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Free read Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB õ Adrienne Dillard Cor Rotto characters  7 Before she sets off for England she learns the family secret the true identity of her father a man she considers to be a monster and a man she will shortly meetThis compelling novel tells the life story of a woman who survived being close to the crown and who became one of ueen Elizabeth I's closest confidante. I loved this alternative plausible story for Catherine and her probable sister Elizabeth I know this book was historical fiction but I wish it were true

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Free read Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB õ Adrienne Dillard Cor Rotto characters  7 Ne Carey has been dreaming the same dream for three years since the bloody execution of her aunt ueen Anne Boleyn Her only comfort is that she and her family are safe in Calais away from the intrigues of Henry VIII's court But now Catherine has been chosen to serve Henry VIII's new wife ueen Anne of Cleves Just. This was a lovelybelievable tale of Catherine Careypossible sister to three English monarchsMary IEdward VI and Elizabeth IAlthoughwe can never be certain Catherine Carey was the daughter of Henry VIII this intelligent novel gives free rein to the theoryI thought the events and the people that were portrayed were mostly on the accurate side and loved the atmosphere of the Tudor world the author createdI also enjoyed the mystery element and the romance between Catherine Carey and her husbandThe author went one step farther and included a note at the back of the book letting you know what was fiction and what was fact I received this copy in exchange for a fair review by the author and in no way did it effect this review

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Free read Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB õ Adrienne Dillard Cor Rotto characters  7 The dream was always the same the scaffold before me I stared on in horror as the sword sliced my aunt's head from her swan like neck The executioner raised her severed head into the air by its long chestnut locks The last thing I remembered before my world turned black was my own screamFifteen year old Catheri. DNF at 14%Someone I m friends with on here mainly because she only reads Tudor history and I think she s great for recommendations of that stuff rated this book five stars So I got hella excited I read the author s contribution to the In a Nutshell series which was all about Catherine Carey s life Thought it was interesting and good so I decided I d give this a go Sometimes it s easier jumping into fiction before nonfictionNow I m sitting here wondering if we read the same book Or in my case threw up my hands and gave up trying itI mean I have no problem with some historical things veering off course Like Jane Boleyn being pregnant and losing a baby There s no historical basis against it and there s really none for it So I could care less Same with saying Catherine Carey is Henry VIII s illegitimate child Again no problem with that since it really seems most of the historical facts show it s completely possible she was and that she wasn t acknowledged because she was well a girlFor me that wasn t a huge problemWhat was a problem with how much it reminded me of The Other Boleyn Girl Funnily enough that s the one I hated when I read it Absolutely despised it Gregory went so off base with facts that it just got me upset Then she grossly misrepresented Anne Boleyn as a complete and utter bitch while not even bothering to show her other side Anne was a bitch Can t deny that An ambitious bitch but that was not all of her Then my other issue with TOBG was the narrator Mary Boleyn So fucking annoying that I wanted to claw my eyes out with my short stubby nailsI could feel the rage building for me in this book no matter how historically accurate it wasInstead of how Gregory showed Anne in a completely evil light to fit with Mary juxtaposing her Dillard made Jane Boleyn so nice and loving Jane Boleyn The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford showed me that Jane wasn t evil that there is an astounding lack of evidence for popular history about her However it also doesn t show her as a completely good person Dillard set out to make her sympathetic in all the wrong ways completely forgetting that she was a woman at court Sorry but she wouldn t have survived that long without being a bit of a conniving bitch It s trueThen like mother like daughter Catherine Carey in this was turning out to be completely like Mary Boleyn in TOBG I don t want to go to court Boo hoo Oh no the king s really my dad1 But he s so evil1 Or is he evil I am so confused But I love this stable guy and I want to marry him Then she goes wandering around at night and finds him And he was wandering around thinking about how much he loves her Convenient right HE LOVES ME TOOOO111 Wait we can t marry because my evil but not evil dad found me a good husband who is insanely in love with me NOOOOO11111 I can t do itThat was where I cut it short I was 15 once upon a time And if I ever thought like that I would have shot myself in the face Maybe it s because I m not a woman but most of my friends were girls in high school and I highly doubt they thought like thatDon t even get me started on the writing So simplistic There was no depth and the author really didn t know about showing vs telling Maybe I m being harsh on the author and book All I know is I had an issue with the writing from the first chapter then it developed into an issue with the characters that then spiraled into problems with the plot and MC By that point it wasn t worth reading Imagine my rant if I had tried reading past the first part of the book