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Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier IAS Unmasked Download æ 104 IAS or the Indian Administrative Service is not just the biggest national pastime as a combined number of than a half million seekers write the Prelims every year it is also the most entertaining and epicentric nucleus of policy making in India Even if there's no vertical accountability to We the People of India these Babus have a world of their own they read The Economist play golf attend AMP courses at Harvard take study sabbaticals at INSEAD and take a ransom to do just do their job They are easily the most wide read amongst India'. Many IAS officers could get away with non performance because they had command over the English language M K Kaw mentions this in one of the narratives in this brilliant seuel to Bureaucrazy He also has that command over the English language but he could distinguish himself in his career There are other not so glorious aspects of the IAS that have been mentioned in the book that any bureaucrat can relate to However there are certain serious dimensions that catch your attention though even these are laced with sense of humourA must read for all bureaucrats specially those that can laugh at themselves and yet carry on with the serious business of governance

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Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier IAS Unmasked Download æ 104 Sean fashion Divided into seven parts and populated with 47 chapters There is one chapter almost on every conceivable facet of bureaucracy the ways and means of wives of IAS officers from egoistic officers like Seshan to diffident members the need to have Godfathers to sir your officers the anatomy of corruption etc There is only one flaw while profusely witty and analytical there's a lot of bharichaara and fraternity on the whimsical ways in which the Babus have been ruling our country long after the British Babus have left Easy read. Author gives a wholesome view of the service from his experiences in a humorous way and also discusses issues like changing role of the service commitment games played

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Bureaucrazy Gets Crazier IAS Unmasked Download æ 104 S intellectuals and share a world almost like a Bilderberg or a Freemason societyMKKaw is a retired IAS officer who has been there done that He gives a promising preview that entertains as much as it informs in this cheeky book that is sure to be lapped up by all bureaucracy members MKKaw worked in Himachal Pradesh as well as New Delhi in various postings from Finance Secretary to the Central Pay Commission The present book is a seuel to an earlier book Bureaucrazy published in 1993 It is elegant presentable and full of wit in Wodehou. The author a veteran of the civil services presents a generic view of the services in his own distinctive writing style It is not a book which analyzes the meritsdemerits of the services not tries to rationally understand the problems and try to propose solutions A satirical comment of the services at best