PDF NEW Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich ç Carsten Dams

  • Hardcover
  • 234
  • Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich
  • Carsten Dams
  • English
  • 14 September 2020
  • 9780199669219

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Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich Read Ð 104 characters Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich The Gestapo was the most feared instrument of political terror in the Third Reich brutally hunting down and destroying anyone it regarded as an enemy of the Nazi regime socialists Communists Jews homosexuals and anyone else deemed to be an 'anti social element' Its prisons soon became infamous many of those who disappeared into them were never seen again and it has been remembered ever since as the. This book provides an overview of the Gestapo their actions during WWII and post war trialsI found parts of this book very interesting in particular the fact that most of the people involved simply seemed to go back to their normal lives after the end of the war even though they were involved war crimes but the writing was very dry and the narrative jumped between dates and places too much a simple chronological account may have been better

characters Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich

Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich

Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich Read Ð 104 characters Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich He very latest research to tell the true story behind this secretive and fearsome institution Tracing the history of the organization from its origins in the Weimar Republic through the crimes of the Nazi period to the fate of former Gestapo officers after World War II Carsten Dams and Michael Stolle investigate how the Gestapo really worked and uestion many of the myths that have long surrounded it. OK well I think the book was written by a researcher a good one but made the reader drag through stats that were added to increase the length of the book Much of the information I knew I would not recommend this to anyone except those who haven t read anything about the gestapo

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Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich Read Ð 104 characters Die Gestapo Herrschaft und Terror im Dritten Reich Sinister epitome of Nazi terror and persecution But how accurate is it to view the Gestapo as an all pervasive all powerful all knowing instrument of terror How much did it depend upon the cooperation and help of ordinary Germans And did its networks extend further into the everyday life of German society than most Germans after 1945 ever wanted to admit Answering these uestions and this book uses t. Meticulous Examination of Nazi Terror Tool This book was reviewed as part of s Vine program which included a free advance copy of the bookThe Gestapo is one of those mysterious organizations that have been or less defined by cinema and television rather than fact When one mentions the name Gestapo it than likely conjures up images of a black Mercedes speeding down a German French or Polish city street in the middle of the night that comes to a screeching halt as it arrives at its destination the doors then fly open unleashing a group of grim looking men donning black leather trench coats and black Fedoras who pull out Lugar pistols as they briskly enter a building While this imagery rightfully does a fine job of simply presenting the secret police arm of Nazi Germany as an instrument of evil it falls far short of illustrating the diverse and complex nature of the organization Carsten Dams and Michael Stolle s THE GESTAPO POWER AND TERROR IN THE THIRD REICH offers a superbly researched examination of the Gestapo that reveals the Gestapo to be a highly functional and immensely organized institution with a vast amount of power at a variety of levelsEssentially a straight forward study on the subject matter the book proved to be a somewhat difficult tedious read at times With that being said I ultimately found the book s fresh take on the subject matter to be both fascinating and educational Dams and Stolle detail the Gestapo s growth and power from its inception to the end of the Second World War and beyond Rather than focusing on the atrocities associated with the organization the authors opt to give readers a thorough understanding of the Gestapo s structure policiesprocedures and how it functioned both inside Germany and in German occupied territory Although there are passing references to a few infamous Gestapo actions Sophie Scholl and those involved in the July 44 plot to assassinate Hitler the book s scholarly approach likely won t satisfy those wanting specific stories of the Gestapo at work This book is geared primarily at those who wants to understand the who what and how aspects of the organization something Dams and Stolle do uite well The intricacies of the organization illustrate an organizedefficient bureaucracy that eventually naturally morphed into a murder machine for the Nazis In fact the organization served as a stepping stone for many Germans simply interested in climbing the Nazi ranks I found the chapter addressing techniues used by the organization to basically control Germans and those in the occupied territories to be as frightening as it was interesting THE GESTAPO proved to be both highly educational and thought provoking If one wants to understand how easy it is for a government to exert its power to the nth degree and subtly instill widespread fearparanoia in short order over a modern society look no further as this book offers the perfect case study