Splendor Sacred #2 (KINDLE)

  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • Splendor Sacred #2
  • Elana K. Arnold
  • en
  • 09 February 2020
  • 9780375990434

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REVIEW ✓ Splendor Sacred #2 S will gravitate toward Scarlett and her problems Arnold has painted a very realistic picture of teenage girls and their conflicting emotions Fans of the first novel will appreciate continuing Scarlett’s story and finding some closure with this seuel Readers unfamiliar with  Sacred will still be able to enjoy  Splendor” VOYA Praise for SacredWill appeal to many teens especially fans of the Twilight series BooklistFilled with tension and angst Readers will be looking for the next installment School Library JournalA poignant novel of loss and grief but also of hope VOYA From the Hardcover edition. This book was partly a religious book and partly a teen drama just like the previous book And the plot wasn t much different from that of the previous bookThe main character had a boyfriend but there was some distance between them emotional one in the first book physical one in this book Then a new guy came to the island and her school She was attracted to him he took an interest in herExcept that in this book the main character s best friend was involved in the romance drama and that the focus was on the main character s relationship with her boyfriend instead of that with the new love interestMeanwhile

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REVIEW ✓ Splendor Sacred #2 Splendor the stunning seuel to Sacred is a story about changing friendships family romance passion the study of Kabbalah and self discovery Sometimes the answers we seek aren’t ours to find  Scarlett loves her boyfriend the dashing mysterious Will Cohen But now he’s gone east for college and Scarlett is stuck home on Catalina Island Senior year should be a breeze but between dealing with her parents’ separation and her wild best friend Lily things are off to a rocky start And then there’s Gunner Dangerous dark ferociously attractive Gunner Lily’s potential boyfriend Gunner       Scarlet. Oh my I m in love with Elana s writing Both books in this series were so beautifully written In the beginning of Splendor I very much hated Scarlett but I m very happy with her character development and now I kinda love her This book was so heartbreaking but at the same time a great survival story

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REVIEW ✓ Splendor Sacred #2 T distracts herself by spending time with her horse and delving into ecstatic mysticism a way to practice Kabbalah Through this practice she hopes to learn to control her emotions and begin to make sense of her place in the world But Scarlett’s world is increasingly unrecognizable     Are Lily and Scarlett becoming too different to stay friends Is Will still the love of Scarlett’s life even though she has feelings for Gunner Does being in love mean only being attracted to one person The Scarlett uestions the fewer answers there seem to bePraise for SplendorAs in Arnold’s earlier  Sacred teen. Splendor is a very sad but beautiful story about a girl name Scarlett Scarlett s boyfriend Will is leaving for Yale and all she has is her best friend Lily and her father After her brothers death a year before Scarlett had come face to face with a boy named Will who revealed to her that he can sense when someone is is danger and he is compelled to help them and if he doesn t he gets excruciating headaches When Gunner Montgomery Valentine a foreign exchange student from England shows up Scarlett is attracted to him even though Will is her boyfriend Lily and Scarlett become distant from each other and in the