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Read Powrót z gwiazd Stanisław Lem ✓ 4 Free read Powrót z gwiazd Read & Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Hal Bregg is an astronaut who returns from a space mission in which only 10 biological years have passed for. A pretty haunting portrayal of a utopia which is really a dystopia putting it in the same sphere as Brave New World written 30 years before Hal Bregg is a space navigator who has just returned from a trip to a nearby star system He has been through hell on his long heroic mission to look for alien life and new knowledge of the universe the dangers of which took the lives of several of his comrades Because of relativity his 10 year journey corresponds to some 127 years of Earth time It feels ironic that his uest to find intelligent aliens succeeds in a strange way the aliens he struggles to comprehend are the new humans occupying his home world At first Hal can t help but admire how there is no war or violent crime in global society he is now a citizen of Medical advances have garnered long disease free lives for humans A plethora of robots take care of much of the drudgery of work A conuering of gravity and inertia makes routine travel about the globe by very fast automated vehicles both free and safe Hal seems to make friends among the intelligent gregarious people he meets But soon Hal begins to feel worthless and depressed over his inability to adapt to this society First of all they have no interest in his journey so the sacrifices of his crew go unrecognized The people have been modified during development by a treatment called betrization which abolishes aggressive behavior but in the process many other aspects of human character have changed The latter discoveries come out from Hal s attempt to forge a love relationship The woman s married status is not a barrier to their pairing in this society of labile relationships However Hal s untreated potential for violence makes him a source of fear among any who learn of his status He fears he appears to the new humans like a Neanderthal The woman who submits to his lusts out of curiosity seems incapable of loving him with the same kind of feelings he nurtures A ancient doctor with extra insight explains his situation all too well You fail to appreciate how many factors once decisive in the erotic sphere have vanished Consider for example something you have become accustomed to so accustomed that you no longer see the exceptional nature of the phenomenon risk It does not exist any Bregg A man cannot impress a woman with heroics reckless deeds and yet literature art our whole culture for centuries was nourished by this current love in the face of adversity Orpheus went to Hades for Euridice Othello killed for love We eliminated the hell of passion and then it turned out that in the same sweep heaven too had ceased to be Everything now is lukewarm Bregg Thus in many ways this story serves as a thought experiment and precautionary tale on the dangers of the power of future science to improve upon human nature Many sci fi fans will not be impressed with the low levels of dramatic action associated this rather philosophical narrative the same is true of his most popular novel Solaris In my case I kept asking myself as a former brain scientist how much of our capacity to love and create art and science advances would be changed if the developing neural circuits for aggression were somehow suppressed As a story written in 1961 the communications network and role playing dramas these humans spend so much of their time with is somewhat predictive of the Internet and its impact on society today Lem in his non fiction writing assumed the ambitions of a futurologist but his limited ability to foresee where we are now is hardly a fault considering how that journey has been so novel and dramatic The contrast of this tale s seriousness contrasts with his satirical play in novels of other starfarers Tales of Pirx the Pilot and The Futurological Conference featuring Ijon Tichy It is worth noting that the need to curb man s warlike nature was reaching a peak at the time when this was written when the Cold War was making its first steps toward the weaponization of space and the Cuban Missile Crisis the same year almost made it a hot war How Lem s writing this under Communist censorship in Poland might have influenced his presentation is not clear to me Two other books published in the following year 1962 examined related ways for science to blunder in trying to conuer aggression in human nature In Anthony Burgess Clockwork Orange the wilding youth in the leading role is subjected to shock conditioning linked to violent images but Beethoven playing during the sessions messes up the outcome In Ken Kesey s One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest the violent and sarcastic resistance McMurtry shows on Nurse Rachett s ward at a psych hospital and his inspiration toward revolt among the other patients is treated with ECT and in the end made a mental vegetable by lobotomy In that sense this book belongs on the same shelf with those stories as much as the one holding Brave New World

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Read Powrót z gwiazd Stanisław Lem ✓ 4 Free read Powrót z gwiazd Read & Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook H human beings who have been medically neutralized How does an astronaut join a civilization that shuns risk. I m not sure what to think of Return From The Stars At times I liked it and at other times I felt indifferent to it Nothing jumps out as bad exactly The novel follows the main character Hal through the hardships of returning to Earth from a deep space exploration after nearly 130 years only ten to him And of course the world has changed and he goes through this huge cultural shock and people see that he s different straight away and he can t adjust so he goes on vacation after like two days back on Earth Mind you none of this is his fault or anyone else s fault and nobody s mistreating him because maltreatment no longer exists because people are chemically altered at birth to be non aggressive And the whole story until the end stems from this So there s no antagonist as such Just a bunch of conversations where he can t get across what he s thinking and he can t really grasp what anyone else is saying although they re all nodding at one another like Yeah I think I get your meaning Slowly he adjusts to or does better at hiding from society which is again not clear He also wrestles with all these demons from his past that haunt him but aren t really tied in well to the rest of the story which he does discuss with some of his fellow explores about and they all say Shut up You re making mountains from ant hills So it all become these repetitive pointless discussions And then it ends with this whole cyclical journey hooey that does not read a prophetic as I think the author intended And I don t think it s a matter of meaning being lost in translation Still the book has its moments The characters are all likable it s well thought out and aside from the dialog it s well written The discussions of the space exploration Hal just returned from are interesting but they make up such a small portion of the novel I was left feeling a little short changed So read it if you got it but don t break your neck rushing out the door to get it It has a higher review average on GR than I ve given it which could mean I m dense However Lem stated himself that he didn t think it was very good and relied on too many SciFi cliches

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Read Powrót z gwiazd Stanisław Lem ✓ 4 Free read Powrót z gwiazd Read & Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Him while 127 years have elapsed on earth He finds that the earth has changed beyond recognition filled wit. Definitely one of my favourite books written by one of my favourite authors However sci fi it actually tells a story of a lonely man A man that cannot find himself in the new world Didn t it happen to all of us at least once in a lifetime Absolutely a masterpiece