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  • Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1)
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Summary Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1) Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1) Read & Download Ç 100 S.R. Watson ☆ 0 Download T Siobhan becomes a cynic doubting the existence of love She vows to never give her heart to anotherIn walks Professor Michaels He is a sexy billionaire playboy who limits his encounters to one night maybe two His jaded past and multitude of secrets shapes his aversion to love and relationships He makes no promises of forever Offers no apologies for his preference for vari. Damn It s a damn trilogy

Summary Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1)

Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1)

Summary Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1) Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1) Read & Download Ç 100 S.R. Watson ☆ 0 Download Siobhan Gallagher has just started her senior year at the University of Southern California She has her best friend and her boyfriend of five years by her side As the countdown to graduation begins her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend confesses that he has cheated on her Her past has shown that love is volatile but she had hoped that this time would be differen. This book I tried I wanted to but I couldn t I was really excited to read this book I love the teacherstudent forbidden love dilemma but this book makes me never want to read this particular genre ever againWhere do I begin the heroine Siobhan She was an annoying weepy incredibly insecure and just dumb She follows her boyfriend to college only to get dumped She totally falls apart and all you keep reading about constantly is her crying about something trivial She keeps making drunk passes her professor and when he rebuffs her she falls completely apartAgain There s one thing I cant stand and that s a weak bitch which Siobhan clearly isThen there is Professor Michaels I hated him too He didn t come off as sexy confident or enticing all He came off like a creepy old perv who sleeps with his pretty na ve andor gullible female students That spells past your prime LOSER to meAlso I just didn t feel a fire or a connection between Siobhan and the professor and I felt no connection to them as the reader I didn t care about them and I really wanted to Next on my Why I hate this book list is the writing The writing is extremely simplistic rushed and oh so predictable When I read a book I wantexpect the author to paint a picture for me that s detailed enough for me to feel like I m there with the characters experiencing the story with them This book did no such thing A good book should be an entertaining escape for the reader This book made me want to escape and find another book to read I actually dreaded the idea of having to finish this book I absolutely HATE not finishing a book once I begin to read it but life is too short and I didn t feel like wasting any time Most importantly Sex I love me some sex in my books I gotta have it and it better be good just like in real life LOL Make it hot raw kinky and freuent Sometimes I only continue to read some books because I know some hot steamy sex is coming my way Not the case with this book Oh no Since I only got to page 82 the one and only sex scene I read was brief and disappointing After that there was no way I was going to continue to torture myself by turning another page The sex scene was completely rushed and lacked any kind of heat How dreadful Lastly Professor Michaels turns out to be wealthy How original How predictable Oh my God this has been done to death The old story of the wealthy older man who teaches the virginal younger character how to give and receive sexual pleasure I m so over this Newsflash WE NEED A NEW TYPE OF HEROI m so tired of this same old story Do all us readers a favor and put this tired clich of a love story out of its miseryTo conclude my review yes I hated this book but I don t think the author is untalented or unable to write a good book I just think the storytelling could ve been much better than this Much better There was nothing fresh uniue or exciting about this story Would I give this author another chance Probably not but I m just one person and thank God for that because if I ran the world this book would belet s just say there would be one less book wasting space on the book shelf Happy Reading

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Summary Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1) Forbidden Attraction (Forbidden Trilogy, #1) Read & Download Ç 100 S.R. Watson ☆ 0 Download Ety When he first meets Siobhan the attraction is mutually instantaneous He knows she is supposed to be off limits but he has never denied himself of something he wanted Siobhan and Professor Michaels share the same sardonic outlook on love What happens when these two paths cross If they give into this forbidden attraction can they both come out on the other side unscathed. FREE on today 3142020