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  • The Lavinia Volumes
  • Siân Lavinia Anaïs Valeriana
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  • 22 April 2018
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review The Lavinia Volumes º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Siân Lavinia Anaïs Valeriana The Lavinia Volumes are a publishing of journals written in poetry from as early as six 1993 which document exp. I found the lovely and VERY YOUNG Miss Valeriana through a purchase of her classical music at iTunes Remarkable records from someone who is self taught and deaf Explains her passion for Beethoven I followed up by downloading one of her poetry records which she releases under the musician name of The Raveness to my surprise it came with a PDF of this book It is phenomenal I have emphasised the age of this author because when this book was written she was truly very young no where near an adult but the youth does not show in her writing From the book it is clear why she is such a shy artist and has no plans for fame and is not one for likes favorites or any other number today s social media glued artists are obsessed with What is written in this publication made my heart break at times because every bit of violence and ill health that can occur to a person has occurred to this humble and happy girl who clearly wasn t letting anything break her spirit or her heart and who throughout all of the verse is massively positive with a charming mature and attractive wit You would expect a person to be angry or bitter but instead there s a You won t destroy me and I won t stoop to your level attitude that is warrior like It s evident that she is a huge fan of the writer s Charles Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud as there is a I don t give a sh I will tell all feeling present regardless of living with a serious disorder and phobias that are a combination which seem rooted to a blatant form of extreme anxiety It is also clear that William Shakespeare has had an influence but I was less surprised by this as she is from the same place Some of my favorite lines I am no immortal but I am still here after all this much to Satan s surprise the abused do laugh lastWhy do I cry for them why For they care not if I live or die Yet I cannot stop but oft do try There is no human as na ve as IMany blades have been removed by hilt from this flesh before and I feel not sickly days or their soresIf this century were a woman it would be my muse this world today makes one by the day a recluse and I do not belong how I long the RenaissanceIt isn t relevant but to go with this gorgeous text is an absolutely gorgeous face Valeriana is stunning and it is sad that she will never know it because of also living with Body Dysmorphia which this book brings great awareness too also

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The Lavinia Volumes

review The Lavinia Volumes º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Siân Lavinia Anaïs Valeriana Historical research and life in Shakespeare’s England This complete edition also features newly written poetr. This came with download I buy at her website last year and I forgot to read it I sat down with nice cup of white tea the other day and read it It was very good Very sad in parts Obviously very true and honest accounts as you can sees the medical document scans which she add next to some poems to show how she say she was feeling compared to how psychologist say he thought she was feeling etcetera This girl life before she was freed as she say was pure torture Rape sexual violence and abuse domestic violent attacks day in day out and a lot of mental and emotional abuse So bad she used to hide in a wardrobe for sanctuary I cried but she has such good spirit than she keep you in good spirit A great sense of humor I giggled so much at her sarcasm and was so moved by how beautiful happy person she is regardless I don t know if she will print again as she said in end of this version of book that she is done with dwell on past If she do GET IT If you have mental illness disability or any of these experience this book will trade your tear for smile I promise My favorite poem was called Cut throat This document when someone held knife to her throat and attempted to cut it until someone arrive but instead of attend to her they helped the confused person who basically tried to kill her WTF It is my favourite because how well she handled that situation AFTER by walking away moving on alone and as still young girl say fuck you I don t need you and then she made amazing artistic future for herself and always try to make others laugh or smile She make great music I have love her harpsichord since 2000 When she was 13 And her surrogate dad the father of someone she care for as she say he was at the time who there is poem for in book called couple of five pound notes help her learn record her music and release it and he also help her have refuge from her abusers who I know from odd update here and there kept abusing her up until 2015 Disgusting All from birth but as say she is not sad and does not dwell Sorry for long review I just really love The Raveness She is my idol

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review The Lavinia Volumes º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook read · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Siân Lavinia Anaïs Valeriana Eriences with varying forms of violence and abuse mental illness disabilities addiction abandonment love death. Where do I start Well through a tumblr post I discovered The Raveness and fell in love with her natural ability to speak to you so warmly Reading her posts is like a conversation with a friend a super knowledgeable and hilarious friend that will never bore you I got curious and I clicked her website and then got myself a download which came with a cut down version of this book The book is the same and I wasn t let down Personal interesting funny extremely sad I could go on for days I am shocked at the age she was when she wrote this originally I thought I was reading accounts by an adult There is so much to like about this book This is what I consider true diarist writing It is unedited and is as plainly written as you d expect someone to scribble their thoughts and feelings into their diary because who is thinking about grammar when they are pouring out their soul Saying that the grammar is excellent it is hard to explain If I met her in real life I would bow down to her I am serious Sounds cheesy but read the book and what the girl has gone through and then look at how positive she is I know that everything she blogs comes directly from her diaries so I am hoping that the tumblr becomes a book in future because its educative fun and its just interesting to see her likes and dislikes I cannot wait to listen to the poetry records I just got from iTunes It is a short read but its a fun read I got it through name your price as she was offering it free I don t think she cares about making money or media exposure but have gone back to her store and have repurchased with my own value