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Love and Friendship Read & Download × 104 Ing of love and intimacy in today's culture Allan Bloom explores the language of love from the Bible to Freud sheddi. Bloom sure read a lot and he sure put a lot of thought into what he read This book is extremely dense not with theory but with observation context cross reference personal interpretation and projection He has strong opinions and maybe a little bit forced finds support in the great books I don t mark up my books much any but this one is full of notes underlines paraphrase notes and uestions as well as points of reference to my own life and ideas The long chapters on Rousseau and Plato are very good especially Plato Although Bloom was homosexual and most of what Plato was discussing was related to man love many of the observations and ideas relate to any two people in love beauty submission of self virtue commitment Also recommend the chapters on Antony and Cleopatra Romeo and Juliet and Madame Bovary Saul Bellow s Ravelstein is a novelized account of the last days of his friend Allan Bloom and a very moving story that contains a lot of the same virtues Love and Friendship extols I recommend that one too

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Love and Friendship Read & Download × 104 The author of the national bestseller The Closing of the American Mind offers a provocative indictment of the devalu. A series of essays on the meaning of Love and to a lesser degree Friendship with Bloom arguing in favour of an Eros that leads lovers and friends to aspire to things higher than themselves and outside themselves The bridging between individual essays doesn t always work and the essay on Shakespeare could probably have been left out altogether Nonetheless Bloom s writing is elegant and gently provocative and the essays on Austen and Plato s Symposium are wonderfully done Bloom reminds us that Eros is something that includes but goes beyond physical desire and he reminds us that friendship in the sense that Plato would ve understood is a thing to be valued not as a pale shadow of romance but an alliance that responds to the best in each friend Bloom is worth reading here in tandem with Alan Bray s The Friend We do live in an age when Eros has been devalued when both and love and friendship are no longer seen as calls to be better than we ordinarily are and Bloom reminds us that there are other better ways to love

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Love and Friendship Read & Download × 104 Ng penetrating light on the true nature of our most basic human connections A rich mine of a book New York Daily New. Confessionnote This ended up being another one of those books that I didn t read all the way in fact I ended up not reading much of it at all other than the Introduction The Fall of Eros which just as fittingly could ve been titled A Reason for Books Those parts elaborating on the good reasons to read literature I found uite compelling enough so to send me back to the actual story books themselves and to leave this hefty tome to other readers scholarly and ambitious than myself For my own purposes I just don t have time for this work though I admire its premise One last note I personally also find A Bloom s writing style laborious to work through