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Isaac Asimov â 4 characters

review Å Casebook of the Black Widowers Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov â 4 characters Ior ouvem uma história lêem uma notícia ou interrogam um convidado uer a história a notícia ou o convidado trazem um enigma um crime um mistéri. Tales of the Black Widowers is the first book in Isaac Asimov s Black Widowers mystery series I ve read one other but wanted to start from the beginning I ve enjoyed many of Asimov s Sci Fi series some of which crossed over into mysteries The Black Widowers stories are strictly mysteriesThe Black Widowers are six acuaintances who meet once a month at the Milano Restaurant for dinner and to have friendly often raucous discussions Each night one of the members brings along a guest who is interrogated and regularly presents a mystery that the six members discuss and try solve the mystery In the background and the person who brings everything together is their waiter HenryThe six main characters are all curmudgeonly Thomas Trumbull a code analyst if I ve got it correct Geoffrey Avalon patent attorney Emmanuel Rubin noted writer and butt of the others jokes and acuaintance of Isaac Asimov James Drake organic chemist Mario Gonzalo an artist who draws characters of each guest and Roger Halsted high school math teacher who is trying to turn each chapter of the Iliad and maybe the Odyssey into a limerickThe book contains 12 stories with an afterword for each one with Asimov s comments on when it was originally published original title and sometimes the inspiration for the story I d call the mysteries cozy as nobody is hurt and the people never leave the restaurant with one notable exception After some loud joking and discussion the group settle down to dinner and then while they relax over coffee one of the members interrogates the guest and gets him to tell the story that the members will weigh in on At the end of each story the group after trying to solve the mystery will defer to Henry who gathers in their clues and uestions and provides a solutionYou d think the format would grow old pretty uickly but actually each story is interesting and uniue and the characters are funny and uirky It makes for a short entertaining story I ve got another of the books on my shelf and look forward to continuing to have dinner with this little group 4 stars

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review Å Casebook of the Black Widowers Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov â 4 characters O Ali nauela sala os membros do clube sem mais dados tentam resolver os problemas Por vezes de forma possível outras de modo extravagante e divertid. Contains the short story The Curious Omission which in turn contains a brief go referenceThis short story started life as a bibliographic oddity and without a go reference The Union Carbide corporation held a super sleuth contest for their customers The company published and distributed to packagers formulators and marketers of soap andor detergent products chemical specialty products and cosmetic chemicals special editions of three of the canonical collections of Sherlock Holmes short stories Each of the volumes had on the back of the dust jacket an unfinished mystery by a then popular author Contestants were to provide solutions to the mystery for a chance to win a night in a Scottish castle Hints as to the author s intended solution would be found in Union Carbide adverts in various trade magazinesOne of the three contest short stories was The Case of the Dying Hint by noted science fictioneer and less noted mystery writer Isaac Asimov This story appeared on the jacket of The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Solution hints were to be found in ten issues of trade mags Detergents and Specialties and Soap and Chemical Specialties The story contained the line We ve talked together drank together played chess and two handed pinochle together fished togetherAlso in 1971 Asimov began his series of Black Widower mysteries for Ellery ueen s mystery magazine Loosely inspired by the Trap Door Spiders a real life dinner group to which Asimov belonged the stories featured six regular dinner companions who would take turns inviting a guest to their monthly get togethers As is the way of such mystery series each guest turned out to have a mystery in need of unraveling The group members would each take a stab at it then they would turn to Henry their waiter who would invariably come up with the solutionTales of the Black Widowers the first of several Doubleday collections of these stories was published in 1974 Asimov ever reluctant to let any of his writings go so nearly unread lengthened and adapted the Union Carbide piece to a Black Widowers story retitled The Curious Omission for inclusion in the book The game reference uoted above was changed to He was a master at Chinese checkers parcheesi backgammon Monopoly chess checkers go three dimensional tick tack toe Neither go nor any other specific game is central to the plot However the mutual interest in games generally on the part of deceased and the narrater play a substantial roleThe Black Widower version of the story is typical of the series with an excellent twist providing the basis for a well crafted story The reader s enjoyment of the original version however depends rather too much on one s degree of familiarity with Lewis Carroll s Alice in WonderlandThis is presumably intentional Although I haven t seen the adverts which gave the solution hints the original story pretty clearly implies that any super sleuth hoping to win the contest ought to start by reading or rereading Alice

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review Å Casebook of the Black Widowers Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read & Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov â 4 characters Num estranho clube privado em Nova Iorue os membros reúnem se periodicamente com um objectivo claro dentro de uma sala sem mais contacto com o exter. Towards the end of his life Asimov became obsessive about publishing as much as possible he d brag about having published his age in years and his weight in pounds and stuff like that He ended up with several hundred books to his credit but unsurprisingly the standard sufferedThis collection an impulse buy at an airport bookstall was one of the last ones I read It s a bunch of extremely dull little mysteries the most noteworthy point is that Asimov apparently as interested in the proceedings as the reader is forgets what he s doing to the extent of repeating the same very poor plot twist within a hundred pages To add insult to injury he even includes a note saying that he d been told about it but couldn t be bothered to remove or change the later chapter I hope he achieved his target whatever it was But I didn t see why I needed to carry on helping him