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  • 12 November 2019
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Er ist wieder da Free read ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Timur Vermes Read Er ist wieder da Zomer 2011 Adolf Hitler wordt wakker op een verlaten veld in Berlijn Zonder oorlog zonder partij zonder Eva Hij dwaalt rond in een volstrekt onherkenbare stad en al wie hij aanspreekt denkt dat hij een hilarische sarcastische imitator is In die hoedanigheid wordt. I read an excerpt of this book and I talked at length with someone who has read half of it before tossing it with disgustThis book may read funny but to make a somewhat likable comic figure of the most cruel mass murderer the 20th century has seen is not only tasteless but dangerousShame on anyone who writes a positive review on this book Shame on anyone who buys this book or asks for this book at the library Shame on anyone who supports the author and the publisher of this book with a single dimeI am asking anyone who has a single brain cell left Are 70 million dead in WWII 6 million of them Jews who died in the Holocaust reason to make fun of And I am not even talking about those who have lost loved ones their health andor all they ever owned The murderer of all these people is not a comic figureLearning that this book has become a bestseller in Germany makes me ashamed of being German PLEASE NOTE This review was also posted on in October 2013 rejected it stating that it did not meet s regulations and guidelines When I asked which changes were reuired to make this review meet regulations and guidelines replied after one week apologizing and saying that the rejection had been a mistake then published this review without changes However in spring 2014 when the English version of the book came on the market removed my review without notifying me I have so far refrained from writing and posting a castrated version of my review UPDATE Dec 19 2014 I have just posted an entirely new 1 star review on I will see tomorrow whether or not has accepted itUPDATE Dec 20 2014 My review on went live today It reads as follows10 out of 5 stars 70 million dead are soooooo funny Come to think of it my 1 star review of the book which took down when the English version of the book came out has indeed overlooked some of the book s merits How obtuse must I have been to overlook how the younger generations of the stupid masses could benefit from this book This book can teach them a lot So for instance1 Hitler is not a scary fairy tale figure He has really existed This is important to know particularly since it has been doubted even denied that the Holocaust ever happened From there it would be only one step to assume that Hitler hadn t existed either2 Hitler was not an alien He was human that s what so many reviewers of the book have concluded after reading the book Besides there is documented proof that Hitler was born to a no not a virgin but to an earthly woman3 Hitler was not a monster that s again what so many reviewers of the book have pointed out And I can confirm that Hitler had two arms and two legs and even some kind of a head he didn t have horns nor did he spit fire and he didn t even have an euine club foot Thus Hitler was lucky Because had he been deformed in any way he might have felt compelled to have himself euthanized4 Hitler was somewhat likable at least that s what so many reviewers took from this book Well I don t uite understand why anyone in his right mind might want to portray a mass murderer of unimaginable dimensions likable Yet it says in the bible to love thee neighbor And since after WWII with about 70 mio people dead let s forget about the uestionable Holocaust which many of the readers of the book might not believe in most readers would find it somewhat difficult to outright love Hitler the author might have wanted to compromise and portray Hitler as at least likable Either that or maybe the author did not think of the bible at all but rather of the average intelligence of his potential readers and of his bank account For commercial reasons it is always advisable to have a likable protagonist one that readers can relate to5 Contemporary German politicians are stupid Yet in order to learn this true fact readers could have saved themselves the expense for this book Some might have already known and those who didn t I could have told for free And not only GERMAN politicians are stupid politicians of other countries well never mind this is off topic6 Celebrities are not always what the public thinks they are Good to know Yet this knowledge could also easily be obtained otherwise7 It is ok to turn each and every mass murderer into a comic figure Having people shot blown up hanged or gassed is soooooo funny Besides humor is the best weapon for stopping evil tyrants This is how Hitler and Stalin were stopped from murdering many millions of people Wait a moment I got a little confused here Allow me At age 75 I am entitled to a little brain fog So forget it Hitler and Stalin WEREN T stopped but they might have been stopped had people been able to read Timur Vermes s book Or maybe not Never mind Anyway it is ok to write a humorous book about every evil murderer8 It is possible to make a fortune writing funny books about evil mass murderers While not every wannabe bestseller author may be successful with such a book it is at least worth a try Advice to fledgling authors Don t start with a big mass murderer like Hitler or Stalin start small with a serial killer or a school shooter with no less than 12 and no than 50 victims If this works out you can always advance to bigger book projects such as making an avuncular likable protagonist out of Saddam Hussain or Nero Nero I said not Nehru stupid 9 People can return from beyond Yet here I have to admit that it was a disadvantage not to have read the whole book I don t know how it