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  • Män kan inte våldtas
  • Märta Tikkanen
  • English
  • 15 June 2018
  • 9780860680178

Märta Tikkanen ½ 4 Summary

Read & Download Män kan inte våldtas 104 Märta Tikkanen ½ 4 Summary His flat where he proceeds to tie her up pour liuor over her and rape her Eva Randers is stunned She doesn’t report it to the p. I don t remember when it was that I first heard of this book Probably long ago because it is a famous book by a famous author first published in 1975 and still brought up regularly in discussions about feminism literature men women I don t remember when I heard of it but I remember exactly what I thought Men can t be raped Of course they can This is not what feminism is Of course I was 100 % wrong and I had missed the entire point just like most people I had not read the book I just heard the title and I was appalled I realized that my reaction didn t have much to do with the book itself but I did not want to read it The title already made me uneasyIn a way I was also right Of course men can be raped Why couldn t they be M n kan straffas men inte v ldtas men can be punished but they cannot be raped Why What are our ideas about men women sex and power really based on How have we convinced each other and ourselves that this is just the way it is always has been always will be now and forever amen til death do us part ashes to ashes dust to dust How and whyThis is the point the writer makes one of the many points she makes all of them excellent So I was wrong and I was not wrong I m trying to think of a way to tell you how good this book is what it is about it that makes it so good But I don t think I can and I don t think I need to because in any case I think this is one of those books that you can t form an opinion on unless you actually read it So read itOr don tYou totally should though

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Män kan inte våldtas

Read & Download Män kan inte våldtas 104 Märta Tikkanen ½ 4 Summary Olice But she can’t and won’t forget it Slowly obsessively she plans her revenge What follows is bizarre poignant and hilariou. Wow It was definitly different I liked it though It was written very emotional in some places and Tikkanen really accomplished in to get the heroines feelings to me as a reader Her frustration anger and anguish reflected perfectly to me I liekd that she had insights through the whole book and that the pace of the book altered all the time I will definitly carry the story with me for some time

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Read & Download Män kan inte våldtas 104 Märta Tikkanen ½ 4 Summary On her fortieth birthday Eva Randers library assistant divorced living alone meets Marty Wester After a few drinks they go back to. This was an angry book Every single thing about the anger is justified though I can t even imagine how hard it is for a woman how hard it has been in the pastIn many ways this was insightful even funny at times Sometimes it was so graphic it was nauseating Sometimes the men were nauseatingI ve read Vuosisadan rakkaustarina by M rta Tikkanen previously it was very straight and raw This was too though like a novelI m very glad I read this