[A Callahan Outlaw's Twins] PDF/EBOOK

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • A Callahan Outlaw's Twins
  • Tina Leonard
  • English
  • 10 May 2020
  • 9780373754373

Tina Leonard Ï 6 Summary

Review È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Tina Leonard Tina Leonard Ï 6 Summary A Callahan Outlaw's Twins Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Former Navy SEAL Sloan Callahan lives by his own rules free and alone But now urgent family business brings Sloan and his brothers and sister to New Mexico and the cousins he'd never met That isn't all he finds on Rancho Diablo where a petite blonde is about t. Very good book Trouble has come again to Rancho Diablo and this time Chief Running Bear has called in reinforcements Callahan cousins unknown before this Sloan and his siblings are not very happy about being pulled from their own lives but family is family Sloan is a loner who has never been interested in settling down His attraction to Kendall is instant strong and unwelcome He has to concentrate on protecting the ranch and she is a distraction He is drawn to her independence and strength but also irritated by her refusal to do as he wants her to do Sloan is a protector and when Kendall ends up pregnant they marry Sloan sends her away to keep her safe but misses her and the boys once they are born I loved seeing Sloan change as Kendall comes to mean and to him Kendall is immediately attracted to Sloan also though he also irritates her When she is attacked he is the one who helps her and their attraction gets physical She is happy when she discovers she is pregnant but not sure they need to marry When they do she hopes that they will grow closer but he convinces her to leave the ranch to keep the babies safe Kendall is determined to make her marriage work and will do anything to make it happen I loved seeing her show her independence but also her softer side The two of them had to learn to compromise and work together to make their future possible I loved seeing Fiona up to her old tricks to make the new Callahans part of her family I am also looking forward to seeing how the new mystery plays out It has certainly caused some tense moments so far

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Review È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Tina Leonard Tina Leonard Ï 6 Summary A Callahan Outlaw's Twins Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ting together Now the sexy rebel has two lives to safeguard the baby boys Kendall's carryingNo way is Sloan allowing danger to touch Kendall and the twins His new mission to protect his loved ones as he gets ready to change the course of Callahan destiny forev. I ll start out by saying that I loved the story However there are some things that are not logical or believable Despite that I loved the flow of the story and the small and big moments of the romance between Kendall and Sloan that I couldn t stop reading It wasn t one of those stories that you just want it to end because some of the things it probably has going against it The things that did not work A lot of the elements were hard to believe and I m not referring to the spiritual powers some of the characters possess First thing after a while I didn t even feel there was a reason for Kendall to be in the story or rather that her career seems different from the job description she has at Diablo She was there to help in the formation of a new building for the Callahans but she s acting sort of as a liaison between the Callahans and the Chacons What I mean is that there didn t really seem to be a reason for her to be at the Diablo at the few times that she went against Sloan s wishes and stayed there There were a few scenes that I felt were TSTL moments Why would anyone go back to a place they were attacked at alone Andwhy did all the protectorbody guards let her go even though everyone was aware of the dangers out there Another TSTL moment when Sloan let s her wait outside the restaurant for him After just telling her that it s not safe for her to be alone how can you let her wait outside by herselfThe story does take several time months leaps I usually don t like those But in this one they seemed to work In fact I thought it was kind of different and nice the way it was done There was also a leap I believe of 6 months of separation between Kendall and Sloan not due to a problem in their relationship but of distance because of the main dilemma affecting the CallahansChacons Actually a large part of the characters retreat to another location for safety and Kendall has to go as well It was great seeing Sloan show his love for his sons and wife at each of those leaps I think that s why the leaps worked I feel that a lot of the previous Callahan stories are very weird probably because of the way that some of the characters act childish and behave silly for no good reason Also for some of the other reasons I mentioned above Therefore despite the fact that after reading the first one of Tina Leonard s books I was so excited about reading I had to abandon so many of them I did however like this one Kendall does act childish sometimes but for some reason I found it kind of sweet especially since Sloan sort of seemed to show a blank demeanor lacking the enthusiasm Kendall showed They balanced each other out pretty well

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Review È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Tina Leonard Tina Leonard Ï 6 Summary A Callahan Outlaw's Twins Free read Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB O completely upend Sloan's worldAs the liaison between the two branches of the Callahan clan Kendall Phillips's job description doesn't include being bossed around by one ex military cowboy It's hard enough to concentrate with the sparks she and Sloan are crea. Nice ReadConfusing but a good readA whole lot of things going ona little too much for my tasteI like my stories to make sense