The Fledgling E–book/E–pub

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  • The Fledgling
  • Elizabeth Cadell
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
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Read & Download The Fledgling The Fledgling Read ç 109 Summary µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Elizabeth Cadell Measure Circumstances plus some contrivance on her own part enabled the youngster to shake him off Alone she reached Victoria and the warm if belated welcome of her father's distant cousin and ex fiancee PhilippaHow the gold statuette of St Christopher had been stolen. The republishing of Elizabeth Cadell s books on kindle is the reason I bought a kindle Her novels can be extremely funny They describe an England of two generations ago and have a sweet naivet pictured so vividly in The Fledgling Victoria needs an adult to supervise her train journey from Portugal to England There s a ferry in there somewhere and all the caring adults in her life choose a middle aged man they slightly know from the local golfing club Unsurprisingly because Ms Cadell s heroine s are very intrepid Victoria has a lovely and safe journey discovers an art theft fakes a case of measles and finally rearranges the two important adults in her life into a suitable couple

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The Fledgling

Read & Download The Fledgling The Fledgling Read ç 109 Summary µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Elizabeth Cadell Vitorina's escort from Lisbon to London wore a cloak of respectability which convinced the child's father and aunts but even before the ten year old girl had made her disconcerting discovery of his theft from the rich private chapel of her home she had begun to take his. I d heard The Fledgling ranked among Elizabeth Cadell s best novels which I think perhaps led me to expect too muchIn fact the aspect of the book that struck me most is how messed up the adult characters are Heroine Philippa is still carrying a flame for the hero Edmund who jilted her 12 years before when be met and married in Macau the Fledgling s aka Tory s mother Mawkishly sentimental Philippa still keeps a photograph of Edmund on her bedside chest with a Koala bear they won at a fair pinned to it One of the first things she tells poor Tory fresh off the boat train from Paris and who she doesn t know from a bar of soap is that she d been engaged to her father Hero Edmund is in the heroine s words a clam who closed up completely after his wife was killed in a motor accident nine years previously Shortly after her death he handed their baby daughter Tory over to her ancient noble Portuguese relatives Only recently has he inserted himself into his daughter s life deciding she s become too Catholic and must attend an English boarding school Other Man Lord Tancred is a pompous businessmanpolitician who in the mould of Margaret Thatcher has clawed his way from relatively humble origins to a position as a parliamentary grandee His origins however haunt him and make him resentful of anyone cast from a different mould ie scion of wealthy merchant family EdmundThe only person in the story in fact who isn t an obvious case for the psychologists chair is school girl Tory She is remarkably well adjusted for a child without a mother and whose father Edmund is emotionally and physically unavailable to the extent he sends her off from Lisbon to London via Paris in the company of some bloke he met at his Estoril golf club view spoilerand who turns out to be a professional thief hide spoiler

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Read & Download The Fledgling The Fledgling Read ç 109 Summary µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Elizabeth Cadell And how it reached Portugal again how Philippa changed at the eleventh hour from one bridegroom to another and how above all Vitorina throve on her first taste of freedom and found her father really cared about her after all is interwoven into a delightful readable stor. Ten yar old but very mature Vitorina finds herself carrying a stolen gold Saint Christopher statue while traveling to boarding school She knows the thief but the adults in her life must trust her and discover who it is for themselves As they do so they renew old friendships that result in a new and exciting future family