The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1 (PDF)

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  • The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1
  • Joanna Hickson
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  • 20 December 2020
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characters The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1 Read & Download The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1 104 Joanna Hickson ´ 4 Summary The epic story of the ueen who founded the Tudor dynasty told through the eyes of her loyal nursemaid Perfect for fans of Philipa GregoryWhen her own first child is tragically still born the young Mette is pressed into service as a wet nurse at the court of the mad king Charles VI of France Her young charge is the princess Catherine. Although the Tudor dynasty is oft accredited to Henry VII s success at the Battle of Bosworth the Tudor line matriarch is arguable Catherine of Valois However before her marriages to Owen Tudor and King Henry V of England Catherine already led a life of intense intrigue Joanna Hickson narrates Catherine s youth in The Agincourt Bride Without a doubt The Agincourt Bride suffers from stylistic issues and a slow beginning Being narrated by Mette Catherine s nurse maid The Agincourt Bride is told in a reflective voice which results in a story being passive rather than lived This means that the pages lack true action and instead include too much talking in an As you know Bob style To say the least this makes for a rather boring novel which does nothing to sweep the reader away Also indicative of the weaknesses of The Agincourt Bride is its blatant shallow depths The story is thin and flat reading like a bare skeleton which Hickson has not properly fleshed out The attempt at is evident as The Agincourt Bride is not fluffy per se but perhaps Hickson held back or did not know how to follow through This also pertains to the characterizations as none experience any growth arcs none stand out and all are too reserved making them uite bland The biggest disappointment is that readers do not get to truly know Catherine or her actions as again the story is of a reflectionHickson s prose is light making The Agincourt Bride easy to read and uick despite its long page count However this is not necessarily a positive trait Plus the language is much too modern and lacks historical accuracy making the novel ideal for YA readers or those new to HF and not wanting to be overwhelmed by context and facts At approximately the 200 page mark The Agincourt Bride becomes strikingly stronger with complexity and raw situations which increases the pace and results in page turning Sadly even here there is a consistency issue as the pages bounce between this new found strength and the errors of the former pages Unfortunately this arousal is fleeting as The Agincourt Bride takes a tumble and returns to a thinner consistency The story becomes repetitive while the events that are supposed to evoke emotions fall flat Literally devices such as the inclusion of letters fictional without historical merit fail to add to the novel and instead make Hickson s effort feel elementary forced and dragged out The concluding chapters of The Agincourt Bride are painfully slow and somewhat meaningless The introduction of Owen Tudor is too fairy tale esue foreshadowing at its height while the ending is somewhat weak and abrupt On the other hand it is a good enough set up for the follow up novel Sadly Hickson does not fortify the novel with a note describing her historical liberties which would be helpful to those new to the subject because much of the plot is contrived The text also includes some punctuation and grammar errors at least the edition I read Overall The Agincourt Bride is certainly not the strongest HF novel and has many flaws and weaknesses Yet Hickson does attempt to focus on politics than romance which adds some merit Also notable is the fact that at least Catherine of Valois is depicted from a French view point of a strong and beautiful female versus the HF novels from an English view of a flippant spoiled girl It is interesting to see a different characterization Although The Agincourt Bride isn t amazing will even bore at times and doesn t truly teach anything it is recommended if looking for light entertainment and for a focus on Catherine which is not readily available which is exactly why I plan to read the second novel Otherwise it can be skipped

characters The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1

The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1

characters The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1 Read & Download The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1 104 Joanna Hickson ´ 4 Summary E Catherine to further the cause of FranceCatherine is powerless to stop them but with the French defeat at the Battle of Agincourt the tables turn and suddenly her currency has never been higher But can Mette protect Catherine from forces at court who seek to harm her or will her loyalty to Catherine place her in even greater dange. Her beauty fuelled a warHer courage captured a kingHer passion would launch the Tudor dynasty Tagline from the novel coverThe Agincourt Bride is part one in the story of Catherine of Valois French princess and the eventual English ueen The story is narrated by Guilliamette Laniere who becomes the wet nurse of the infant princess and eventually the princess most able and willing confidant in her teenage and adulthood years The book ends perfectly with Catherine now the wife of King Henry V and her faithful Mette heading for England The Agincourt Bride is rich in historical detail and a captivating narrative that had me turning the pages I had recently read another book about Catherine Crown in Candlelight BUT I felt that AB was far superior because I felt that I actually had a better impression of the woman that was Catherine of Valois Definitely an extraordinary piece of historical fiction Looking forward to the seuel

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characters The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1 Read & Download The Agincourt Bride Catherine de Valois #1 104 Joanna Hickson ´ 4 Summary De Valois caught up in the turbulence and chaos of life at courtMette and the child forge a bond one that transcends Mette’s lowly positionBut as Catherine approaches womanhood her uniue position seals her fate as a pawn between two powerful dynasties Her brother The Dauphin and the dark and sinister Duke of Burgundy will both us. I enjoyed this novel based upon the earlier years of the life of Catherine of Valois Through the eyes of her wet nurse and later confidante Mette we are with Catherine from birth and through the turbulent years of her adolescence Only towards the end of this novel does she become the ueen of Henry V and therefore this is truly a novel where Catherine herself is the focus and not just her position as wife of Henry V and mother to Henry VI The reader is able to formulate an idea of who Catherine is as a person and not just as a ueen I thought the author did a wonderful job of bringing her to life and making her a living breathing human being and not just a two dimensional ueen from long agoI believe the reason this was accomplished so well was because of Mette and how she narrates the story Choosing to have a narrator is very risky as so many novels fall flat on their face from the lifeless way the story is subseuently told I did not find that to be the case in this novel Not only is Mette central to the events surrounding Catherine she also has her own story to tell Her marriage her children and the things that happen to them along the way are all seen and felt by the reader alongside Mette Therefore this allows her character to be than just a narrator She is not just recording events in a book she is painting a picture for us as the reader and breathing life back into all that has transpired It was very well written