E–book (The Battle Play to Live #5)

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  • The Battle Play to Live #5
  • D. Rus
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  • 12 February 2018
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D. Rus à 9 Summary

Free download Ü The Battle Play to Live #5 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub G Refugees flood the Valley Alliance members are joining forces Max is not just a clan leader any He is the Chief the head of the resistance And you have no choice but to fight; you are the hope of the children and the thousands of innocents They have entrusted you with their live. I cannot emphasize enough my deep disappointment with the book and the whole story First few books were just amazing nice pace interesting plot some good leveling and character development I really liked the realistic feeling of the world and world building everything was logical However starting with the third book everything started to be a mess I found the plot too hectic characters stopped being people and became smth else no normal character development It seemed that the author is in a rush proportions became not realistic everything went way too fast Author was jumping from one story and time to another It became and frustrating and even tho i managed to finish book three and four mainly due to the interesting story I was forced to stop with this one I cannot recommend it and sadly i m not gonna pursue the other installment

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Free download Ü The Battle Play to Live #5 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ght between clans over some land rich in resources This is war A war of civilizations religions and all the dimensions of the world The earth weeps in pain The astral beings turn away in horror Burning castle towers collapse to the ground Stones melt in the heat The enemy is comin. This series is falling apart sad to say Author is into recounting his prejudices than telling a story What happened Doubt I will continue

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Free download Ü The Battle Play to Live #5 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub The Russian cluster The ground shakes as the enemy approaches The angered gods frown as they look down from the sky Intelligence agencies are locked in a brutal fight Hundreds of thousands of sentient beings happily slaughter each other This is no longer a game uest nor a petty fi. This book had its redeeming moments of entertainment but it is by far my least liked of this series and I would not re read or recommend this one Simply stated the story is all over the place and hard to follow for the reader I will read book 6 so that says a lot regarding the strength of the previous books when you consider that I really didn t care for this one Hopefully book six returns to form