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  • 09 March 2019
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Download Á Diner Knock Out (Rose Strickland Mystery, #4) á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Businessmen dead bodies and a trail of drugsHunting down clues that lead too close to home Rose finds herself in the fight of her life Can she beat the killer to the punch before she gets knocked out for good. Diner Knock Out is amazing a knock out of a cozy mystery Diner Knock Out is the fourth book in Author Terri L Austin s Rose Strickland Mystery series Diner Knock Out can be read as a stand alone as far as the mysteries contained therein are concerned But to really understand all of the characters their interactions with each other and the references to past occurrences you really should begin at the beginning of the series The main character in Diner Knock Out is Rose Strickland She is the formerly pampered younger daughter of a wealthy upper class couple in Huntingford Missouri I say formerly because almost six years ago Rose took a stand against her parents wishes concerning the women s college they had chosen for her Rose refused to return for her sopho year wanting to transfer to a different college where she would be happier As a result of this rebellion her parents kicked her out of their house and cut off all financial support After Rose found a job waitressing at Ma s Diner and somewhere to live in a dinky studio apartment she enrolled in Huntingford s community college as a part time student She has been taking a class or two each semester for the past six years until now At the end of Book 3 Diner Impossible Rose is approached by another character with an intriguing proposal Police Officer Andre Thomas has just resigned from the force to become a private investigator He invites Rose to work part time for him as an apprentice PI during the two years it will take before she can get her own PI license Rose accepts the offer and will take the summer off from school while she only works at Ma s Diner and the Thomas Detective AgencyThe agency case that Rose and Thomas are working on as he trains her in police procedure concerns Ted Benson the husband of their client Camilla Benson Camilla thinks that her husband is cheating on her and has hired the agency to find out for sure I love how this case turns out I think you ll be very surprised at how Ted cheats It certainly surprised meRose s big case concerns Rob the MMA fighter and fight clubs When Rose is alone in the office she misrepresents herself as Andre s associate rather than an apprentice only able to work under his direct supervision to a new client who comes in with a missing person case and agrees to take the case The client admits he can t afford their fee but Rose still agrees When Rob s girlfriend tells Rose You can t say anything about the club Not to anyone The men in charge are serious about keeping it a secret By even discussing it we could all be in danger Rose almost tells Andre then about the case It s really lucky for Rose that Andre steps in when he does Just imagine the fireworks when Thomas finds out that Rose has taken on this case a pro bono case passing herself off as his associate no less I enjoyed watching Rose try to solve these mysteries with all the twists and turns in the case and encounter some rather odd people along the way By the way if you re ever offered a bottle of water containing fermented birch sap I d advise you to turn it down Rose says it tastes disgusting The suspense and the plot twists make Diner Knock Out fast paced and a uick read Author Terri L Austin s zany uirky characters and their antics make Diner Knock Out a fun read For example the utter chaos devastation and destruction in the diner caused by a team of Little Leagers is unbelievable and hilariousRose s bestie and fellow waitress Roxy has a new BFF which leaves Rose feeling jealous and left out Roxy is rather unconventional She has blue hair not pale blue but like cobalt blue and she often dresses in baby doll style with ribbons ruffles and sashes The scene when Rose and Roxy discuss their former BFF status and Roxy s reasons for finding a new BFF is sweet and poignantMa is trying to catch a man a new widower whose wife has just passed Ma almost eighty years old figures that she has been alone long enough since her husband died Ma must work uickly because Byron s a looker and relatively healthy a pacemaker and a bum knee For bait she is using her specialty chicken dish Chicken a la Ma a new bra pushup in black lace and chocolate lava cake Ma has stiff competition though in the much younger Sally Dawkins only 62 The outcome of this struggle for Byron s attention is uite amusingAs you can see Rose her friends and her co workers at Ma s Diner are so much fun to read about I enjoy reading about their hijinks capers and adventures just as much as the mysteries Author Terri L Austin has created a cast of uniue likable distinctive people ones whom I love to visit with in each new Diner entry in the Rose Strickland Mysteries I highly recommend Terri L Austin s Diner Knock Out to all cozy mystery fans especially those of us who have a thing about bad boy book boyfriends Diner Knock Out is fun entertaining and uniue all in all a great readNote I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of Diner Knock OutThe entire review is available on my blog 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Download Á Diner Knock Out (Rose Strickland Mystery, #4) á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Xy has found a new bestie leaving Rose out in the coldDetermined to prove herself Rose takes a case on the sly As she searches for a missing MMA fighter Rose discovers an illegal fight club a group of ruthless. Diner Knock Out is the latest installment in the Rose Strickland mystery series If you haven t read anything from this series you really should get started on it nowRose Strickland is a rich girl who gives it all up and works in a diner and part time for a PI Oh and her boyfriend is sort of a criminalRose takes on a case that seemed simple A missing persons case but as she starts to investigate it becomes apparent that a lot of things are than what they seem and that includes her own relationship with SullivanShe discovers a fight club and drug dealings and some really scary businessmen One of which is her boyfriendTerri Austin does a great job combining the sleuthing with Rose s personal life The characters in her life are so colorful and fun Ma the owner of the diner is one heck of fun older lady Roxy and Sugar are beyond nuts but in a good way I found myself wishing I had friends like this There s even a new friend who I hope we ll see in future books Candi Carlucci She s the daughter of one of the not so nice businessmen that figure in with the mysteryThe story was fast paced and really fun It keeps you on the edge of your seat especially at the end as you are waiting for the reveal of the whodunit Ms Austin gives you so many options of who could have killed the fighter that when all is revealed you are a little bit surprisedThis was a fun read and a great addition to this series

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Download Á Diner Knock Out (Rose Strickland Mystery, #4) á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rose Strickland's life is complicated Besides her waitressing gig she works part time for Andre Thomas a PI with no faith in Rose's ability to investigate her love life with Sullivan has stalled and her BFF Ro. 4 starsAnother Henery Press excellent read I don t know how they do it but I have never read a bad book by this publishing houseThis one starts out a little slow getting the reader familiar with all the characters and there are a lot of characters but once it takes off BAM It s off and running Rose is training to become a PI But while the boss in out a new client comes in with a job that seems cut and dry so she takes it upon herself to figure it out on her own Big mistake This one could get her and everyone around her killed Of course she doesn t know this until she s knee deep in the middle of it and it s a little late to back out then There are a lot of uirky lovable characters in Rose s life Then there s her socialite mom and dad who are way up the social scale in the little town she lives in Then of course there s her current boyfriend who won t tell her exactly what he does for a living but she knows its not above board what with the huge gate around his house complete with bodyguards and blood thirsty guard dogsSomehow this cut and dry easy money job puts her right in the middle of her boyfriend s business life and he and his associates are not happy Let s just say they are livid and looking for an excuse andor reason to take Rose out And I m not talking about a dateWhile there were some pretty funny moments in this book there were some pretty scary ones as well Rose was definitely finding herself in the wrong place at the wrong time several times Apparently she just has a knack for it While this was my first book in this series I will definitely be reading in this series I was definitely entertained whether it was the outfits that Rose s friend Roxy wore or the way the criminals were trying to act like they knew nothing and were trying to send Rose on her way I definitely recommend this book Entertaining and enjoyableThanks Henery Press and Net Galley for providing me with this free e galley in exchange for an honest review