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Read & Download Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180) Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180) Euripides Dionysus the patron god of theater journeys to the underworld to retrieve Euripides There he is recruited to judge a contest between the traditional Aeschylus and the modern Euripides a contest that yields both sparkling comedy and insight on ancient literary tasteIn Assemblywomen Athenian women plot to save Athens from male misgovernance They transfer power to themselves and institute a new s. Assemblywomen by AristophanesEcclesiazusae Forget about it in the words of the wise Donnie Brasco and his chums This is not my cup of teaSo a short version of my notes on this work would be I did not like itA longer alternative may be about anything but the playTrying to be fair there were some funny bits mixed with horrible proto communist tendenciesYes it is funny to read about the first feminists as they try to take over the power and the gloryIn fact it reminded me of Monty Python s Life of Brian and the stoning sceneThere women are dressed like men because otherwise they would not be allowed at this ancient show They all have beards but they are given away at one time by their female voices In the end with a morbid but excellent sense of humor the women end up killingthe executioner with stones in a weird twist of fate mixed with blasphemy The same thing here women take over and promote a UtopiaThere would be no trials because all money everything will be in common What about thieves There will no thieves you can t steal from yourselfThe leader of the women is called The Strategist Her husband achieves fame for being the spouse of the StrategistBut in order to get that power women had to organize a plot and they had staged rehearsalsBeforehand they had practiced their lines and one could find some humor in the way they made the mistake of still thinking of themselves as women even when they were trying to impersonate and pretend they were menBut I am not all that keen on the play as stated from the startI have a strong allergy to anything remotely connected with communism and its ideals People sometimes say that it all sounds great or the idea is good but it was not properly put into practiceThere is a joke here Who is not a communist or lefty when young has no heart The one who is still a communist after that middle age and beyond has no brainsThe ideas of communism do not work with human nature and they are nonsenseThis is well pointed out in Animal Farm All animals are eual but some animals are eual than othersIt may sound great to some people an egalitarian society with everything shared In the perspective it was going to be shared according to needs In the earlier stages the spoils were divided according to whatever each had contributedBut how on Earth do you divide according to needsAnd then one who just pretended to work will get a lion s share because of his needs Another who broke his back toiling would get next to nothing since his needs are smallerI have seen a comedy show actually I am watching them lately on Comedy Central This standup comedian was laughing at some holy texts which people do not read they just take them for granted like the Terms and Conditions which come with so many online offers services whateverThe same thing with communism and this Women s Assembly many agree even acclaim them but they don t have any idea what they re talking about

Free download Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180)

Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180)

Read & Download Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180) Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180) Ocial order in which all ineualities based on wealth age and beauty are eliminated with raucously comical resultsThe gentle humor and straightforward morality of Wealth made it the most popular of Aristophanes's plays from classical times to the Renaissance Here the god Wealth is cured of his blindness; his newfound ability to distinguish good people from bad brings playfully portrayed social conseuences. Enjoyed Assemblywomen A hoot

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Read & Download Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180) Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Frogs/Assemblywomen/Wealth (Loeb Classical Library 180) Aristophanes one of the world's greatest comic dramatists has been admired since antiuity for his iridescent wit and beguiling fantasy exuberant language and brilliant satire of the social intellectual and political life of Athens at its height This is the fourth and final volume in the new Loeb Classical Library edition of his plays Frogs was produced in 405 BCE shortly after the deaths of Sophocles and. On the one hand this is an incredibly vulgar collection Poop jokes and sex jokes abound It almost makes South Park look mealy mouthed One of my students told me it was utterly offensive and of no educational value and honestly I almost don t blame him It is pretty shockingBut on the other hand it is pure genius Over 2000 years later and still laugh out loud funny Absurd Satirical Thought provoking I loved Poverty s monologue in Wealth Not however an easy collection to read uninformed I honestly would have known what was going on if the professor did not explain it Not even the introductionsfootnotes in the text are particularly helpful If you do give it a try be prepared to be shocked