explained how Hitler managed to perform this task But I am sure that the smartest of the not so smart readers will have figured out a way how this could be done even though as I have heard the author did not bother to elaborate10 Some optimistic reviewers have suggested that this book might induce so far uneducated and ignorant readers to follow up with advanced reading And this may be true Mein Kampf is available here on and has huge numbers of wonderful reviews just as Er ist wieder da However for those with somewhat elevated brain function I would recommend a few other books instead of the above mentioned For instance Hitler The Memoir of the Nazi Insider Who Turned Against the Fuehrer by Ernst Hanfstaengl Berlin Diary by William Shirer Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi The Reawakening by Primo LeviStill Alive A Holocaust Childhood Remembered by Ruth KluegerAnd if something humorous is desired by all means look for a different topicNote for those who are a bit slow on the uptake If this review confuses you please look up the words satire sarcasm and irony

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Er ist wieder da Free read ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Timur Vermes Read Er ist wieder da Geval heeft Timur Vermes een van de grappigste boeken van het jaar geschreven Hij neemt de media en de cynische massa genadeloos op de korrel zonder aan spanning in te boeten Slaagt Hitler gesteund door YouTubefilmpjes en vind ik leuks dit keer wél in zijn opzet. 45 starsI can guess what you re thinking That cover is that And then But it says it s funnyI can see from some other reviews and comments around that this is appalling to some that the concept of a comedic book about one of the most evil men who ever lived is abhorrent I can understand that But I also think that comedy and satire in particular has a great deal of value in making us think about situations and people in ways we might not have beforeI imagine a few people like me will consider themselves irreverent and try this because of the shock value I know I saw the fantastically simple but instantly recognisable cover and was sold Thing is this isn t written for its shock value At least I don t think that s it s major point It s not disrespectful It s certainly not cheap laughs and stereotypes This is a well thought out witty and very relevant satire on modern life on the media on our own sense of humour At times it s frightening how like sheep people can be were then still areWe have to take one giant leap for it to work Adolf Hitler from 1945 suddenly wakes up in modern day Germany We never find out how even he doesn t spend too long uestioning To immerse yourself in what happens after you just have to accept it Initially disorientated he doesn t let his unfamiliar surroundings faze him for long A kind hearted newspaper seller takes him under his wing and is the first of many to see the F hrer as a fully in character comedy impersonator Soon TV producers come calling and a slot on a comedy show beckons What was once a hypnotic despot is now a hypnotic comedy performer Is this the point That we can only laugh at the ravings of a madman now now that our society would not take him seriouslyHowever much the F hrer rants raves and talks politics his new contemporaries applaud his brave comedic insights into the current world climate and his witty outlook of Germany s past It s something you think you might find appalling After all this is Adolf Hitler But even the Jewish uestion is well handled I was worried about that Of course racist sentiments are spouted by our protagonist and we never ever feel sympathy for him but with the first person perspective and everyone constantly reminding him that as a comedy topic the Jews are no laughing matter and Hitler agreeing that they are absolutely right the author gets away without making his lead overly repellent as a fictional F hrer you do keep wanting to see what will happenThe modern world finding Hitler a comedy genius is itself pretty funny as we are meant to find it in some ways it is frightening can we not see Evil in front of our faces It does say a lot about the world today that we would very likely find this kind of thing post modern ironic and think ourselves very witty for declaring it so How clever are we that can laugh at his comedic genius In many ways this makes us no different to the many who followed blindly back in the 20s and 30s Which of course makes it all the funnier in the book Hitler s speeches are hilarious at times his old trademark style of speechmaking his old speeches and phrases themselves used but to a vastly different audience But maybe not such a different one in many respects Gullible in a different way I did think reading this if a man appeared claiming to be Hitler looked like him dressed like him orated like him he would either end up in a mental hospital or on YouTube I had a chill in one scene when Hitler gives a speech though I m not certain I believe it s a direct copy of a real one he gave in which he spouts about blood and sacrifice truly horrific but his TV crew interpret it as an elegy for a recently deceased colleague While it s funny it s also an indictment of our sensibilities You want him locked away yet you want to see what other honours this society will laud him withMy favourite sections of the book were those that introduced the F hrer to modern technology the traditional comedy segments His views on TV shopping channels and cookery shows had me in stitches for example My jaw dropped Providence had presented the German Volk with the wonderful magnificent opportunity for propaganda and it was being suandered on the production of leek rings He discovers Vikipedia discusses with us his views on the 20th century history that he missed and smugly compares his own YouTube viewing figures to that of Chaplin s The Great Dictator Again though