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  • The Flag of Childhood Poems From the Middle East
  • Naomi Shihab Nye
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  • 08 April 2020
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The Flag of Childhood Poems From the Middle East Summary ñ 104 D elsewhere open windows into the hearts and souls of people we usually meet only on the nightly news What we see when we look through these windows is the love of family friends and for the Earth the. My expectations for this book were low the title led me to the precipitate conclusion that the poems in this anthology were written by children of the Middle East As it is this is a collection of five dozen or so poems written by adults about childhood in the Middle East A handful of these I adored particularly Abu L asim al Shabbi s Strange Tale But most of the pieces in this anthology I found plain and in many cases too reliant on cliched images like birds and tears I picked up this book longing for a different kind of poetry but what I found in these Poems From The Middle East I could have just as easily found in any American poetry textbookBut that must be the anthologist s purpose to demonstrate how the American and Middle Eastern worlds are alike than they are different Why else would the uote heralding over the back cover be George W Bush s The enemy of America is not our many Arab friends If so I think Naomi Shihab Nye s gone about her work the wrong way if her mission is to build friendship between cultures her compilation of poems should explain differing perspectives rather than pretend differing perspectives do not exist

Summary The Flag of Childhood Poems From the Middle EastThe Flag of Childhood Poems From the Middle East

The Flag of Childhood Poems From the Middle East Summary ñ 104 Daily occurrences of life that touch us forever the longing for a sense of place What we learn is that beneath the veil of stereotypes our human connections are stronger than our cultural differences. Edited by Naomi Shihab NyeHighlightsOptimistic Man Nazim Hikmet translated by Randy Blasing and Mutlu Konuk As I traveled from the city toward the country old age fell off my shoulders Salah Fa i translated by Patricia Alanah Byrne and Salma Khadra Jayyusi Attention Saadi Youssef translated by Khaled Mattawa The Beginning of the Road Adonis translated by Samuel Hazo Unveiled Gladys Alam Saroyan Memoirs in Exile Joseph Abi Daher translated by Adnan Haydar and Michael Beard rice haikus Suheir Hammad A Day in the Life of Nablus Sharif S Elmusa

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The Flag of Childhood Poems From the Middle East Summary ñ 104 A stirring anthology of sixty poems from the Middle East selected by honored anthologist writer and editor Naomi Shihab NyeThis beautiful collection of elouent poems from Palestine Israel Egypt Ira an. This collection of poems is worth to read Most of the poems are fine some beautiful but these are my fav two Optimistic Manas a child he never plucked the wings off flieshe didn t tie tin cans to cats tailsor lock beetles in matchboxesor stomp anthillshe grew upand all those things were done to himI was at his bedside when he diedhe said read me a poemabout the sun and the seaabout nuclear reactors and satellitesabout the greatness of humanity The Strange Tale We laughed at the pastTomorrow the future will be laughing at usThis is the world a tale spun by some great magicianThe living perform the marvelous playas if they were already deadThe stage is sadwith its curtain of mistAnd beyond the curtainthe audience of the future watches us laughingThey don t see how the script is falling into there own hands