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  • 11 January 2020
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CHARACTERS ä French Lover Object is far from fulfilling and Nilanjana looks desperately for a way out of the boredom and depression that threaten to engulf her life It is at this point that she meets Benoir Dupont a blond blue eyed handsome Frenchman and is swept off her feet Benoir introduces Nilanjana to the streets the cafes and the art galleries of Paris In her passionate sexually liberating relationship with Benoir she finally begins to. Introduction After reading famous and controversial novel Lajja I seen this book in a rack of the library so uickly picked it up As it is expected this novel is based on woman Plot summary Nilanjana Nila is a modern Calcutta girl who has her own experience from society and family Betrayed by her lover Sushant her family married her off with an NRI named Kishanlal Although she was not happy with this decision but she dreams a better happier life in France She wanted to explore France s history and culture and live her life on her own terms On the contradictory her husband NRI Kishanlal want her to be a typical housewife and live in the flat She was not ready to accept male superiority and slowly broke up with KishanShe further took a small job where her co worker Daniella provide her shelter who end up using Nila for her lesbian pleasure She also flies back to Calcutta after her mother s death She went back to France with a dream of French Lover and met a French man named Benoire in flight Read this book to know the about this French lover Characters The protagonist of this book is Nilanjana who have her own set of rule for this society and want to live life on her own terms Another major character present in the book is Kishanlal who is NRI but his mind is still in a cage of old sayings Daniella and Benoire are the next major characters who helps to develop the story Apart from this there are many small characters which are wisely chosen by the writer Writing Style The writing flow is perfect and language used is super easy even the new reader will find it easy to understand My perception Although this is a story of all about a girl and her freedom but somehow I ve found the protagonist Nila little confusing in herself She was not happy with her husband because he is not handsome he has put a restriction on her but on the other side she happily accept anything which her French lover use to say her because she is in love with his looks and sweet talk On the other side you can say that writer has portrayed a woman who is so much disturbed by the society and her rule betray by her love and in search of love she always conned by people

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CHARACTERS ä French Lover Have an inkling of her own desires The relationship ends when Nilanjana realizes that Benoir's first priority is himself and not the woman he loves and that her need for him has ended But her road to self discovery has only just begun Bold in concept and powerful in execution French Lover is a fascinating glimpse into the workings of a woman's mind as she struggles to come to terms with her identity in a hostile worl. An okay book No no less than that Okay because it made me sit patiently for reading after weeks It was no than okay because I plainly felt the main character was delusionalNila a typical Calcutta woman in her 20s arrives in France to be with her newly wed husband Kishanlaal who runs two restaurants at Paris As the story of Nila s life at Westbengal and in Pairs unveils parallely she seemed to have wanted many things which she did not know how to gain In the end she did know but that too by blaming the men with a lot of grudge Passionate about culture art and literature at times like the men she has been with it starts getting on the nerves Also all her knowledge seemed to have wasted as she could not prevent a few avoidable mistakes All in all in the name of strong independent woman deep inside Nila was as imprisoned as a Bengali woman projecting her naive fantasies and resentments on men However Taslima s brave attempt in narrating sexual encounters did not fail to break the stigma yet the uestions on the standards of word artisary remains The truth of this novel lies in the male chauvinism under both eastern and western circumstances The plot is movingly straightforward and honest as the drama is created upon real bengali lifestyles Then againbefore putting everything on men is it to ignore that the same patterns of odds had been taken place in her lesbian relationship as well Is the biased feminism hiding underneath spicy fiction giving the young women the real message

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CHARACTERS ä French Lover A woman's search for love and independence in a strange city far away from home French Lover is the story of Nilanjana a young Bengali woman from Kolkata who moves to Paris after her marriage to Kishanlal a restaurant owner Kishanlal's luxurious apartment seems to Nilanjana to be a gilded cage and she feels stifled within its friendless confines Her marriage where she functions as little than a housekeeper and a sex. This kind of a book or rather story i should say is not expected from a wonderful writer like youThis book is frankly a huge disappointment especially for your fansIf you ask me what went wrong with the story then my answer would be a woman is not a dumb mindless selfish slut as portrayed in this bookI agree with you that A WOMAN is physically weak but that is over come by her mental strength and her instincts A female intuition is her biggest strength which protects her from evil helps her distinguish between right and wrong and most of all is her most powerful guideA woman is surely born to be emotional and practical experience teaches her the ways to lead her life but it seems that in cases like Nila as portrayed by you nothing works for her neither she has any instincts nor she knows how to learn lessons Nila as a character is total dis appointment for all the women and the story is total rubbishIn my point of view you have just written whatever came to your mind I am highly disappointed