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  • Hardcover
  • 224
  • The One Dollar Horse (The One Dollar Horse, #1)
  • Lauren St. John
  • English
  • 02 April 2020
  • 9781444002690

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Review ☆ The One Dollar Horse (The One Dollar Horse, #1) Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Se Trials When she rescues a starving half wild horse she’s convinced that the impossible can be made possible But she has reckoned without the conseuences of her father’s criminal record or. This is a nice horsey book with a theme of hard work and dedication to a special horse taking a girl from rags to riches The setting is London s multicultural east districts and rural England I found it suitable for children rather than young adults with one dimensional charactersI would have liked the book if it was not so full of clich s Growing up I always wore a belt in case I would find a horse running wild down the street and have to catch him and lead him I never did there were no horses on the streets but they were in the books I read about a previous generation s adventures The best books showed a horse rescued from a cruel heartless owner who is only out for gain from Black Beauty to Smoky to King of the Wind to the Black Stallion The fiery untameable horse falls into love and trust with the patient young rider and the two become unbeatable from National Velvet to Thunderhead to Misty to the Golden Stallion to the Black Stallion and a dozen pony books The ownership of the horse may change and take him away from the young rider like the Black Stallion or multiple pony books In pony books still today or Jilly Coopers there may be an obvious antagonist who is a wealthier and nastier version of the young rider because it is easy meaning lazy I was checking off each of these experiences all over again I know it s hard to write an original book but this one is really close to International Velvet with the eventing the dead American mother the sponsorship issues lack of friends and top competitors All we were missing was the Olympics We also get a hint of Great Expectations There is just one original sub plot which is the rider s father having spent time in jail and trying to find work only to have a brush with unsavoury associates I would have supposed that the hard work and training would have included reading horsey schooling books eventers autobios and stable management books We don t hear of any just magazines although some eventers are named And the author should have stressed the safety vests that are obligatory wear in any cross country from Riding Clubs upwards Some of the eventing fences should also have been described for those who have never seen them and I would have assumed that the girl and horse would have been competing in indoor jumping shows during winter Yes I did come up through showjumping on a Thoroughbred mare bringing her from half starved uick sale to Grade A So it does happen But not in two years And you have to work as well And nobody throws money at you and the professionals with the lorry load of horses to your one have a far far better chance than you And your horse goes lame so you miss shows and you have no money or socialising time ever because everything you have goes on the horse Read One Dollar Horse enjoy it and I hope you don t feel as gypped as I did when I realised that I d read the story many times before over the years

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Review ☆ The One Dollar Horse (The One Dollar Horse, #1) Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The distraction of a boy with melty dark eyes with whom she refuses to fall in love Casey learns the hard way that no matter how high you jump or how fast you gallop you can never outrun the pa. When I was younger about every second weekend I would visit the beautiful children s Lion and the Unicorn Bookshop in Richmond which sadly has only recently closed and one of my favourite choices would always be Lauren St John s The White Giraffe series which I devoured Therefore when I saw not one but two new Lauren St John books on the Indigo Bloggers News I couldn t resist Keeping with the animal theme like in her other books St John doesn t fail to enrapture and enchant readers with her classic yet fiercely different tale of a horsey cinderella on her journey to become a full blown princess or winner of Badminton in this caseI found the overall appearance of the book totally endearing and yes I am talking about the beautiful bright pink edged pages There is nothing else that attracts a girl to anything than pink and if I am ever lucky enough to have my own book published I will definitely have colourfully edged pages However aside from the pink I found the book itself completely not what I was expecting When I was younger I would read animal books a lot though as I grew into a terrible teenager they didn t interest me as much At a first glance after reading the first chapter actually I thought this would be the typical story of a girl who has nothing finds a horse completely out of the blue of course then becomes a champion horse rider at the end However I was delighted whilst reading that I was very wrong there were many twists and turns that were completely unexpected and page turner moments that were uniue yet comfortably familiar that comes with reading a feel good novel I found the protagonist Casey an extremely loveable and strong character who had an interesting and complex relationship with all the other characters and I enjoyed following her journeyOverall I think that the most important aspect of the book was the cliched sense that nothing is impossible yet this was paired with the sense that if you want something you can t just wait for it to come to you you need to put everything into it to get what you want out of it I think that this is a very important message to everyone in the world today work hard and achieve your dreamsI thoroughly enjoyed reading St John again and I hope that she writes books for teenagers

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Review ☆ The One Dollar Horse (The One Dollar Horse, #1) Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Fifteen year old Casey Blue lives in East London’s grimmest tower block and volunteers at a local riding school but her dream is to win the world’s greatest Three Day Event the Badminton Hor. The one dollar horse is a truly amazing bookFrom a one dollar horse to a multi million dollar horse it is a very inspirational book that goes over if you can dream it you can do it and in that case it worked for Casey This is not any book this is a book that draws you in and in parts actually makes you feel like you are riding at badminton horse trials leaping over the jumps over and over in your mind If you don t know what cross country and dressage is in the euestrian world I wouldn t recommend it but if you do I completely recommend this book 110% Williams Sonoma Good Food to Share euestrian world I wouldn t recommend it but if you do I completely recommend this book 110%