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  • Paperback
  • 264
  • 19th Akshauhini
  • Haribakth
  • English
  • 09 June 2020
  • 9781945926389

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Haribakth Æ 0 Free download 19th Akshauhini Free download ↠ 100 Uitable for modern times How can one discourse cater to the needs of diverse types of people Does the Gita encourage violence Isn't the Gita sectarian and meant for Hindus Read on to get a new perspective on the Gita and its teaching. Good bookAuthor has given his perspective of looking at Gita Cleared my many doubts about GodI should say that it affected me in good wayspirituallyIF u can call thatThank You so much Haribakth jiYou have given best possiblemy opinionBut the book is not just readable for fun or for knowledgeIf u think what Lord Krishna said in the Holy Book Gitait is actually applicable to everyone s lifeJust follow his instructionsDon t uestion his wordsMy mistake is the sameBut now I think who are we infront of Lord to uestionIf u are not able to agree with his wordsI must state that it is ur lack of seeing through his words for ur problem

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19th Akshauhini

Haribakth Æ 0 Free download 19th Akshauhini Free download ↠ 100 19th Akshauhini answers all the uestions about the Gita that are plaguing minds The illustrative list of uestions answered in this book are How can Krishna who himself ran away from battle earned the sobriuet RANCHORmeaning one who r. Had finished this book long ago and got the opportunity to share my views Haribakth the author has given new dimensions to the discussions on Shrimad Bhagwad Gita The modern allusions and analogies that he has tried to draw are something courageous as well as suitable for the modern readers For the first time I have seen use of tables in a book on Gita The second section of the book with sketches by Vaishnavi is also eually important The book is a uality read for experienced people as well as first timers

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Haribakth Æ 0 Free download 19th Akshauhini Free download ↠ 100 An away from battle advise Arjuna to fight his enemies How can a forty minute discourse of the Gita be complete knowledge How can a 5300 year old dialog be relevant to modern times If the Gita is unchanging isn't it too rigid and uns. The book 19th Akshauhini attempts to deal with the dilemmas of our modern generation from Gita s perspective with an open mindRead the full review here