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  • Le Confident
  • Hélène Grémillon
  • Icelandic
  • 27 June 2019
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Hélène Grémillon Ô 0 read & download review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Hélène Grémillon characters Le Confident Gerist á miklum umbrotatímum í Frakklandi og fjallar um heitar ástir sérstök örlög og svikin loforð Þessi fyrsta bók höfundar hefur hlotið fimm bókmenntaverðlaun og verið þýtt á 24 tungum?. I finished this one last night and I can t stop thinking about it The story and the characters are still haunting me even though I closed the book I think this is one of my new favorites

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Hélène Grémillon Ô 0 read & download review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Hélène Grémillon characters Le Confident Nafnlaust bréf og Camille er ekki viss um að það sé ætlar sér Bréfin halda áfram að berast og smátt og smátt afhjúpa þau gamalt leyndarmál sem stendur Camille nær en hún hélt í fyrstuSagan. I wasn t at all sure about The Confidant when I first picked it up I was happy with the prospect of a story set in wartime France but I was a little worried that the story was told through a series of anonymous letters in the 1970s Wasn t that just a little bit contrived Maybe but the opening won me over I got a letter one day a long letter that wasn t signed This was uite an event because I ve never received much mail in my life My letter box had never done than inform me that the sea was warm or that the snow was good so I didn t open it very often Once a week maybe twice in a gloomy week when I hoped that s letter would suddenly change my life completely and utterly like a telephone call can or a trip on the m tro or closing my eyes and counting to ten before opening them again And then my mother died And that was plenty as far as changing my life went you re mother s death you can t get much better than that Suddenly that premise made sense A story that could only be told once certain of the protagonists were dead I found myself liking Camille She was bereaved she was pregnant and she was none to sure what she was going to do The letters told the story of a boy and a girl who had grown up in the same village Louis and Annie First they were friends and then they were sweethearts They might have lived happily ever after But then Monsieur and Madame M settled in the village Annie was a talented artist and Madame M noticed her encouraged her took her under her wing They grew close And when Annie discovered the source of Madame M s sadness that she could not carry a child she offered to carry one for her It was an extraordinary offer And it was accepted The relationship between Annie and Monsieur M that was supposed to be dispassionate turned into a passionate love affair Madame M saw that She was jealous she was angry and she wanted revenge Monsieur M was caught up in the war and the two women were left with the child Both of them wanted to be her mother but only one of them could The story was melodramatic and not entirely believable And yet it worked because the emotions were so strong and because they rang so very true And because it was told so very cleverly with Louis sending letters and pages from Annie s journal and with Camille reading and wondering what it all meant Was it a badly misjudged joke She worked in publishing could it be an extraordinary pitch for a novel Or was it real And if it was real what did that mean about her identity about the mother she had lost The first half of the book had me captivated I was first charmed and then gripped by the story And I was asking the same uestions that Camille was asking herself The story twisted and turned and I kept changing my mind The tension grew Such clever writing In time of course Camille that she was being told a true story that she was being told for a reason and she studied the letters for clues to what that reason might be where she might find the sender She thought she had him pinned down And then a package arrived The journal of Madame M It told the same story from a different perspective and with some telling differences I wondered who if anyone was reliable and I really couldn t decide But I appreciated that there was no black and white only shades of grey and that there would be no easy resolution for Camille I found a great deal to think about friendship love passion motherhood jealousy revenge war regret conseuences The writing was uneven and there was always a hint of contrivance but I believed in the characters and their relationships and I thought the plotting was very well done The ending was very well judged And though the story was flawed I am still thinking about it

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Hélène Grémillon Ô 0 read & download review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ô Hélène Grémillon characters Le Confident Eftir að Camille missti móður sína streymdu umslög með samúðarkveðjum inn um bréfalúguna Eitt umslagið er þykkt og í því langt bréf sem fjallar alls ekki um móðurina Þetta er dularfullt og. The plot of this book seemed uite interesting at first but I just could not bring myself to like this bookYes the way the author had handled the different points of view were interestingYes the historical events were uite accurate and interestingYes the plot seemed interestingHere is where it all fell apart The language was messy and whenever there was a change of POV it was often unclear to me which of the characters were actually narrating It might be that the translated Norwegian version of the book had a hand in messing up thelanguage but I can t say for sure It ruined the flow of the story for me at leastWorst however was the infinite stupidity of the characters in the book There was such a total lack of communication and honesty between all of them on every possible emotional level that I kept wanting to scream at them and toss the book away Maybe there are people who are so dysfunctional out there that they are unable to properly communicate with anybody but for all of the characters in the entire book to lack that exact same ability seems idiotic to meNo one seems capable of telling the truth until after they are dead or before it s too lateIt simply annoyed me to no end