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CHARACTERS Pebble in the Sky ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rth as he soon learned was a backwater world despised by all the other 200 million planets of the Empire because its people dared to claim it was the original home of. Don t you just hate those days when you re walking down the street just minding your own business and then suddenly poof you re in another time completely That s how Joseph Schwartz s day starts and it or less goes downhill from there Before too long he s volunteered for a scientific experiment because everyone assumes he s mentally damaged due to nobody being able to understand a word he s saying and vice versa thanks to a several thousand year language gap and that hey it can t make him any worse So what if all the animals we ve tried it on so far have died This time s the charm Besides it s not like he ll be able to complain to anyone And that s all before the plot really begins to startThe Empire novels are kind of the misbegotten children of the Asimov stable of SF novels Not only were they early works this is apparently his first real novel unlike stuff like Foundation and I Robot which were collections of linked short stories but they don t have the thematic weight that the other series have basically winding up being those stories that were set between the Robot and Foundation years and even that was kind of determined after the fact There don t seem to be continuing characters and are essentially a trilogy in all but nameBut even here Asimov clearly has something going for him His idea of the future is topsyturvy in parts with Earth being radioactive and an extremely minor player in galactic affairs Everyone is ruled by a massive empire now and no one believes that they all came from Earth except for some archeologists The plot of the novel sneaks up on you where you think it s going to mostly be able Schwartz and his acclimation into future society but he hardly even gets a chance to become used to his surroundings before people start chasing him in the name of science until he gets the ability to fight back His injection into sideways politics a bystander who manages to upend the scene isn t what you normally saw in Golden Age SF of the time generally your protagonist was a go getter space hero character where nobody here falls into that category It gives a weird everyman perspective to events which only makes it seem stranger because everything is new for us but with all the rapid changes even the characters don t seem to know which end is upIt makes for fun reading when it gets going which like most Asimov books it takes a bit to really kick into gear Still even at this point in time he had some of his old tricks his allergy to anything resembling action is already apparent with the ending coming along as people walking in from offscreen mopping their brows and going Whew that was tough I almost didn t think we d make it through It s the collision of ideas that sparks the mind here as everyone tries to imagine the future in their own way and coming to a type of happy medium doesn t seem to be an option He makes you care even though the stakes aren t anything we can really relate to and our one viewpoint character is absent for good chunks of a fairly short novel to begin withFor amusement purposes it s also interesting to see a future that doesn t seem to involve computers or the Internet or famously robots which would get him into a pickle later when he tried to link the series but there s a reason why SF never attempted to predict the future But Asimov started out strong and while he s not in his prime here he clearly has a taken on the genre that s groundbreaking in its own way even if its a uiet revolution than anything else

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CHARACTERS Pebble in the Sky ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook One moment Joseph Schwartz was a happily retired tailor in Chicago 1949 The next day he was a helpless stranger on the Earth during the heyday of the Galactic EmpireEa. In Isaac Asimov s very first published novel Joseph Schwartz a retired Jewish tailor is instantly transported from 1949 Brooklyn to a time many thousands of years in the future through an odd nuclear accident scientific unlikelihood but we ll let it pass He finds himself on an Earth marred by high levels of radiation presumably from past nuclear wars that scientific impossibility apparently hasn t resulted in any physical ill effects to Earth s population but has resulted in Earthmen being completely ostracized from humanity s galactic society as third class citizens Fan s of Asimov s The Foundation Trilogy will recognize references to Trantor here And although this future Earth has a far lower population than now The Powers That Be believe that there are not enough resources to go around so this is an Earth where everyone over age 60 is euthanized unless you re a government bigwig or some such Bad luck for Schwartz since he s already 62Schwartz ends up getting treated by a local scientist s brain enhancing machine unlikely science and gets major view spoilermind reading and mind control hide spoiler

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CHARACTERS Pebble in the Sky ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Man And Earth was poor with great areas of radioactivity ruining much of its soil so poor that everyone was sentenced to death at the age of sixtySchwartz was sixty tw. He steps through a wormhole in space and ends up in a future world where he has exotic Super Powers Like what I hear you ask Right listen to this He can obtain a deadly attack as White from the variation of the Spanish which starts 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 a6 4 Ba4 Nf6 5 Nc3 Impressive huhI know Alekhine showed it was possible a couple of times And then there was the game Spassky won against Beliavsky in 1988 If you can play through that and not conclude that Boris had Super Powers then all I can say is that you re a far skeptical person than I amAnother demonstration of how Google is steadily depriving us of our sacred right to bullshit I figure I d better post this correction before someone else doesWell it occurred to me this morning that some chess geek must have determined by now where the game in Pebble comes from It only took a minute of searching to find out it s Verlinsky Levenfish 1924 with a slightly altered conclusion But here s the really annoying part The game is indeed a Spanish with 5 Nc3 I remembered that correctly Unfortunately the guy with the Super Powers is Black I could have sworn on a stack of bibles that he was WhiteOh well By the way if you re curious the same source revealed that the chess game in 2001 A Space Odyssey is Roesch Schlage 1910 So now you know too