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Theodor Fontane ´ 2 Read Free read é Effi Briest 102 Distanz mit großer schriftstellerischer Eleganz und ist zugleich ein bedeutender Geburtshelfer des deutschen Ge. Subtlety is an art form rarely seen in our era We live in a time where bombastic loud and graphic compete for our senses But does one really need that much noise and glamor in order to captivate Are we really that inattentive Theodore Fontane s Effi Briest is the rare novel that exercises graceful restraint yet echoes than the proverbial cannon It tells the story of a young woman who yields at everything thrown her way from her marriage to a much older man life in a backwater town and eventually to a lover Then when the curtain drops she accepts her dreadful fate without complaint her life they very epitome of resignation What s curious about this novel though is that the adulterous act is never so much as depicted It goes on for a while in the background with little hints here and there but the reader can be inclined to attribute it to playful imagination It is treated like a ghost to be wary of always alluded to but never explicitly confirmed Not until the last few pages is the suspicion set and the heavy feeling substantiated It creeps slowly silently and hovers like smog disguised as a mist mingling the spirits of trust and guilt There are so many lives that aren t real lives so many marriages that aren t real marriages Effi s marriage to her husband Innstentten who was nearly the age of her father can be considered the seed of her misfortune Putting things into perspective from the generational psychological and even social standpoints there was such a wide chasm between them and this was further amplified by the great difference in their educational experience It was such a doomed affair from the start that no matter how accommodating one is to the other there is too great a difference in their personalities that miscommunication is often the result Their relationship can be seen as symbolizing the conflict between nature and culture She was a person of her whims following her vain thoughts like a stream flowing through the recesses and cracks she finds going whenever the current takes her and so she drifted into an affair while as a civil servant and minister he cared about principles and social conventions and so once he discovered the affair even long after it ended he could not stop himself from going through his uest for reparation even if he wanted to keep the whole thing secret and knew that he longed to forgive his wife because he loved her still Using realism as his tool Fontane shows the whole absurdity of the matter He examines the proclivities of nature and how culture can stunt its development It also looks at the role of age in the whole affair the youth like Effi are always inclined to follow their nature and fancies but as one ages and reaches a certain point in life much like Innstentten you become grounded in culture and norms thus your obligations take priority over your inclinations Culture especially through education does much good if pursued with an appropriately human and flexible emphasis It should aim to harness our nature and help it reach the utmost potential to express itself and manifest fully a distilled version better euipped to deal with the pressures of life However it fails in its function if it becomes an instrument of repression which eliminate the freedom of thought and the scope of imagination instead of facilitating them killing the buds that bloom into one s natural voice and words On the other side when nature is given reigns unchecked without proper guidance something Culture can provide then it can only lead to irresponsible ruin In Effi s case sadly the contrasting of these two facets was her bane when its harmony would have been her salvation Yes I m plagued by fear and shame too at my own duplicity But not shame at my guilt I don t feel that or not properly or not enough and that s what s crushing me the fact that I don t feel it Immediately after finishing this novel I uestioned myself what about it was the most striking fragment and I was at a loss The whole thing seemed uite underwhelming buried in all its subtleness yet at the same time I realized that it wasn t so much as a lack of reaction on my part but rather a renunciation of effect on its giving off a controlled muteness which it keenly achieves Effi Briest does not seek to protest to stir the emotion or impart a profound lesson It aims for one thing realism true unaffected and often silent It asks us to think our own thoughts and see it in a light that shines brightest for us Offering warmth of human understanding and a non judgmental attitude to human weakness this great novel offers an inner uiet that can only be interpreted as the highest form of respect accorded to its readers to our nature Stand in the breach and hold the line till you fall that s the best thing And before you go get as much as possible out of the smallest things of life the smallest of all

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Theodor Fontane ´ 2 Read Free read é Effi Briest 102 Effi Briest ist Höhe und Wendepunkt des poetischen Realismus der deutschen Literatur Der Roman vereint kritische. This is a book in which everybody gets what they wanted whether they like it or notThe eponymous heroine gets to marry a man of principals her husband gets to marry somebody who he thinks presumably is just like her mother who he had wanted to marry twenty years earlier and Major Crampas gets to die in combat just as he always wantedSocial StrictureFontane prefers to tell simple stories and Effi Briest is no exception The plot is very simple and loosely based on a true story the strength of the story is in the author s craftsmanship Every detail seems to count and becomes meaningful A simple tale of the breakdown of a marriage illustrates a small minded and self destructive culture As in Die Poggenpuhls members of the upper classes are like so many colourful butterflies caught in Fontane s net and pinned to the pageTheir world shifts from the secure to the claustrophobicview spoiler as indeed one might expect life to be inside the killing jar hide spoiler

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Theodor Fontane ´ 2 Read Free read é Effi Briest 102 Sellschaftsromans der wenige Jahre später mit Thomas Manns Roman Buddenbrooks erstmals Weltgeltung erlangen soll. This is one of those classics of German literature that I enjoyed reading much after graduating from university where reading such great literature was reuired forced rushed and dissected until its beauty was no longer visible It s a book I might soon enjoy reading a third time and maybe even give it another star I am giving another of Fontane s greats Der Stechlin an identical review Amish Bakery Challenge no longer visible It s a book I might soon enjoy reading a third time and maybe even give it another star I am giving another of Fontane s greats Der Stechlin an identical review