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  • Paperback
  • 388
  • The Silk Factory
  • Judith Allnatt
  • English
  • 26 August 2020
  • 9780007522996

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The Silk Factory Download ↠ 109 F a shocking truth about her own childhood when she is already reeling from the breakup of her marriage fills her with distrust and fearfulness Then she starts seeing a strange child wandering in the garden who seems as lost as she is In 1812 silk master Septimus Fowler has grand plans to keep his factory in step with the industrial revolution he will plant mulberry trees rear silkworms and import new mechanized looms Orpha. We are transported back in time to the early 1800 s to an English silk factory Both the profit driven owner and the poor who work there struggle to make a living In the present we have Rosie a divorced mother of two whose difficulties increase with the death of her own mother and the move away from London The link is that Rosie s new home inherited from her mother was once part of the old silk factory and maybe some ghosts from that time still remainAuthor Judith Allnatt treats us to a memorable dual time haunting historical novel It s rather well written and captivating in its exuisite descriptions of the past and the harsh realities of a modern day broken family There are secrets uncovered and touching parts of the story that will leave you moved I found it an excellent read that left me feeling content when it was finishedEffie scrapes together a meagre existence while looking after young Beulah and her brother who work at the silk factory Her life promises to be transformed as romance comes along But events at the factory are about to change their lives forever and leave them all lostRosie s money problems and parenting issues threaten to overwhelm her But another concern is the strange happenings and noises in the old house she has inherited Is it her tired mind playing tricks on her or is there something sinister at playThe two stories linked by the house play out to a satisfactory conclusion I learned some things along the way about silk making and enjoyed getting lost in the stories of Rosie Effie and Beulah This is recommended to lovers of historical fiction who don t mind some current day issues included It was an interesting and engaging read from a beautiful hard back edition of the book supplied by the publishers for an honest review

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The Silk Factory Download ↠ 109 The story of a young mother who discovers old buried secrets as she goes through her mother's things all whilst staying in a cottage that centuries before was a silk factory A beautiful eerie story of love and memory If you try to pick up the pieces sometimes that's when they fall into place Rosie Milford inherits a house in an old silk factory after her mother's death and moves there with her young children The discovery o. Moving Intriguing Beautifully Written I Loved It

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The Silk Factory Download ↠ 109 N Beulah Fiddement works as a bobbin winder and has secrets that the master would go to any lengths to get Caught up in a dark adult world of illicit love rebellion and revenge Beulah must put away her childhood and draw on all her spirit to protect those she loves Beulah's story of guilt and bravery will echo down two centuries and change Rosie's life as she struggles to overcome the hand of her own past and find redemptio. rosie is recently divorced with 2 very young children and struggling her mother recently died and she has beueathed a house to her that rosie always thought belonged to her aunt may this is housed in an old silk factory and she moves down there temporarily to see what state it is in with a view to putting it on the market but the cottage is alive with orphans who once lived there and unknown to her some events in their lives r strangely familiar at the same time her hidden past is slowly awoken and she discovers a family secret that has been hidden from her since she was 3 years old can she put all the pieces together to settle the past and make her future a fascinating and tender novel yes verging on the supernatural at times it alts between present day and the early 19th century with the emphasis on the latter u will find the middle pages a lesson in the history of the silk industry heavy on narrative as is a lot of the book which u may appreciate or may not many endings left unanswered 375 stars bev