EBOOK The Magic Cottage

  • Paperback
  • 394
  • The Magic Cottage
  • James Herbert
  • English
  • 16 June 2020
  • 9780330376259

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review ☆ The Magic Cottage James Herbert  0 free download An alternative side the bad magic What happened there was horrendous beyond beli. I totally saw everything described in this book in great detail Herbert captured the perfect description of a magic cottage deep in the woods I expected things to occur inside and around the cottage and towards the end I was just left with a wantingTotally creepy story I was creeped out by the SYNERGIST TEMPLE in the woods Freaky crazyThis is why I love James Herbert He can make me see it feel it smell it and just completely pull you along into this magical journey that usually doesn t let up till the end My fav read by Herbert is Secrets of Crickley Hall

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The Magic Cottage

review ☆ The Magic Cottage James Herbert  0 free download A cottage was found in the heart of the forest It was charming maybe a little run. Also a very good book from the late James Herbert A chocolate box cottage A beautiful setting The dream home Magical forest and a cult Loved this book by a great British Author

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review ☆ The Magic Cottage James Herbert  0 free download Down but so peaceful a magical haven for creativity and love But the cottage had. This book was an absolute delight a thrilling and exciting story from its nicely understated beginning straight down to its boombastic final showdown and picture perfect ending Classic Herbert to take on a what could have been yet another young couple buys the house in the remote areathe subject is actually referenced in a book in an awesomely meta way all is not as it seems and make it so clever uniue original and fun Other classic Hebert elements are present as well including well developed characters that the reader can really care about and go on a journey with humor and terrific vivid descriptions Horror genre has really lost one of its greats with James Herbert s passing and this book is an excellent showcase of his talents Highly recommended