The Son of a Certain Woman [E–pub/Pdf]

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  • The Son of a Certain Woman
  • Wayne Johnston
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  • 26 October 2020
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summary Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Wayne Johnston The Son of a Certain Woman review ´ 0 Wayne Johnston ´ 0 download H behind what he senses to be the complicated relationships of the Joyce household And indeed there are dark secrets to be kept hidden Pops is in love with Penelope but Penelope and Medina are also in love an illegal relationship if caught they will be sent to the Mental and Percy already an outcast of society will be left without a family   The Son of a Certain Woman brilliantly mixes sorrow and laughter as it builds toward an unforgettable ending Will Pops marry Penelope Will Penelope and Medina be found out Will Percy be lured into the Church It is a reminder of the pain of being an outsider; of the sustaining power of love and the destructive power of hate; and of the human will to triumph. It didn t work for me I tried this second reading to see if I was mistaken about the first No It is in short a 400 page set up for a juvenile dirty joke aggrandized in a self inflating literary allusion No this is not Ulysses nor was meant to be Both Percy Janes and James Joyce should feel than a little insulted Johnston is recycling He covers no ground here that he did not do better and with less vulgarity than he did in The Divine Ryans Penelope Joyce is far beneath Linda Ryan Delaney in foundational dignity Percy Joyce lacks most of Draper Doyle Ryan s naive Charm Brother McHugh makes Father Seymour Ryan look like a novice McHugh is beyond Nazi Aunt Medina though pleasant is no substitute for Uncle Reg Ryan At least she is not Aunt Philomena that function is spread among many characters most notably Pops The whole novel seems like a vulgar exercise in Catholic bashing one can only hope Johnston is exaggerating otherwise the tailback of disappointed sinners at the Pearly Gates is going to be immensely long It is not at all sexy as some reviews have called it and though it has Johnston s usual humour it isn t really that funny either

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The Son of a Certain Woman

summary Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Wayne Johnston The Son of a Certain Woman review ´ 0 Wayne Johnston ´ 0 download Top of his wish list is his disturbingly alluring mother Penelope whose sex appeal fairly leaps off the page Everyone in St John’s lusts after her including her sister in law Medina; their paying boarder the local chemistry teacher Pops MacDougal; andPercy Percy Penelope and Pops live in the Mount home of the city’s Catholic schools and most of its clerics none of whom are overly fond of the scandalous Joyces despite the seemingly benign protection of the Archbishop of Newfoundland himself whose chief goal is to bring “little Percy Joyce” into the bosom of the Church by whatever means necessary In pursuit of that goal Brother McHugh head of Percy’s school sets out to uncover the trut. I was very excited to win this book from Goodreads I loved The Colony of Unreuited Dreams which is the only other book by Johnston I have read and was really looking forward to getting immersed in this book It s hard to say that I loved The Son of a Certain Woman I feel like it purposefully pushes pretty hard on the reader s comfort level In that sense it is well done It also does a good job of creating a set of unusual characters trying to survive in what on the surface only is meant to be a conventional world So it s not a comfortable read but it is certainly interesting and engaging and at times uite funny It has also reminded me to read some of Johnson s earlier books which I had not yet read

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summary Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Wayne Johnston The Son of a Certain Woman review ´ 0 Wayne Johnston ´ 0 download Here comes Percy Joyce From one of Canada’s most acclaimed beloved storytellers The Son of a Certain Woman is Wayne Johnston’s funniest sexiest novel yet controversial in its issues wise generous and then some in its depiction of humanity Percy Joyce born in St John’s Newfoundland in the fifties is an outsider from childhood set apart by a congenital disfigurement Taunted and bullied he is also isolated by his intelligence and wit and his uniue circumstances an unbaptized boy raised by a single mother in a fiercely Catholic society Soon on the cusp of teenagehood Percy is filled with yearning wild with hormones and longing for what he can’t have wanting to be let inand let out At the. I love Wayne Johnston s historical fiction whether it s his tales of Newfoundland or of Brooklyn When I was reading this one I tweeted that I was enjoying it I was at about the one third point then and JanetSomerville tweeted back that it was Irving esue That can be a good thing and a bad thing as Irving s work is very uneven I realize I cannot get back the time I spent reading Son of the Circus the book I ve heard was published with a no editing clause I assume Janet was referring to better Irvings like A Prayer for Owen Meany or Cider House RulesOnce again I m never sure how much my mood affects what I m reading so perhaps I would have liked this one better if I d read it at a different time Both Percy Joyce and his mother Penelope are different at a time and in a place where religious sexual and social conformity are prized St John s in the 1950s and early 1960s although that was true throughout North America Percy is born out of wedlock sorry to use that phrase but trust me that was the condemnatory phrase that was used for at least the first 20 years of my life Percy and I are contemporaries with serious physical issues a syndrome that means his face is covered with a huge strawberry birthmark and grotesuely oversized hands and feet The local Archbishop takes Percy under his wing to ensure he isn t bullied or beaten up at school and also decrees that corporal punishment standard at the time we ve all heard the tales of strapping and stropping and caning by headmasters both in the UK and in religious and public schools in Canada is not appropriate for Percy no matter how he misbehaves He also helps Penelope by giving her Archdiocese work she can do at homeBut this novel just didn t work for me I m afraid and the problem lies not in the writing but in the believability of the characters Why would a very attractive woman who s an avid reader be attracted to an illiterate character who is not particularly attractive And why would that attraction persist for than 20 years For me this is reminiscent of Germaine Greer saying at one point that educated women should date blue collar men Opposites may well attract but I m not so sure they re the basis for many long term relationships and those we choose in adolescence are rarely those we d choose in our 40s Is it believable that a woman like Penelope would react to being forced to conform by flouting society s conventions even in private Like the uill and uire reviewer there were portions of this novel I found tedious and I struggled to finish itSpoiler alert in this linked review