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Free read Love and Miss Communication ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB This unforgettable debut novel asks us to look up from our screens and out at the world and to imagine what life would be like with no searches no status updates no texts no Tweets no pins and no postsEvie Rosen has had enough She's tired of the partners at her law firm e mailing her at all hours of the night The thought of another onlin. No stalking people on GoogleNo Facebooking exesNo reading tweets on TwitterNo posting pictures and waiting for likesNo hashtagging meaningless combination of wordsNo instagramming every instant Can you do it Because I will tell you the truth I CANNOT I m not on social media every day But to just leave them all for a very long time Uhhhhh Yeah no I cant But that s exactly what Evie did when she got her heart broken by her ex boyfriend through Facebook One way to uit social networking sites HEARTBREAK I ve read it I ve seen it Thank God I haven t experienced it So Because of this plan that Evie successfully executed she got involved in the real world Which isn t that good too because her friends are either getting married or having babies What s a single 35 year old woman supposed to feel about that Why bitterness of course But Evie isn t bitter not much she s just sadThank God for cute doctors Evie was a fun protagonist BUT she tends to blabber a lot And sometimes she blabs about useless and nonsense things Which results to me being bored I ve had 3 moments when I wanted to DNF the book because I feel like theres nothing happening Everything is so slow The pacing the romance even Evie s character development But I still gave the book a chance And surprisingly I finished the book and the feeling that lingered in me is happiness That means there s something in the book that made me happy although it has a very slow pacing And for that I gave it 3 stars Things got interesting when the love interest was introduced Like I mentioned above the romance was slow And it really was But I really enjoyed the banter and the witty monologue of Evie so I still read through And the side characters are fun to get to know to Evie has hilarious friends Friedland has a very humorous and witty writing This is her debut novel and I can say that I m than impressed There s small things that needs work on imo but Love and Miss Communication was still a fun read Its an Adult title but I think young readers can still enjoy itYou can also read my review HERE

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Free read Love and Miss Communication ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Or real conversations fewer distractions and living in the moment even if the moments are heartbreakingly difficult Babies are born; marriages teeter; friendships are tested Evie may find love and a new direction when she least expects it but she also learns that just because you unplug your phone doesn't mean you can also unplug from li. I had THE BEST time reading this book cover to cover I mean I loved it In the beginning of the book Evie and her smartphone are like one entity She arrives dreadfully late for a very special wedding because she can t put her phone down She has a wardrobe phone mishap because she has no pockets and she wants to literally have it on her person so she doesn t miss any calls or emails big project at work She has big huge problems at work because of Internet use There are Internet things oh Evie Oh Evie Evie realizes that she has a problem with the Internet when she spends a fair amount of time Googling her ex boyfriend and his new wife There are reasons for this sure but it s a new low for Evie It s the last in a series of bad events that makes Evie realize that she needs to uit the Internet and she needs to do it now It isn t healthy it isn t helping her life and she has to stop So she does cold turkey No email no Facebook or Twitter no Instagram The results are amazing for her Not everyone thinks so though People are confused and baffled actually While people are supportive to begin with they wonder why she would want to give up such an easy means of communication Everything on the Internet is so easy OH BUT Evie feels so free without the weight of likes and hearts and photos of weddings and babies and status updates and emails and phone notifications every few seconds While Evie is out in the world living away from screens of any type her friends and family begin to get annoyed with an inability to reach her anytime they want It causes a few problems here and there but it totally changes Evie s life The Evie in the beginning of Love and Miss Communication is an eye opener I personally am nowhere near that attached to my phone or the Internet thank goodness But Evie reminded me of so many people I think that as readers we are supposed to be a teensy bit annoyed with Evie s Internet habits in the beginning and I think that this is the point that people are so stuck to the Internet these days so stuck to their smartphones that we often miss big things I was not annoyed with her but I wondered when she would get a life Evie missed a huge massive important part of a wedding and arrived late because she didn t put down her phone in order to arrive on time the couple thought highly enough of her to have her make a speech at their reception and she couldn t stop with the phone long enough to arrive on time Yeah that s how Evie is at the beginning And there are a few little instances like this for Evie Her character is set up so perfectly at the beginning of this story It s easy to see how she is ruled by social media and email That being said it is so easy to cheer for her when she makes her decision to stop it all I love that Evie reached a point where this type of lifestyle betrayed her Don t get me wrong I don t want bad things to happen to characters but it was only then that we were able to see the real Evie come out