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Boom Bust Exodus review Î 4 Chad Broughton ↠ 4 characters Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Chad Broughton Ican dream the economy is a shadow of what it once was Reynosa in contrast has become one of the exploding post NAFTA second tier cities of the developing world thanks to the influx of foreign owned export oriented mauiladoras an industrial promised land throbbing with the energy of commerce legal and illegalAnd yet even these distinctions Broughton shows cannot be finely drawn families in Reynosa also struggle to get by and the city is beset by violence and a ruthless drug war Those left behind in the post Industrial decline of Galesburg meanwhile do not see themselves as helpless victims they have gone back to school pursued new careers and learned to adapt and even thrive In an era of growing ineuality and a downsized middle class Boom Bust Exodus gives us the voices of those who have borne the heaviest burdens of the economic upheavals of the past three decades A deeply personal work grounded in solid scholarship this important immersive and affecting book brings home the price and the cost of globalizatio. Although we all know the outlines of globalism and its effects on communities around the world it can be fascinating to see how the details played out in particular manufacturing places Read this book not just for the obvious angle of white populist resentment or the widening of the income gap worldwide but for observations on the environment on the fraying of communities on shifting gender relationships and power and other phenomena we all live with Broughton does a good job employing the typical journalistic mix of historical statistics with intensive story telling about individual Midwesterners and Mexicans As he explains in his notes on method he is interested in the twists and turns of individual stories than in big ideasThe impression left by Broughton is positive that most people despite being reduced to degraded and dangerous working and living conditions in both countries have found ways to enjoy life But I do think that Broughton had some inkling when he finished this book in 2015 of the cataclysmic political events that have occurred in the US Mexico and elsewhere since thenThe narrative and analysis claim that the world we inhabit did not just emerge inevitably from technological or demographic trends but was a world chosen by people By their investments by interventions such as strike breaking and by manipulating the political system a number of individuals made decisions that changed the course of history Facile ideologies shareholder value affluence through trade dazzled adherents into adopting policies with negative repercussions on many people

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Boom Bust Exodus

Boom Bust Exodus review Î 4 Chad Broughton ↠ 4 characters Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Chad Broughton Arned that it would soon lose its largest factory a Maytag refrigerator plant that had anchored Galesburg's social and economic life for decades Workers at the plant earned 1514 an hour had good insurance and were assured a solid retirement In 2004 the plant was relocated to Reynosa Mexico where workers spent 13 hour days assembling refrigerators for 110 an hourIn Boom Bust Exodus Chad Broughton offers a ground level look at the rapid transition to a globalized economy from the perspective of those whose lives it has most deeply affected We live in a commoditized world increasingly divorced from the origins of the goods we consume; it is easy to ignore who is manufacturing our smart phones and hybrid cars; and where they come from no longer seems to matter And yet Broughton shows the who and where matter deeply and in this book he puts human faces to the relentless cycle of global manufacturingIt is a tale of two cities In Galesburg where the empty Maytag factory still stands a hollowed out version of the Amer. Reading Boom Bust Exodus The Rust Belt the Mauilas and a Tale of Two Cities literally gave me nightmares I worked for a for profit company for 20 years before uitting to go to library school and become a public librarian Although the company still exists it is a shell of its former self I was never threatened with losing my job but I watched many friends and coworkers get downsized and rightsized and otherwise sized out of their jobs Jobs were eliminated and outsourced overseas to boost profits without any thought to uality I experienced the survivor guilt and saw the frustration anxiety and anger One night after reading Boom Bust Exodus before bedtime I had a series of intense and depressing dreams set in my old workplace I guess that shows that author Chad Broughton did a good job capturing the atmosphere surrounding the dismantling of an old established American company that once had an excellent reputation and work environmentAs someone who moved to Galesburg after the closing of the Maytag plant I m glad I read the book It seemed exhaustively researched It was depressing in parts and it doesn t really draw conclusions but it helped me better understand why Galesburg is still not over the loss of Maytag This isn t a book I would normally have read but it s about the town I live in and I will be leading discussion of it as a companion book to our Big Read selection of Sun Stone and Shadows 20 Great Mexican Short Stories I hadn t realized that Whirlpool closed the Mexican Maytag plant only a few years after the move It s impossible to resent the Mexicans that ended up with Galesburg s jobs Several times Broughton uoted a phrase popular in Mexico that I m still thinking about Pobre Mexico tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de los Estados Unidos Poor Mexico so far from God and so close to the United States

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Boom Bust Exodus review Î 4 Chad Broughton ↠ 4 characters Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Chad Broughton Chad Broughton has written a deeply observed and nuanced account of one of the stories of our time the migration of a once thriving American factory over the border into Mexico When he learns of Maytag's plans to shutter its refrigerator plant a move decried by a young Senator Obama Broughton begins a decade long dive into the drama that envelops both Galesburg Illinois where townspeople are losing their 1514 an hour livelihood and Reynosa Mexico where the same jobs will pay 110 and come with a cost The results are both epic and surprising The pitfalls of such a project are many but Broughton avoids pity and screed delivering a story that is beautifully detailed and rich in human and historic dimension Most of us talk about a global economy with a vague sense of what that really means With Boom Bust Exodus Broughton has defined it indelibly Ann Marie Lipinski Curator Nieman Foundation for Journalism Harvard UniversityIn 2002 the town of Galesburg a slowly declining Rustbelt city of 34000 in western Illinois le. A look at the area and factory workers in IL where the Maytag factory once thrived before shutting down their plant and moving production to Mexico The book jumps around a lot in the chapters that cover what seem to be random areas in Mexico besides where the factory moved to otherwise it covers the lives of 5 6 people during the closing of the plant and how some of them reinvent themselves afterwardsIt is kind of sad to see how a company based on high uality products and family values switched CEO s and suddenly only cared about cost cutting and profit margins shedding their former views but hey at least the shareholders made lots of This is what led to the plants closure since they could pay workers in Mexico 1 2 a day compared to 15 20 an hour in IL These Mexicans are working 50 60 hours a week just to be able to barely afford cheap food for their families but can t seem to be paid a few dollars extra a day to help make ends meet They are also working all day long with carcinogens sans safety gear which is only brought out under special occasions when the plant is under inspection Maytag stock eventually plummeted due to poor uality which makes me wonder if they would ve survived if they focused on making high uality products the entire timeI did find one line in the book pretty funny since it suggested that when new fridges were coming out that Americans would be able to buy 500 lbs of produce and store it without spoiling