to get what he wants This is one novel that will keep you wondering until the very end Whose facing the hardest decisions Whose Phantom Limb will haunt them for ever as some are not part of your body the limb of a tree but some limbs are situations in life that some claim or state My Life hangs on a delicate limb and hopefully it won t break offEach character carrying a burden and own hidden pain whether imaginary or real it is still there Skip his missing limb James his hate for his father and himself causing an inner pain that will never go away Lisa who does not regret her past but hates her present and does not want to be defined by what someone wants to bring out about her Mike Payton hides the truth about someone and his feelings for another Characters that have human flaws that might cost them than the respect of Charles Harland Gloria Reese who must face what the killers tried to do to her and yet represses it in order to not lose face at work Each one harbors a secret but at what price An ending that will not only leave the reader with many unanswered uestions but will bring to light something in Danny s life that has haunted him for so long and given him pain Phantom Limb A phantom limb is the sensation that a missing limb or amputated part of the body feels like it s still attached Sensations sometimes occur after the body part is removed Attacks occur over time but although the limb is not there in some cases the pain is real Danny learns at the end of this novel that something that has haunted him for so long just might represent something real The answer cannot be found within the pages of this outstanding novel but within the ones the author will pen when we find out what is next for DannyFran Lewis Reviewer

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review Phantom Limb Read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Dennis Palumbo Dennis Palumbo È 4 Read Psychologist and police consultant Daniel Rinaldi s new patient a former Hollywood starlet now married to a ruthless business tycoon is kidnapped right. I received an advance copy ARC of this book for review This does not change how I reviewed this book Phantom Limb is the fourth Daniel Rinaldi mystery book but is the first one I have read Mystery books are some of my favorite go to books I started reading mystery books as a young teen because my mom grandma and aunt all read them Growing up my grandma mom aunt and I would talk mystery books and trade our favorite books back and forth over the years The description on the back of the book Psychologist and Pittsburgh Police Department consultant Daniel Rinaldi has a new patient Lisa Harland a local girl once made a splash in Playboy and the dubious side of Hollywood before bottoming out Back home down and out again she married one of the city s richest and most ruthless tycoons Lisa s challenge to Danny is that she intends to commit suicide by 700 PM His therapist skills may buy some time but exiting she s kidnapped right outside his office Summoned to the Harland estate Danny is forced through a bizarre seuence of events to be the bag man on the ransom delivery This draws him into a deadly cat and mouse game with a brilliant lethal adversary Complicating things is the unhappy Harland family whose members have dark secrets of their own along with suspect loyalties as well as one of Danny s other patients a volatile vet whose life may like Lisa s be at risk What is really at stake here I was instantly engrossed and hooked and the book is action packed the whole way through I do not want to give of the plot away It is a mystery so of course there are numerous characters introduced and many suspects The main character Daniel Rinaldi acknowledges the fact that he is someone who seems to find himself in the middle of crazy mysteries and cases I love that the author did this Some mystery series thrust the main character into one crazy situation after another like it is commonplace I think it is apparent in a good way that the author has a psychotherapist background it is mentioned in the beginning of the ARC that Palumbo currently practices psychotherapy It adds levity to the character of Daniel Since this was not the first book in the series I was worried I may be confused However that was not the case This book stands alone while also clearly complimenting the other books in the series in that it makes references to other cases that I assume were discussed in the previous books It helps give background to the character of Daniel but does not spoil too much of what happened previously so that it will be easy for me to go back and read the previous books One of the things I kept thinking about while reading this book is how I could envision this as a TV show or movie It struck me as a Bones type of book I have not read the books that Bones is based on but I have watched the show The way the characters lives are interspersed into the cases in an organic way is what made me think of Bones while reading Phantom Limb If you enjoy mysteries and do not mind gritty then this is a great book for you I loved it I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series Plus I will definitely be recommending this book to my mom and aunt Sadly I cannot recommend it to my grandma though she probably has access to all the books she wants in Heaven Here are some nuggets uotes that I loved All are non spoilers Yet like with my father a felt sense of her lingers Perhaps this is true for everyone That those with whom we re most intimately connected persist not only in memory but almost like missing parts of ourselves Like phantom limbs we feel their presence even though they re gone forever Page 138 Whenever I feel a strong wind I think of Elvira He glanced over at me Our old nanny when I was a child She used to say the sound of the wind was the wail of lost souls the dead flying around the world looking for a way into heaven Page 150 Note about the uotes This is in ARC so page numbers may be changed and it is also possible the text or uotes themselves could be edited before being published It is uotes like these that make this book stand out as different from other mysteries It has so many other elements than just the mystery and delves deeper into characters than many mysteries do Check it out and let me know what you think Phantom Limb will be released in September by Poisoned Pen Presslostbraincellweeblycom