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  • Star Wars Vol 5
  • Jason Aaron
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  • 16 July 2020
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Star Wars Vol 5 Summary ↠ 109 Free read Star Wars Vol 5 With one member of the rebel crew captured and imprisoned we turn once to the journals of Ben Kenobi and a legendary adventure with Jedi MasterYoda He's trapped on a world full of vicious mysteriously powered children Not easy will this. Strong in this one the Force is I got this in its single comic book issues but I ve chosen this TPB edition to be able of making a better overall review This TPB collects Star Wars 26 30 plus Annual 2 This comic book title is set after the events of Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and before Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes BackCreative TeamWriters Jason Aaron Kelly ThompsonIllustrators Salvador Larroca Emilio Laiso GREEN NOT EASY IS BEING In this TPB they are included two stories the main one Yoda s Secret War which it happened some time before of Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace but since the current title is set between Episode IV and Episode V cleverly is managed to be presented as a reading of Luke Skywalker of the Journals of Ben Kenobi but also during the reading of this adventure Luke doesn t get to know the name of the powerful Jedi mentioned in the reading so he still don t know about Yoda to avoid a continuity troubleIn the last storyarc C 3PO was captured by the fearful Scar Suadron made of Special Forces Stormtroopers and while Luke wants to save the protocol droid Han Leia aren t that eager about it but R2 D2 doesn t even wait the resolution of that discussion and the astromech droid takes a X Wing fighter on its own to make a daring rescue mission Luke finds out about it but R2 mess with Luke s X Wing to avoid to be followed so meanwhile he is waiting assistance from the Rebel Alliance he decides to read Ben Kenobi s Journal about a personal mission of Yodathe great Jedi Master member of the Jedi Council feels a turmoil in the Force and he goes alone to a planet where strange stones feel to be alive and connected to the Force and there he finds two opposite bands of warrior childrenthere Yoda will uncover a very big misteryand Luke should read fast since his own life may depend of it LEIA PASH The second story in the TPB is the second Annual of the title telling about an adventure where Leia got badly hurt separated from her friends her only chance of getting out of a town full of Imperial Stormtrooper patrols and several bounty hunters isa tall and very muscled woman named Pash Davane whom isn t enthusiast about the Rebel Alliance since them destroyed the source of work in her town to interfere with Imperial operationsPash doesn t like Imperials or Rebels but in war one should choose a side to avoid ended crushed in between

Free read Star Wars Vol 5

Star Wars Vol 5

Star Wars Vol 5 Summary ↠ 109 Free read Star Wars Vol 5 Us mission on a planet that wants no part of the war against the Empire When an injury threatens to end her mission can she inspire that rebel spirit in a populace who just want to keep their heads downCOLLECTING STAR WARS 26 30 Annual #. A Yoda book alright oh wait marvel once again puts the shackles on how much story can be used Starts off cool but it s just one big side story So Yoda flies to some unknown planet to look into a mysterious energy on the planet The story is just OK it lets Yoda flex his force a bit which is cool to see and honestly Aaron does a good job at writing the story with the rock people but I keep getting the feeling Marvel says hey you can the characters but don t write anything that interferes with our movies The second half of the book is an annual book and it is worse than the yoda story It intros a character called Pash who rescues Leia I REALLY hope that was just a tease with Yoda and we get

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Star Wars Vol 5 Summary ↠ 109 Free read Star Wars Vol 5 Be Overpowered and captured the Master must become a student once And the ripples of Yoda's struggle in the past will be felt by Luke Skywalker in the present Connected it all is Plus join Princess Leia on a top secret and highly dangero. Ooph For my money this is the weakest story yet not just from Aaron s Star Wars run but in all of Marvel s Star Wars output since acuiring the license in 2014 I m usually a big fan of both Aaron s writing and Salvador Larroca s style so the thought of the two of them pairing up for an arc let alone an arc focused specifically on freaking YODA really had me jazzed Color me surprised and disappointed that neither writer nor artist seemed to operating at their full potential hereI could go on and on about all of the things that didn t work here whether it be the plot itself which proves definitively that there is such thing as a Star Wars story that is TOO out there Larroca s linework which seemed oddly unfinished here or even just the way the arc sits rather uncomfortably alongside the broader Star Wars lore no spoilers but if you ve read you know of what I speak In fairness there were moments here and there that worked particularly early on when it felt like Aaron had a better grasp of the type of tale he wanted to spin But the longer this arc dragged on the eager I was for it to wrap up And now mercifully it has