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characters Resist Not Evil ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Clarence Darrow ´ 8 characters Free read Resist Not Evil He right to teach evolution in the Scopes trial Not so well known is his lifetime of service on behalf of victims of government persecution In Resist Not Evil Darrow presents a convincing case for abolishing the criminal justice system Darrow argues that neither punishment nor prison reduce the c. In the past I haven t written reviews of especially short books but this one I enjoyed a great deal and had to write about itFor those unaware Darrow is the lawyer that defended Scopes and Sweet in the infamous Monkey trial and he also defended infamous at the time thrill killers Leopold and Loeb Needless to say Darrow had a great deal of experience with the law with the State and with criminals or at least criminals according to the State Darrow writes with fierce condemnation of the State and then goes on to chastise the criminal justice system that it employs It is refreshing to see a book especially one from the early 1900 s that speaks against our absurd and futile form of retribution we call justice in this country and indeed that many have called justice throughout time Throughout the book Darrow notes how this system of justice has failed to prevent crime and it very often ignores the intent and cause of the crime Was the individual poor Were they unintelligent What motivated them In my reflections on our criminal justice system I have found myself coming to the same conclusion as Darrow on this We need to consider the psychological factors behind the crime and then work to prevent future crimes in a manner other than attempting to scare someone straightI like to think that Darrow were he alive today would be an enthusiastic supporter of the restorative model of justice see below Having just finished Murray Rothbard s The Ethics of Liberty where he argued in favor of a eye for an eye system of justice in one chapter the rest is a good read see my review this book was certainly a breath of fresh air It is a shame that a debate was never able to happen between Rothbard and Darrow in regards to the appropriate model of criminal justice in a free society that values libertyYou can get the book for free from the publisher here information on restorative justice you can look here

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characters Resist Not Evil ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Clarence Darrow ´ 8 characters Free read Resist Not Evil From the far reaches of the human mind come these tales of unrestrained anti authoritarianism No government no leaders no authority no rules and complete freedom of action Egoism solipsism anarchism and other heresies now revealed to corrupt your mind Clarence Darrow is best known for defending t. Thought provoking to be sure but ultimately I disagree with Darrow s conclusionsWhile the criminal justice system is indisputably broken I think Darrow errs in ascribing the causes of crime to being purely environmental and I especially disagree with his conception of criminal behavior as a disease He denies the role of free will reducing men to nothing than the product of their environments not as the thinking acting purpose driven beings they are Having a poor upbringing or living in a bad environment do not cause crime they just change the incentivesDarrow s commitment to non violence is mostly admirable but like Gandhi he goes too far denying that violence is acceptable even in self defense or to stop someone from committing a heinous act I wish he had gone into specifics about his theory of criminal justice For example how would he deal with a rampaging serial killer who showed no signs of remorse This book gives the impression that he would simply give the man a hug and hope for the best hardly an acceptable course of action in my view In fact Darrow never talks about the victims of violent crimes expressing sympathy only for the criminals themselvesSending non violent offenders to prison in order to pay their debt to society serves no useful purpose but neither does allowing murderers and rapists to roam free with no conseuences for their actions

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characters Resist Not Evil ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Clarence Darrow ´ 8 characters Free read Resist Not Evil Rime rate and the only reason for them is vengeance and cruelty He points out that most crimes are committed against property by people who have been shut out of the economic system This reprint of Darrow's controversial assay could not be timely his ideas have lost none of their fire or relevanc. This book s title comes from Matthew 539 and goes on to advice turning the other cheek In this small book by Clarence Darrow he expands on his philosophy of non violence and his concerns about the legal system He argues that the state is formed in violence and is thus inevitably corrupt and he argues skilfully against capital punishment and imprisonmentHis proposal that the legal system has little to offer in the search or application of justice is well made and his swiftian arguments against the deterrent effects of capital punishment are clever and accurate A modest proposal for the most gory and public punishments for the encouragement of the othersAlthough dated in its style it is still easy to read and has relatively few items which anchor it in its period