we are not allowed to forget who this is every technological advance he sees only as a potential tool for creating a new Reich Humour with real biteHow people react to him is fascinating most find the Heil Hitler amusing his refusal to get out of character admirable his improvisation astounding And all that is funny Yet the author also touches on the tragic the elderly Jewish woman who cannot CANNOT find this national sensation funny remembering the atrocities he or the person he is impersonating committed the Nazi haters who don t see satire but die hard National Socialism The National Socialists for whom he is TOO extreme It is the masses as usual who are led en masse to one opinion of himI loved this The translation from the German is excellent and the only reason I haven t given this 5 stars is because there are references to modern day Germany that I didn t follow references to contemporary political figures and situations and I also found a few of the F hrer s speeches and thoughts bordered on overlong Only a few though Most of this is perfectly paced and wittily writtenYou ll never read another book like it I m Jewish myself and found it original hilarious and far from shallow Very scary too It treads the path of satire carefully With fewer and fewer people around who can remind us in person of what Adolf Hitler did to so many it is vitally important that this is a topic that never dies Satire is one way of keeping his revolting ideology in the public consciousness we must never be deluded into adulation of such a creature A new generation can enjoy and ponder on this book and not let the past dieRecommendedReview of a Netgalley advance copy

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Er ist wieder da Free read ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô Timur Vermes Read Er ist wieder da Hitler een hype en begint hij zesenzestig jaar na zijn vermeende overlijden aan een televisiecarrière En ook in deze eeuw weet der Führer het achteloze volk moeiteloos in zijn macht te krijgenIs het een satire Een persiflage Een waarschuwende parabel In ieder. I have finally managed to read this controversial book and now I understand why it has become so controversial This is cutting satire which pulls no punches in the tradition of Jonathan Swift many a time you will flinch while reading it This is the way I believe that satire should work while making one laugh it should also make one uncomfortable and make one uestion the very basis of one s fondly held beliefs It did this for me I laughed out loud in very few places but all the while my inner demon was seething with evil laughterThe premise of the novel is simple to the point of silliness Hitler is deposited into the middle of modern day Germany without any explanation whatsoever People take him for a flawless impersonator while he is very sincere in his motives to set Germany right While the country sees him as a comedian par excellence on TV Adolf is using it as a means of propaganda to re establish his philosophy in the minds of the Volk As the show and the showman become a runaway hit he is wooed by different parties and gets a book contract and at the end of the novel we realise with a shudder that Hitler is slowly re emergingThe juxtaposition of a historical figure with modern society is a common trope used in many satirical plays in India it is a useful tool to satirise modern society in the light of age old values However here we find modern society evaluated in the light of Nazi values celebrity culture and the ethics of journalism for example and we sometimes find ourselves agreeing with Hitler This is deeply disturbing and forces us to uestion the values which we have become accustomed to which is good IMO but which I suspect may get a lot of people pissed off A mirror is sometimes very difficult to look intoAnother disturbing fact Hitler s popularity In the guise of humour only for the audience the Fuhrer is in dead earnest so much of hatred for the other is tolerated nay even encouraged It made me uestion the limits of satire itself for example in a joke aimed at a particular community are we laughing at the issue or the target community For example do we see a magazine such as Charlie Hebdo satirising society or insulting religion So while applauding Hitler as a comedian is society tacitly putting the seal of approval on his dangerously eccentric ideas due to its own ingrained racism Continuing in the same vein is this what happened originally when a little man with a ridiculous moustache was able take centre stage in German politics after spending a long time on the fringes frightening thought thatThe novel is brilliantly written in Hitler s unreadable prose I could recall my experience of reading Mein Kampf which shows him up for what he was a pompous ass with murderous ideas I think this is the root of the criticism that the novel makes Hitler likeable It doesn t It makes him silly Such a man could not come to power and commit murder on such a grand scale without the active collusion of the majority at least sins of omission if not those of commission In fact Hitler only cleverly exploited European anti Semitism to come to power IMO By the time the world realised the depths of the depravity of this madman it was too late The novel warns us that it is all the possible in modern society with the vastly improved means of propaganda at its disposalFinally does this novel trivialise the holocaust and put Hitler in a favourable light IMO it doesn t What it does is that it diminishes Hitler It says Look guys this kooky idiot rode to power on your shoulders and once there tightened his grip like a vice Such monkeys will come in future also Please don t lift them to your shoulders and allow them to put a chokehold on youWhich is not a bad message when one comes to think about it91116I think the last paragraph of my review may have proved prophetic