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  • Winner Takes All
  • Judy Kentrus
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  • 27 June 2020
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Winner Takes All Free download ↠ 0 A good deed for a friend in need In her sometimes klutzy way she shows Preston life is to be lived and he could enjoy the loving caress of a wom. Another Winner from Judy KentrusPreston came home from the war without a leg and one big emotional scar Cindi Pearl is just the perfect woman to show him that he too deserves all the happiness that life can bring He is uiet reserved shy and withdrawn Cindi loves all God s creatures here on earth always is smiling and sees the good in all In the restaurant scene I found myself belly laughing at her performance The 4th of July ceremony is emotional and moving Leave it to Judy to write about a sport very seldom talked about but one that brings family s together Soap Box Derby will bring back memories to those able to have been involved in their childhood Once again Judy gives our happy couple a HEA that makes you glad that everything will be OK As an author Judy keeps a on getting better and better

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Winner Takes All Free download ↠ 0 At or touch him He never figured on Cindi Pearl Sullivan sashaying in and turning his world upside downCindi's personal motto had always been do. November 2018 DNF 54%I tried to finish I really did But I couldn t

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Winner Takes All Free download ↠ 0 Preston Reynolds a former Army Ranger left a part of himself in the desert from hell Life as he knew it was over No woman would ever want to look. 5 STAR READI loved this story I instantly fell in love with Preston Preston was overseas and lost his leg in an explosion but he also saved numerous people s lives while doing so He doesn t think that he is a hero He doesn t believe that he should even be happy That is until he meets Cindi Cindi is a no nonsense type of girl and knows what she wants and she wants Preston They both work together and both don t think the other is attracted to each other That is until Preston invites Cindi to a dinner date with his sister who keeps ragging on him about not settling down and possibly being gay Cindi overhears Preston say how she is no one important and Cindi is on a mission to embarrass the crap out of him This part in the book honestly had me laughing so freaking hard Cindi continues to try and break Preston out of his shell and how him that he is actually a hero no matter what he says But when she discovers something in one of the accounts it could possibly harm her life and those around her Will Preston and Cindy be able to work past the storm that is brewing or will this person ruin everything they both have