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HIM AUTHOR Richard Staschy

HIM AUTHOR Richard Staschy Free read Ð 108 Mystery Psycho Thriller Horror Paranormal Science Fiction and the Kitchen Sink This story takes place 25 years after the zombie apocalypse A deranged serial killer during the pre zombie apocalypse is loose in the city HE'S kidnapping woman What HE does with HIS victims is a mystery Read about the manhunt that is so sick and twisted that you'll never look at another zombie story again            About my Zombie Epic HIMHim is not your typical zombie horror story  My story take place in the near future 25 years after the sudden attack the chaos and the randomness Why Personally I believed we all see these stories so many times and they almost never c.

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HIM AUTHOR Richard Staschy Free read Ð 108 Up with the device called LIFELINES  A Lifeline is a device that looks like a harmless neckband When the human dies the Lifeline would activate by tightening around the neck until the head was departed from the body  Then I pictured an entire city of humans forced to wear this device  And finally I came up with this uestion What if a killer can activate the LifelinesMy second inspiration came from the movie Pieces 1982 Pieces is an over the top slasher movie and the ending of the story got me thinkingThere was one inspiration for my story and I don't want to spoil everythingOk I'll guess I'll give you a little hint            The Black Dahli.

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HIM AUTHOR Richard Staschy Free read Ð 108 Hange Also I wanted to take the zombie story to the next level What is the next level Well you need to read the book to find out          And I guaranteed that you will never see it comingHim was an inspiration from Day of the Dead 1985  First I want to admit that I really really hate the story but there was one good scene worth telling and it inspired the headhunting concept It was when a zombie's head got cut off with a shovel and we see the eyes of the zombie watching the heroes run away I've then thought of an awesome idea that people would chop zombie heads off with ninja swords This idea has been playing in my mind for sometime Later I've came.

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