Suddenly You) [Pdf/E–book] Þ Lisa Kleypas

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 384
  • Suddenly You
  • Lisa Kleypas
  • English
  • 13 May 2020
  • 9780061259357

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Download Suddenly You 107 N she discovered his true identity But gently bred Amanda craved respectability than she admitted while Jack the cast off son of a nobleman and London's most notorious businessman refused to live by society's rules Yet when fate conspired for them to marry their worlds collided with a passionate force neither had expected but both soon crave. A new book boyfriend for me He s half Irish dark hair with blue eyes loves reading and books and empowers his womanGood he said softly Set the world afire Just let me hand you the matchesI ll give our son the best of everything I m going to spoil the hell out of him and send him to the best schools and when he comes back from his grand tour he s going to run Devlin s for meWhat if we have a girlThen she ll run it for me came his prompt replySilly man a woman could never do such a thing My daughter could he informed her At least it was a pretty explosionIn this book we have Amanda a spinster at the age of 30 who is also a pretty popular writer She decides she doesn t want to die a virgin so she hires a male escort for the evening of her 30th birthday Instead she gets Devlin a publisher who happens upon her house to try and steal her away from her current publisher to him In a case of mistaken identity they have a little slap and tickle but it doesn t exactly go according to plan I hope she didn t pay him for thatOnce she realizes her mistake Amanda has to deal with seeing this not a prostitute in social situations since they are both in the same business Talk about awkward Sorry I thought you were a filthy whore You just looked like a filthy whore I mean I was expecting a filthy whore Shit I ll just go die of embarrassment nowJack Devlin is sexier than sin Amanda is funny innocent but also smart and pragmatic I loved both characters and felt like they made a great couple Definitely a fun Historical Romance

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Download Suddenly You 107 Ut making love to a man When he appeared at her door she believed he was her gift to herself hired for one night of passion Unforgettably handsome irresistibly virile he tempted her in ways she never thought possible but something stopped him from completely fulfilling her dreamJack Devlin's determination to possess Amanda became greater whe. 255I m not sure where to start Well I m still ambivalent about this one On the one hand it was undoubtedly an entertaining read On the other hand the romance aspect of this book failed me big timeThis one had an interesting plot Not uite as original as the author s other books I ve read but still good For the most part it was a decent read but there were a few things that ticked me offAs I already mentioned I wasn t impressed with the romance part In my opinion Jack and Amanda s chemistry felt totally forced And frankly my major problem with this aspect was Jack I hate it when the hero chooses not to fight for the heroine just because he thinks he doesn t deserve her I was very disappointed in Jack He loved her Wanted her badly But he dumped her And then tried to convince himself that he did it for her own good Why did he let his tough upbringing keep him from having a happy future with the only woman he loved That was weak and stupid Argh I hate this kind of heroWell perhaps he was right Amanda deserved better than him She deserved someone who would fight to the end of the world for her Someone who wouldn t hesitate at the chance to be with her every day Someone who would never ever let her goAnd speaking of Amanda I must admit I didn t know what to think about her at first She was sort of meh for me But as I read further into the story I began to warm up to her a little I can t say I totally enjoyed her character even so somewhere towards the end of the book she really got betterDue to my high expectations this one fell somewhat flat Although many parts of the story were good I wanted something else I wanted to feel the real chemistry between them I wanted a little bit excitement and drama I just wished Jack could be a desirable hero whom I couldn t say no toSadly I got none I felt like I expected a lot but got less in returnI m not uite sure whether to rate this one 2 or 3 stars but since I never once felt like putting it aside and started reading something else I think I m going with 3 starsPlease note this is only my personal opinion If you re a fan of historical romance don t let my review discourage you You may enjoy it than I did

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Download Suddenly You 107 Bestselling author Lisa Kleypas creates a beguiling story set in a world where appearance means everything passion simmers just below the surface and a respectable Englishwoman is willing to risk scandal for one night of loveShe was unmarried untouched and almost thirty but novelist Amanda Briars wasn't about to greet her next birthday witho. looooots of thoughts 2 cum