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  • The New Diary
  • Tristine Rainer
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  • 06 May 2020
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Tristine Rainer µ 4 Read & Download Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Tristine Rainer Summary The New Diary Already keep a journal as it is for those who have never kept one It does not tell you the right way to keep a diary; rather it offers numerous possibilities for using the diary to achieve your own purposes It is a place for you to clarify goals visualize the future and focus your engergies; a means of freeing your intuition. In this book she doesn t teach you how to keep a diary but instead shows you how your diary can offer you so many possibilities You will be able to clarify your goals focus your inner energies free inhibitions and release your imagination Here you explore and seek to understand It is that active communication with the self that makes the diary a new diary Here are some of the goals we can achieve through the New DiaryThe New Diary is a safe place to free the creative child within you and experience the full range of your imagination It allows you to develop an ease with writing and the habit of writing simply from using what you already have your own experience As you discover your natural voice in the diary you can also begin to focus on your genuine interests and to collect material for many creative usesThe therapeutic and creative benefits of keeping the New Diary are in fact almost as numerous as the people who enjoy the pleasure of keeping it Among the advantages most freuently mentioned areA healthful release for feelings and tensions a place to advise yourself clarify goals and make decisions a way to nourish yourself with friendship and self acceptance a nonthreatening place to work out relationships with others and to develop your capacity for intimacy a path to self awareness and self knowledge a place to rehearse future behavior a techniue for focusing your energies on what is immediately important a way to organize and expand your t i m e a place to find creative solutions to problems a memory aid a means of achieving self identity a way to enjoy and profit from solitude a guide to finding clarity in the midst of crisis or change a device for discovering your path and taking responsibility for the direction of your life a means of accelerating or con cluding psychotherapyA place to develop skills of self expression a method for turning negative mental habits into positive energy a way to gain perspective on your emotions and to resolve the past a means of keeping in touch with the continuity and rhythms of your life a place to record meaningful in sights a way to preserve family and personal history a uiet place to relax and refresh yourself a device for freeing your intuition and imaginationA way to learn to trust life a means of experiencing the essential humanness that links all people a tool for recording and understanding dreams a way to become your own guide and guru a place to celebrate the process of living a path to spiritual peace a workbook for creative writing and drawing a safe place to take intellectual and creative risks a source book for future projects a means of discovering joy within the context of your life please see pp 4 5

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Tristine Rainer µ 4 Read & Download Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Tristine Rainer Summary The New Diary The New Diary is about a completely modern concept of journal writing It has little to do with the rigid daily calendar diary you may have kept as a child or the factual travelogue you wrote to recall the Grand Canyon Instead it is a tool for tapping the full power of your inner resourcesThe New Diary is as much for those who. This could arguably be the most important book in my life I read it at 12 and started journaling seriously a practice which continued for 20 or so years Around 911 most of them were lost forever It s something that I can t even think about without getting very upsetAnyway my 12 year old self thought this was a VERY important book second only to Harriet the Spy By the way GO READ Harriet the Spy

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Tristine Rainer µ 4 Read & Download Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook µ Tristine Rainer Summary The New Diary And imagination; a workbook for exploring your dreams your past and your present lifeIt is for everyone seeking concrete methods for dealing with personal problems It is for women and men interested in achieving self reliance and inner liberation for artists and writers seeking new techniues for overcoming blocks to creativi. My favorite book on journaling Can be delved into deeply or picked up at odd intervals I used this text in a class for six months and can look back now and positively identify when I began making huge changes in my life it was after less than 2 months working in my journal every day I ve given many copies to friends