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Franciscan Virtues through the Year review Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Conform your life to the teachings of Jesus by living the virtues taught by Christ and especially embraced by Saint Francis of Assisi Franciscan Virtues Through the Year 52 Steps to Conversion from Saint Francis of Assisi explores each virtue with a uote from Scripture a uote from the writings of Saint Francis and an incident from the life of Saint Francis There follows a reflection on the virtue then meditation and prayer on the virtue and some delving back into Scripture regarding it Each virtue calls for reflection on the virtue and practice of it for an entire week If the reflections and practice are done weekly as suggested the reader will be spiritually in tune with God's.

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Franciscan Virtues through the Year review Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Praise37 Prayer38 Presence39 Purity40 Respect for Creation41 Sacrifice42 Self knowledge43 Service44 Silence45 Simplicity46 Surrender47 Trust48 Vigilance49 Vulnerability50 Wisdom51 Witness52 WorkThis book is an excellent formation book for Franciscan friars nuns sisters and laity The 52 week format can be adapted as the Order wishesFew books are guaranteed to change a person's spiritual life if the pattern of study in the book is followed This book will definitely make the reader into a stronger follower of Christ through the example and teachings of Saint Francis May God bless you through Saint Francis as you read through meditate on and put into practice the Franciscan Virtue.

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Franciscan Virtues through the Year review Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ways at the end of reading the book than at the beginning The book is designed to make one aware of the virtues which St Francis especially loved and to help the reader implement those virtues in his or her life The virtues discussed are1 Attentiveness2 Confession3 Courage4 Courtesy5 Detachment6 Discernment7 Eagerness8 Empathy9 Encouragement10 Eucharistic Reverence11 Evangelization12 Example13 Faith14 Fraternity15 Generosity16 Gratitude17 Honesty18 Hope19 Humility20 Imitation of Jesus21 Joy22 Justice23 Love of Enemy24 Love of God25 Love of Neighbor26 Love of Self27 Loyalty to Church28 Marian Devotion29 Minority30 Obedience31 Pardon32 Patience33 Peace34 Perseverance35 Poverty36.