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REVIEW An Irresistible Force 100 With elements of suspense and emotion this novel captures the imagination as well as provokes thought Jennie a student at the University of Texas thinks she has her life figured out until her sister's death sends her searching for life's answers In the fall of 1994 her search leads her to Miercurea Ciuc a mountain town in Transylvania Romania where in the aftermath of communism forces are whirling abo.

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REVIEW An Irresistible Force 100 C Jacueline Pauly and Judith Pethő spent one school year together in the Transylvanian town of Miercurea Ciuc Romania teaching English to Hungarian Romanians in grades nine through twelve Jacueline now lives in Lexington KY and Judith lives in Ciacova Romania This debut novel is the outcome of their long lasting friendship two kindred spirits living parallel lives at cultural and geographical distanc.

REVIEW · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï Jacqueline Pauly

REVIEW An Irresistible Force 100 Ut seemingly gaining momentum like miniature tornadoes In Ciuc Jennie teaches English as a foreign language in a Hungarian Gymnasium where she meets Mara Fasikash who is deeply haunted by a past ruled by the evil dictator Nicolai Ceauşescu When Jennie and Mara's lives collide together they resolve to unravel a mystery that threatens to unveil the crooked deeds of mobsters and corrupt policemen in Ciu.

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    Pdf/E–book [An Irresistible Force] For full disclosure I have to admit that I'm friends with the author Jacueline Pauly In fact I was one of the residents of the German House that features prominently in the beginning of the book gladly I'm not mentioned b

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