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  • Diary of a Witch
  • Sybil Leek
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  • 19 February 2020
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Download à Diary of a Witch 102 From the flyleaf A crossroads where three rivers meet in a wild and desolate witch ridden part of Staffordshire England was the birth place of Sybil Leek abounds with exotic humor beginning with. Reading DIARY OF A WITCH again after 31 years is like sitting down for tea with a favorite great aunt that you haven t seen in ages and listening to her life s story I recently found a copy of the first edition hardcover in a used bookstore and didn t hesitate to snatch it up which I now consider one of my Wiccan treasures The book is a fascinating read and in my opinion should be reuired study for any new witch or wizard It is essentially a biographical essay by an hereditary witch Sybil was one of the first witches to come out of the broom closet and her influence on American Wicca ie the so called eclectic Wicca is incalculable Fortunately it isn t a difficult book to read and a student can usually finish it in one of two readings The chapters move uickly although eleven and twelve do drag a little Otherwise the book is perfect Back in 77 it proved to be the catalyst for a lifelong interest in the craft My advice is to buy it used while you still can The book jacket makes the hardcover edition worth having for the funky cover art and the slightly irregular page edges which remind me of old books is a nice touch

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Download à Diary of a Witch 102 A witch's coven When Sybil becomes a full fledged witch the fun really begins and ranges from reincarnation and ghost hunting with Hans Holzer to the flower children and American fortune teller.

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Download à Diary of a Witch 102 Sybil's unusual ancestors and their run ins with Christian folk She describes her taste of Gypsy life her education her psychic experiences her witchcraft apprenticeship and her initiation into. This is an essential resource for any Wiccan Pagan or spiritualist Reading about Sybil Leeks amazing life gives me much insight into trusting my instincts