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5 Filthy, Taboo Tales!

Characters ☆ 5 Filthy, Taboo Tales! 108 To help them is to well YOU know But can I really do that With them I mean I already helped her once with the man of the house but this may be one step too far What's a girl to do CAMPING WITH STEPDADDY Ever since I came home the man I grew up with seemed somehow different to me Sure I was older now a woman who'd had been with than one boy but I shouldn't notice how sexy the head of the household looked in his jeans or how ruggedly handsome he was when he smiled should I I shouldn't think about the glimpses I caught of him coming out of the bathroom wearing just a towel around his waist his broad muscular chest looking good enough to run my hands over not to mention his sexy abs A girl shouldn't think about such things But all day long I couldn't help but notice how good his ass looked when he climbed the trail ahead of me and how strong his arms felt when he helped me jump over a fallen log or even the way his muscles moved.

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Characters ☆ 5 Filthy, Taboo Tales! 108 Don't miss this down and dirty collection of some of Daisy Ryder's hottest taboo tales now in one fabulously filthy box set This Box Set Includes HONEY HELP ME WITH YOUR STEPDAD I've always been a good girl even when I had to come live with my folks again during the summer break from college But tonight when the lady of the house asked me for a favor an impossible favor I wonder if I still am Good I mean The man of the house overdid it on Viagra and she's exhausted so she asked me to lend a helping hand and spread my legs for him to help ease his discomfort Can I do it though I'd do anything to help my loving household but this just seems like it's one step too far HELP ME WITH YOUR STEPBROTHERS When the lady of the house asked me to help her take care of my two gorgeous stepbrothers I didn't know what to think They are both wound up and need to relax in order to concentrate on studying for finals and she thinks the best way.

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Characters ☆ 5 Filthy, Taboo Tales! 108 Beneath his shirt when he was setting up this massive tent insisting I take a load off while he worked Now wearing just a tank top braless and pajama bottoms I felt strangely vulnerable in his arms and even strangely aroused He smelled so good like campfire pine and a warm scent that was entirely his own For one wild moment I wanted to lean in and kiss his neck taste his skin but I bit my lip instead tamping down the desire But how long could I keep my feelings to myself when he was here in our tent holding me close ALSO INCLUDED HONEY HELP ME WITH YOUR STEPDAD AGAIN HONEY HELP ME WITH YOUR STEPGRANDPA And a FREE sneak peak of an upcoming Daisy Ryder story that isn't even available yet Please LOOK INSIDE to see what delectably dirty tales this erotic collection has in store and give them a sample This is a collection of taboo short stories containing subject matter which may offend some All characters are 18 Mature readers on.

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