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Harms Way Summary » 0 Alan Annand ë 0 Summary Free download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ë Alan Annand Chetypes of moral depravity and every one of them warns him to drop the case before it gets too hot for him to handle As stubborn as he is cash strapped he eventually locates the daughter at a party thrown by her current lover a Honduran drug dealer Although Harms extricates her things get nasty in the chaos – the drug dealer winds up dead and a large stash of his cocaine goes missingAll of a sudden Harms is in the cross hairs of a death suad whose sole purpose is to find him and the girl and kill them both to avenge the dealer’s death When Harms turns out to be too elusive and tough to dispense with the Hondurans attack his cop buddy and kidnap Harms’ own daughter to force his surrender Meanwhile someone has also killed his client Doctor Reynolds jeopardizing the whole case and throwing suspicion on himOvercoming huge odds even as violence endangers everyone near and dear to him Harms must use all his ingenuity to outwit a vicious drug gang identify the unknown blackmailer and prove himself innocent of murde. Well based on my method of judging a book this book also rates 5 stars All my emotions were involved and some even a little over worked I really enjoyed the casual way that Harm s approaches his work In this book he even continued the case after the man died that had hired him I am getting better at figuring out the who done it parts but this has a great switch at the end that I was in no way prepared for but loved it it was so cool I can definitely recommend this book and this authorTake a chance check it out for yourself

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Harms Way

Harms Way Summary » 0 Alan Annand ë 0 Summary Free download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ë Alan Annand Underworld to rescue her from harm’s wayLee Harms is an ex cop who’s traded financial security and office politics for the tenuous existence of a freelance investigator He’s divorced and paying child support for a 10 year old daughter whose affections he must earn which isn’t easy when his ex wife bad mouths him every time he’s late on support payments So when he gets a lucrative offer to trace a runaway girl an assignment he generally declines he goes after her with all the enthusiasm he can musterPolitical hopeful Doctor Reynolds has already paid 50K to suppress a videotape of his daughter in a lesbian porn flick; now there’s a second blackmail demand for 250K and promise of worse revelations to come He wants her found and put on the next plane to England where she’ll go into rehab and put her life back together before she ruins hisAs Harms learns she’s been living uite a life already – shoplifting drug abuse pornography and maybe even prostitution Everywhere he looks he encounters the human ar. Before I write my review I must reveal that I tend to dislike unrealistic police violence in a book This book does have some of that However in having discussions with friends I ve come to realize that this seems to be what most readers want so I will not take away a star for it as I d originally intended I recognize that writers need to give readers what they wantThe overblown police actions aside the story line was good and I liked the main character He was real and his flaws seemed natural not forced by bizarre circumstances In other words I could relate to himI did think that his ten year old daughter seemed a tad too mature at times but it s been some time since I had a lot of interaction with a ten year old so maybe notI enjoyed the story and looked forward to my reading time each evening I believe this was self published in which case it is a fine example that some authors who self publish can write interesting stories with believable characters It was well formatted and well writtenI will definitely be reading of this author s work

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Harms Way Summary » 0 Alan Annand ë 0 Summary Free download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ë Alan Annand A private investigator searches for the runaway daughter of an aspiring politician only to become embroiled in a plot of corruption decadence greed and murder Although violence endangers everyone dear to him his selfless sense of duty drives him onward to a twisted resolutionLee Harms investigator for hire is on the cusp of an on and off again love affair with confidante and astrologer Celeste when fate serves up a witch’s brew of troubleStart with a broth of sexual intrigue toss in a troubled redhead stir in two kilos of cocaine dissolve a few pages from a psychiatrist’s notebook and bring to a boil the fury of a crime family whose son dies in a midnight bacchanal Money ignites the fire under this cauldron but sex violence and the darker forces of human nature keep it bubblingAs dangerous as it gets Harms must rely on his own wits to out maneuver crack crazed thugs libidinous porn stars and a deranged young woman with a troubled past But when criminals kidnap his own ten year old daughter he plunges into their. Hard boiled hero with a huge heartWhat can I say I m a fan of Alan Annand I ve read all of his books and although they re all mysteries each is a different sub genre This is great because every time you read one you re in for an unexpected treatHARM S WAY is a mystery thriller in the style of the movie Die Hard The main character Lee Harms reminded me of a younger Bruce Willis the tough guy with a soft heart Throughout the novel we see Harms as a man in search of himself in itself uite endearing while also trying to grow up and resisting it at the same time Harms is a private investigator who in trying to find a runaway woman digs too deeply into areas where people don t want him snooping When he refuses to relent the bad guys kidnap his only daughter to teach him a lesson As it turns out that s no way to handle Harms who ll stop at nothing to pursue justice Annand immerses us in this adventure seeing Harms mind at work and the calculated risks he takes to save his kidnapped daughterHarms is simultaneously a strong character and a sensitive man Once he realizes what his priorities are he s like a pit bull And when he s unleashed better get out of the way If you like action this book delivers it at a dizzying pace It was a bit like a wild and exciting circus ride that I wished would never stopAnnand s writing style is fast paced action oriented and full of plot twists The story is well structured with a steady momentum and the main characters well developed It s a page turner and therefore a thriller as much as a mystery Compelling reading and great movie material