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  • 23 October 2020
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Ronald Gross À 4 Free download Peak Learning Free download ☆ 104 Vide an updated and easy to follow program that will take lifetime learners into the next century In this new edition of Peak Learning discover ten ways computer technology can enliven speed and maximize your le. At a used bookstore I picked up a copy of this that The University of Phoenix adapted and uses to teach adult learners to learn most effectively I have found it useful and well organized than two textbooks on learning that I acuired in college courses elsewhere The University of Phoenix however as I looked into it did not seem like the school for me I am impressed by this book though and think that maybe one of the best things a student at that school might get would be an introduction to these learning methodsI intend to compare the copy I have with the original of this book that I have seen at the library If there is not anything significant missing I intend to continue reading my copy and noting my experiences in its margins

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Peak Learning

Ronald Gross À 4 Free download Peak Learning Free download ☆ 104 Arning; how to get the courses credit or degree you want via Cyberspace TV video audio and other distance learning tools; and how to use work place learning resources to advance your career and earning potential. Anyone can learn how to learn faster easier and better Whatever your previous education your career or your interestes you can gain joy and countless benefits by making learning a natural and exhilarating part of your life

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Ronald Gross À 4 Free download Peak Learning Free download ☆ 104 Tens of thousands of readers have become lifelong learners with the help of Ronald Gross's bestselling guidebook Now Gross uses the latest developments in technology at home learning and cognitive studies to pro. Original review posted here this post on Personal Learning I said some reasonably positive things about this book Now that we have finished the book I want to take most of it backAs I said if you want to look at it get it from a library It is about 80% fluffextraneous babbling Of the 20% left which is of value some is so far out of date as to be of no real use The entire chapter Peak learning in cyberspace is so out of date that maybe 5% is of use and you dear Reader already know those bits and so much We did finish it but we really had to skim much of the last half of the book to sort the wheat from the chaffAs for the exercises some were of value and some were so poorly designed towards what was being aimed for that they were useless Others were so poorly explained that while they were somewhat valuable only after we sussed out for ourselves what would work in helping elucidate the point we shouldn t have had to do that work nor should the author s explanation of the exercise confused us so badlyAnyway my final verdict is that while there is some value in this book it probably is not worth your time and effort to try and drag it out of it