E–pub Deadly Outbreaks

  • Hardcover
  • 192
  • Deadly Outbreaks
  • Alexandra M. Levitt
  • English
  • 27 December 2020
  • 9781626360358

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FREE DOWNLOAD í Deadly Outbreaks Despite advances in health care infectious microbes continue to be a formidable adversary to scientists and doctors Vaccines and antibiotics the mainstays of modern medicine have not been able to conuer infectious microbes because of their amazing ability to adapt evolve and spread to new places Terrorism aside one of the greatest dangers from infectious disease we face today is from a massive outbreak of drug resistant microbes Deadly Outbreaks recounts the scientific adventure. Seven chapters Seven disease investigations by public health services Seven lessons learned1 Dead Crows Falling From the Sky Lesson Human health care working with veterinary health care to find answers2 The McConnon Strain Lesson The Importance of talking to the locals at an outbreak to find information3 Sorrow Statistics Lesson The importance of data4 Obsession or Inspiration Lesson Investigation is a combination of sooo many things In this case data collection correlations elimination factors control studies with non sick locals and other illnesses sample collections A huge puzzle and the inspiration one person can have that finds the missing piece5 Dangerous Desserts Lesson When it comes to food ALL the production elements need to be accounted for from beginning to end product Also the importance of publishing findings so others can learn from the case6 The Red Mist Lesson Always new forms of dispersal of an infectious agent7 A Normal Spring Lesson Old World Diseases keep reappearing in new forms in new locations across the globeI found the book interesting to read full of brilliant people committed to making a difference

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FREE DOWNLOAD í Deadly Outbreaks Here she shares insider accounts she’s collected that go behind the alarming headlines we’ve seen in the media mysterious food poisonings unexplained deaths at a children’s hospital a strange neurologic disease afflicting slaughterhouse workers flocks of birds dropping dead out of the sky and drug resistant malaria running rampant in a refugee camp Meet the resourceful investigators doctors veterinarians and research scientists and discover the truth behind these cases and. There are chapters in this book that read like exciting detective stories numerous victims of an unknown serial killer confusing clues in unexpected places a giant jigsaw puzzle to sort through determined investigators Thrilling stuff However Chapter 6 The Red Mist is one of the most disgusting tales I have ever read It follows a search through processing plants for pork products Enough said

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FREE DOWNLOAD í Deadly Outbreaks S of a special group of intrepid individuals who investigate these outbreaks around the world and figure out how to stop them Part homicide detective part physician these medical investigators must view the problem from every angle exhausting every possible source of contamination Any data gathered in the field must be stripped of human sorrows and carefully analyzed into hard statisticsAuthor Dr Alexandra Levitt is an expert on emerging diseases and other public health threats. Explores the medical mysteries behind identifying the avian flu Legionnaire s Disease the hantavirus in New Mexico and several other some still unsolved disease outbreaks Sort of like Bones and CSI in real life It s scary how many brilliant people in differing fields need to work together to discover some of the causalities Interesting book but I would have liked science and victim stories and less background on the scientists