And I loved her Evie is a trained lawyer an excellent one and was heading for partnership at a great firm in New York City After losing her job over the Internet and taking some time off before re applying to firms not easy to re apply without the Internet to submit resumes see Evie is able to explore her interests fully We are able to read about the Evie that enjoys this and that and we can read about her strengths and weakness her hopes and fears Had the Internetphone debacle not happened with Evie none of this change would have occurred I love this I love that she is firm in her resolve to be without email and the Internet I think her friends are a little bit amused by this to begin with but as Evie continues to stick with her plan they become annoyed it is inconvenient to them to have to make calls to not be able to send Evites to events to not receive replies back when they send group emails There are some tense moments between the friends when Evie misses some events because she isn t checking her emails engagement announcements baby announcements BIG things It makes Evie think important things life events such as these why are they being announced over the Internet And still no Internet for her Through this time off from work and the Internet Evie experiences a sort of adult coming of age or coming of adult age which is interesting I think because she it felt to me like she was growing up and finding herself for a second time GOSH I LOVED THIS I love the way Evie finds herself She begins to see the way her family has viewed her a busy career woman phone stuck to her hand never time for anyone living a huge life in NYC unapproachable and she rectifies some things She spends some precious time with her grandmother who was diagnosed with breast cancer early in the book Evie falls in love without the Internet s help The relationship progresses without the Internet s help She makes big decisions without the Internet s help She also realizes that there were things that she used the Internet for and it was awfully handy at times The romance in this book is lovely Evie finds a man that she falls for organically and this is really something special for her Before she would have Googled him and researched him because that s what people that use online dating sites do But Evie found this man by getting out there and meeting him face to face so getting to know him was also done face to face I LOVED IT There were bumps in the road sure because she brought a little bit of baggage but part of Evie s adult coming of age is that even a thing is watching her learn to work it out without immediately emailing her friends for advice I could talk about this book for ages and I wish I could discuss it with my friends Friends read this one please Let s discuss I loved this story I loved the way Evie tuned the Internet out of her life I saw a little bit of myself in Evie not the overuse of online things but the way she turned it off and the way it annoyed people in her life and the way she stuck to it anyway I love the way Evie began to find herself again and to really like herself This book was a great outside read for me so great for sunshine and warm weather It made me happy I couldn t put it down I recommend Love and Miss Communication by Elyssa Friedland for readers that enjoy women s fictionchicklit type stories and books about women that find themselvesSee my full review HERE at Into the Hall of Books

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Free read Love and Miss Communication ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB E date makes her break out in a cold sweat She's over the clever hashtags and the endless selfies So when her career hits a surprising roadblock and her heart is crushed by Facebook Evie decides it's time to put down her smartphone for good Beats stowing it in her underwear she's done that tooAnd that's when she discovers a fresh start f. Featured on InStyle Magazine as one of their 6 New Page Turners to Read in May Love and Miss Communication shares the story of Evie Rosen an ambitious woman whose life is about to turn upside down because of her online habit Can she get her life back in order before her savings run outI find it touching and surprisingly refreshing to read a story about a protagonist who chooses to stop using the internet With friends who depend on texting and emailing to stay in touch Evie certainly misses uite a few parties and important updates during the time when she unplugs At the same time not googling gives her a new sense of freedom and power Instead of shopping online she has to go out and acuire what she needs in person Instead of using Facebook to look up people online she has to live in the moment and get to know new acuaintances through real conversations Honestly I am not a fan of Evie before she unplugs from the internet I find her old self a bit on the freakish side And while her character doesn t exactly mature in a direction that I prefer I appreciate her effort and courage to go inward and face her inner demonsWhat I find the most enjoyable is the bond Evie has with her grandmother Her grandmother is wise strong and adorably funny And she just cracks me up every time when she points at or touches the ring on her fingerThe romance in the story is very heartwarming I don t want to drop names and spoil anything but this amazingly gorgeous guy surely deserves some rounds of applause I particularly love the scene when he sweetly proposes to EvieCan you imagine yourself not using the internet Although I don t think I ll unplug from the world wide web any time soon I like that Love and Miss Communication offers us some food for thoughts on the weird and negative effect of social media And while you re online look up Friedland s 10 Ways The Internet Is Ruining Your Love Life Because Cyberstalking Exes Solves Nothing I think you ll like it Originally posted on LeisureReadscomA copy of the book was provided by publisher for review purposes