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  • Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics
  • Tim Marshall
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  • 10 June 2019
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Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics Free read Ö 100 Cted to refer to a map of the place in uestionAll leaders of nations are constrained by geography In “one of the best books about geopolitics” The Evening Standard now updated to include 2016 geopolitical developments journalist Tim Marshall examines Russia China the US Latin America the Middle East Africa Europe Japan Korea and Greenland and the Arctic their weather seas mountains rivers deserts and borders to provide a context often missing from our political reportage how the physical characteristics of these countries affect their strengths and vulnerabilities and the decisions made by their lea. The premise of this book is interesting that much of international politics is about geography Country A doesn t go to war with country B because there is a range of mountains between them Country C enjoys a strong trading economy because it has access to the sea And so it goesMost people reading it will probably get one or two aha moments when the book gives them an insight they hadn t had before It s a good point well made About a uarter of the way through the book I was really enjoying it Then we start to run into problems They aren t disastrous This book is still worth reading But it s not uite as good as it could beThe main problem is that the book is one long dry lecture We get nothing but the author speaking for page after page He clearly knows what he is talking about but it really needs to be broken up with some maps uotes from someone else anecdotes graphs At times this book feels like a college lecture where a highly ualified professor drones on and on for hours You know that what he is saying is good You can tell he is an expert But you long for something to break up the monotony of an uninterrupted monologueThe main thesis doesn t always work Some of the sections are less about geography and about people Messy organic unpredictable people So yes all countries to seem to be prisoners of their geography In part But they are also prisoners of their history and the decisions made by individuals It s not all about mountains rivers and access to the sea And you do not make a good book solely by allowing an expert to drone on and on in lecture theatre style Recommended ish There is lots of good stuff in here even if it can be uite dull and the main thesis doesn t entirely work every time

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Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics Free read Ö 100 In this New York Times bestseller updated for 2016 an award winning journalist uses ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo political strategies of the world powers “fans of geography history and politics and maps will be enthralled” Fort Worth Star TelegramMaps have a mysterious hold over us Whether ancient crumbling parchments or generated by Google maps tell us things we want to know not only about our current location or where we are going but about the world in general And yet when it comes to geo politics much of what we are told is generated by analysts and other experts who have negle. Prisoners of Geography Ten Maps that Explain Everything about the World Tim Marshall 2015 263 ppThis is actually a rather shallow cursory look at geopolitics from a standard pro US military neoliberal viewpoint The ten maps are just ordinary maps of ten areas Russia China US W Europe Africa Mideast S Asia KoreaJapan Latin America ArcticThe author s claim that natural corridors and natural barriers explain everything is belied by the rise and fall of empires as plains mountains seas and rivers stay putWhere I m coming from for example Addicted to War Why the U S Government Can t Kick Militarism by Joel Andreas and Understanding Power The Indispensable Chomsky by Noam Chomsky The author buys the idea that there are national interests as distinct from the interests of particular centers of power And that we have to respond militarily to perceived threats to our ability to project power everywhere and to counter the threat of violence by locals No awareness that US military presence is a threat that provokes violence To the author the world is a chessboard control of fossil fuels a game eg pp 60 74 The unstated presumption is what s good for Exxon United Fruit Raytheon is the US national interest Don t ask who gains who loses by moving all production to lowest wage countries Latin America lags far behind economically In part because they got the politics wrong pp 216 217 He means some of them tried to resist total control by US corporations and that the US military CIA State Department and corporate and financial sectors have all worked very hard to keep Latin America an exploited region without autonomy For the truth see Open Veins of Latin America Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent Eduardo Galeano goodreadscombookshow187149OpenVTo the author idiots think the problems of the Middle East are due to Israel And that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is merely a joint tragedy rather than say genocide apartheid theft of the country from the Palestinians by Israel p 152 The military is the real power in Egypt no mention that the US provided that power Much less in whose interest p 167 On the Iran Ira war no mention that the US armed both sides p 158To this author Mexico is a problem for America supplying illegal labor and drugs p 70 No mention of US dumping of government subsidized agricultural commodities destroying livelihoods of farmers all over the world No suggestion that it s US drug law and enforcement that s the problem causing suffering throughout the hemisphereSome facts are suspect None are sourced The claim The greater Mississippi basin has miles of navigable river than the rest of the world put together p 68 is uestionable But so is ciagovlibrarypublicationsresource which shows Vietnam with length of navigable waterways than the US and whose world total is than 3 times the sum of the countries totals

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Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics Free read Ö 100 DersOffering “a fresh way of looking at maps” The New York Times Book Review Marshall explains the complex geo political strategies that shape the globe Why is Putin so obsessed with Crimea Why was the US destined to become a global superpower Why does China’s power base continue to expand Why is Tibet destined to lose its autonomy Why will Europe never be united The answers are geographical “In an ever complex chaotic and interlinked world Prisoners of Geography is a concise and useful primer on geopolitics” Newsweek and a critical guide to one of the major determining factors in world affair. Overall an interesting read but little new information for anyone with than just a passing interest in history or geo politics There is too much America is awesome and too little actual in depth information Further the title is somewhat misleading I had the impression that there would be ten actual maps ones that you don t see or use very often to define your view of the world but could be considered important nonetheless Rather the author just uses the generic maps that exist of the world s major continents and regions Concluding it s worth a read if you need a primer on the back story behind current geopolitics and you want to have something to tell your friends at the bar than those RussiansChineseAmericansIslamists are just modern imperialists If you are looking for something in depth look further