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Renee Rose ´ 0 free read characters í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Renee Rose free read Her Alien Masters (Captives of Prakir, #3) Call them master And they've given her a job raising their three nieces whom she inadvertently orphaned when her ship crashedTwin brothers Jakk and Gav'n already have their hands full trying to manage their three unruly and grieving nieces The last thing they need is a rebellious human Except they find she's than worth the trouble She may be unwilling but she is beautiful intell. Don t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Mira doesn t realize her circumstances have changed for the better when two twin brothers are assigned to care for her in lieu of her being put to death When the spaceship she is an engineer on hits debris in orbit around the alien planet of Pra kir and crashes onto a roadway killing some of the aliens the 6 human women are charged with murder Even though it was an accident they are jailed and tried and convicted and imprisoned The judge decides they will be sent to various high ranking men in order to be reconditionedJakk and Gav n are the two twin brothers Both are professionals Jakk is a judge his brother is the police chief They have custody of their sister s three daughters because she was one of the people killed by the spaceship It is poetic justice when Mira is forced to be the nanny of the girls and a play toy to the two brothersThe society of this planet is very prejudiced and judgmental to say the least The men are mostly deviants of one kind or another It s a Mad Mad worldThe human women have no hope of ever getting home to because the Pra kir have no space travel as of yetJakk has one brown eye and one blue eye so in the rigid society of Pra kir no woman will have him they are actually afraid or disgusted by him He will never have a mateBoth men want a family and have shared a woman on occasionNow with Mira they have their own woman even though she s a human both men are enthralled by her Mira is a smart mouth and she gets punished by the men every day usually spankings or sometimes canings or whippings But afterwards they make to her because they do love her It s sick I knowbut hey they re AliensYEHAW Ride em Bareback Cowgirl

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Renee Rose ´ 0 free read characters í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Renee Rose free read Her Alien Masters (Captives of Prakir, #3) SHE SURVIVED THE CRASHTHEY'LL MAKE HER WISH SHE HADN'TMira thought the crash into an alien planet was bad Even worse was their police chasing her through a mall and shooting at her Imprisonment for her and her shipmates' supposed crimes took the cake But now they've sentenced her to a lifetime fostering with two enormous males who punish her keep her subjugated and force her to. For an erotic explosion Ms Rose is always dependable I must confess I did not read the blurb to this story In fact I did not even know that this series is written by different authors All I saw was Ms Rose s name so I picked it up I am so glad I did I really enjoyed this story than I thought I would The premise of this story is straightforward Bad human kills Pra kir by accident in what humans would call vehicular manslaughter This is usually jail time on Earth On Pra kir there is real fear that the humans are here as the first wave to check them out and then bring forth war Understandable since the Pra kir are surprisingly low tech compared to humans in this world So instead of jail time Mira is looking at an execution To stay the execution there is an alternative and she is not sure it is a better choice Die or be owned forever by two males that can demand her to do basically anything except for permanent bodily harmWhat made this story so good for me other than the erotic sex is the character relationships Specifically Mira working on building trust with this different species This tale is than an alien orgy It is also a mending of a broken family into a whole one which touched me The twist in how the orphaned nieces become Mira s responsibility is a clever one I liked it So angst filled The twin males Jakk and Gav n who take responsibility for Mira are dominants that would also make me wet and ready for screwing The erotic sex between these three is smoking hawt and well done I read every word and could visualize the scenes The edgeplay mixed with a bit of domestic discipline really turned me on Of course the collar and sex slave status just made it that much hotter Ms Rose does a lovely job of dancing on the line of dub con Because whilst Mira s mouth may say no no no her wet pussy is screaming put it in and ride me hard There is a bit of kinky play in here with spankings and strapping The anal sex is delicious This erotic menage romance is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy twin males finding their mate taking her hard and often Provided by Manic Readers

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Renee Rose ´ 0 free read characters í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Renee Rose free read Her Alien Masters (Captives of Prakir, #3) Igent and best of all bound to them for lifeRead USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose's stand alone contribution to the steaming dark romance sci fi series Captives of Pra'kirPublisher's Note This MfM no action between the males stand alone romance is part of a five book series with authors Maren Smith Dinah McLeod Megan Michaels and Kate Richards HEA guaranteed no cliffhange. This is my first book from the series and after reading this book I definitely want to read The story was we ll developed and contained the perfect blend of romance discipline and sizzling hot sex I liked all the characters but loved Jakk as he struggled to be accepted with his physical abnormality His struggle to accept Mira s love added a nice touch to the story Sci Fi is not my favorite genre but the author definitely made this story workI received an ARC of this book from the author