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Spring Tide Tide #1 Summary Í 104 review ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò K. Dicke K. Dicke Ò 4 review Ng blue eyes He’s way out of her league And is that an actual electric spark that happens every time she touches him She doesn’t have time for him not with two jobs a boozer neighbor and her best friend’s stalker on the scene Not to mention the weird black mist over the water or outside her workplace that no one seems to notice but herBut there’s to Jericho than. I picked this book by accident but was so glad I did Spring Tide is one of the most intriguing paranormal books I ve read What I liked most about it was the complex mystery that started being woven from page one If you re the sort of reader that needs everything spelled out for you and every uestion answered to be satisfied this story might not appeal If you re the sort of reader that doesn t find interest in a gradually developed plotline this might not be for you I genuinely enjoyed putting the puzzle pieces together and having a few dwindling uestions remaining at the end To me that s what a truly good series is about and I greatly look forward to the seuel

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Spring Tide Tide #1 Summary Í 104 review ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò K. Dicke K. Dicke Ò 4 review “She’s here I feel her”“Who’s here”“The one who’s mine”To the dismay of her family Kris Edwards postpones college despite a full ride scholarship and moves to the beach She has a crazy feeling there’s something she has to find to figure out her life and it’s at the coastShe’s pretty sure that something isn’t Jericho the too hot surfer with amazi. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the Goodreads group Lovers of Paranormal or LOPSpring Tide is a brilliant example of why I take part in read for reviews I really really enjoyed the first installment in K Dicke s Tide series and I will definitely be reading the next installment Tidal Wave out Fall 2015 This is definitely something to read if you enjoyed Jennifer L Armentrout s Lux seriesThe thing I loved most about this book was Kris voice and character I really connected with her which is a massive plus for me when I m reading a novel big surprise there I loved that she had been developed really well by K Dicke and this shows in the writing Kris is sporty loves to cook hates jellyfish and is generally like most other 1819 year olds she spends time with her friends she thinks guys are cute and she s finding her feet away from her parents I also loved Kris love interest Jericho I liked his mystiue his protectiveness his surfing side and his ability to give Kris space when she needed I liked it that he wasn t overbearing this makes a change when compared to some other main love interests in recent novels It didn t hurt that he was described as all kinds of yummy either The secondary characters were developed as well to a high level which in my opinion really adds something to a story If I had one critiue about the characters it would be that Kris mother and brother although mentioned a few times aren t really featured in the book that much and I find this hard to believe that at 1819 she wouldn t have of a motherly input especially as it seems that she had a fairly good relationship with herBut the thing I loved most about this book Its attention to detail K Dicke really put in her research The detail around recipes cooking kitchen knowledge and surfing really added a lot for me I think this is partly because this is definitely a slow build novel and I can see why this will put some people off But that s ok because not everyone has to like the same style of writing I prefer my books this way because I personally love the detail and character development that can occur as a result of this but that s just meMy main critiue of this book was that I would really have liked to have explored the darks I think K Dicke could have made of this However I haven t read Tidal Wave yet so I m guessing the darks and brights will be explored there or hopefully anyway My other small critiue of Spring Tide is that the beginning of the chapters can be a bit confusing I get that the reader is supposed to guess who is talking but locating it somewhere might have made it slightly easier to read ie earlier that day somewhere on a deck overlooking the shoreline and then bring us back to Kris with an indicator that we were following her againThis was definitely a great read and I look forward to of the Tide series in fact my impatient nature made me so frustrated last night when I finished this book at 2am that I had to get up and distract myself by transcribing some of my interviews seriously there is no uicker way to send me to sleep so that I could forget about my frustrations and try sleeping again

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Spring Tide Tide #1 Summary Í 104 review ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò K. Dicke K. Dicke Ò 4 review Kris realizes and she can’t blow him off so easily He’s in tune with the magic of the tides and only he knows of the evil that’s washed ashore and is coming for her The closer Kris gets to him the danger she’s in But he can’t let her be he’s been waiting years for herWith Jericho by her side Kris might find what she’s looking for Or she might lose everythin. This book is uite unlike anything I ve ever read before if I had to compare it most closely resembled the Mortal Instruments Series A lot of books particularly paranormal ones tell the reader everything up front and use the paranormal aspect to guide the plot and create the climax Spring Tide uses the plot to build up to the paranormal aspect I enjoyed not knowing what was going on the whole time It helps the reader understand what Kris is going through and connect with her That being said I liked the characters and thought the character development was great especially with Jericho yum yum While I agree with fellow reviewers that the writing style is a little jumpy in switching from POV to POV I sense that it s that way for a reason particularly so the reader is thinking constantly about what could possibly be happening I don t think this book was intended to be a fluffy read that you could just sort of mindlessly sift through but a mysterious thinker of a novel Despite the need your noggin aspect I started and finished in the same day and wasn t reading all day or up ungodly late oh and I read it twice in two days it was one of the smoothest and uickest reads I ve had in a while I read a LOT so I m not just blowing smoke here While the beginning was a little difficult mostly because I was saying what in the world is this about I was still intrigued especially when Jericho arrived on the scene I loved reading about the surfing as that s something I m not exposed to in the Midwest but I am having difficulty understanding it s relevance to the plot I have theories and expect we may learn in the next book which I am anxiously awaiting I can understand my fellow reviewers frustration with confusion I feel that a lot of this is a result of the sheer amount of information packed in the 300 or so pages And connecting the dots in my head resulted in tangles and snags But sometimes you ve just gotta go with the flow This book will not be everybody s cup of tea but I highly recommend giving it a try keeping in mind that it isn t a passive read