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  • Girl at the Grave
  • Teri Bailey Black
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  • 08 May 2019
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Girl at the Grave review Ê 103 E daughter of a murderer Only one person believes Valentine is innocent Rowan Blackshaw the son of the man her mother killed all those years ago Valentine vows. This was a good story with atmospheric writing

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Girl at the Grave review Ê 103 Valentine has spent years trying to outrun her mother's legacy But small towns have long memories and when a new string of murders occurs all signs point to th. It s not often these days you pick up a book and find it to exactly what you are expecting Girl in the Grave was this for me I wanted a easier to read ie YA teen or romance story that had some edge ie horror Gothic to it and a strong female lead I got everything I could have wanted and It s Teen for SureThis is obviously written for the teen genre Whether you like teen books because you are a teen or like me enjoy the style of writing that is common in them Teri Bailey Black does a superb job of finding one voice in our lead teen girl and creating characters and situations around her that resonant with her lead gal and the reader So there are tropes like many teen books A forbidden love a sort of love triangle and of course the ever difficult to figure out moment of loosing ones virginity be it kissing virginity or otherwise So long as you go into this expecting those typical teen elements I think you ll find the rest of the book is really well done AtmosphereSometimes I just want to read or watch something for the atmosphere It doesn t matter what happens or how who is involved or when Instead what matters is the mood atmosphere and feel of the story Black has done an excellent job of finding a Gothic voice it s just occurred to me that her name is ironic given the feel of Girl at the Grave lol Set many years ago in a small town we find creepy elements like old houses houses with half the house burnt small graveyards and out of the way forest sanctuaries Black does an excellent job of creating a Gothic story without any ghosts Weird right No just perfect in my mind As a former still wishes I was sometimes Gothic teen of the 90 s I felt like this book was something I would have cherished as a teen It s like the despair murder secrets and hushed whispering is speaking to me directly and I know teen me would have been all over that PlotThere is actually a lot of plot going on in this story Our lead gal had her mother murdered hanging because of a murder the boy she starts hanging out with at school is in fact the son of her mother s murder victim the townsfolk are ruled by the rich and male of the town and so transgression like abuse are or less acceptable if not obviously thrown in anyone s face This all culminates in a murder mystery that tries to solve not only the murder of yore but murders that start happening right then in the line of sight of our lead gal I didn t see some of the twists that happen but at no time felt like ANY of them were cheap This is a very very exciting thing for me as often I find murder mysteries to be one of two things too predictable or too outrageous It was lovely to read a Gothic teen story with a well done murder plotOverallI really adored this book I could absolutely see me revisiting it in the future to have a break from dense literature It was wonderful to follow up The Picture of Dorian Grey which I found dense and ultimately boring with Girl at the Grave as it helped me remember that you don t have to read a book written centuries old to get a darker feeling story Black connected with me as a reader on so many levels I wondered at one point if her and I were sharing pieces of a brain as she would do something I would have done with a character and do it so well You just can t go wrong with this Gothic teen murder mystery For this and of my reviews please visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review The metal planet relationship A study of celestial influence review

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Girl at the Grave review Ê 103 To find the real killer but when she finally uncovers the horrifying truth she must choose to face her own dark secrets even if it means losing Rowan in the e. Source NetGalleyGenre Young Adult Historical United States 19Th CenturyRating 35ThoughtsGirl at the Grave is the debut novel from author Teri Bailey Black It is a Gothic tale of murder and romance set to the backdrop of 1850s New England Feavers Crossing Connecticut The story s protagonist is 17 year old Valentine Barron Deluca Val has spent 11 years trying to outrun her mother s legacy When she was 6 years old Isabella Deluca was charged with murdering a man and uickly hung after being found guiltyFull Review Gizmos Reviews