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Read & Download The Divers' Game Jesse Ball ↠ 0 review review The Divers' Game ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ads have no recourse but to continue with their livesThe Divers’ Game is a thinly veiled description of our society an extreme case that demonstrates a truth we must change or our world will collapseWhat is the effect of constant fear on a life or on a culture The Divers’ Game explores the conseuences of violence through two festivals and through the dramatic and excruciating examination of a. The best dystopian novels pick the themes of their time extend them into the future and present the reader with an all too plausible nightmare societyImagine a society with a refugee crisis Then imagine a society that responds to that refugee crisis not by rejecting the refugees but by allowing them to stay as long as they are physically marked so that everyone knows who belongs and who does not Imagine then that these others in society are stigmatised and often subject to violence Imagine that the solution to that is not to stop the violence but to redefine the word violence so that it does not include acts performed against the uads as they are known because they live in special lawless and walled in areas called uads and only leave at their own risk The pats as the residents of the land are called carry canisters of gas and gas masks so that they are euipped to deal with any uad who approaches and looks vaguely threatening with no threat of repercussionsWelcome to Jesse Ball s future worldBut Jesse Ball is not one to tell a straightforward story That would be far too simple Ball presents us with three stories and he works by impressionism rather than by telling It is for the reader to puzzle over the underlying themes and linksTwo girls attend a school where they are taught about their society they are pats and then taken to a zoo by a teacher with a drink problem One girl goes in the other stays outside Both experience an adventure This part of society is heading towards Ogias Day If you know your Christian Old Testament Ogias Day is like the Jubilee without the godly parts cancellation of debts establishment of euality and Then a young girl is selected to be the centre of a communal ceremony in one of the uads She is given free rein whatever she commands will happen as she tours the area and the mob mentality rises Where the ceremony of the first part sought euality and was feared by many because of that here the ceremony creates a complete ineuality a young girl has absolute power and is feared by many because of that We learn about the titular Divers Game which explores the connection between two local lakes and as it does so explores what it means to belong and the lengths people will go to in order to feel part of the in crowdFinally a woman writes a letter to her husband It is for the reader to work out who the woman is and I won t spoil the book by saying what the letter is about but the woman is concerned about the conseuences of cruelty for the life of the person being cruelThis then is a book to discuss with others What are the connections Are there connections Are the connections underneath rather than visible on the surface the title and the game might be a clue Are the connections thematic rather than plot hint there is no overall plot really I write this at the stage where I have only just begin to make those connections and I know I have work ahead of me which I hope will be assisted by other readers as I get chance to discuss the bookI love that Jesse Ball doesn t write about a dystopia where refugees have been rejected and walls have been built to keep them out I love that he turns things on their head and writes about a dystopia where the refugees are allowed to remain and his logical extension is to a society that marks those who don t belong and removes penalties for harm done to themmI love that he then presents us with several different stories about this dystopian world but doesn t feel the need to explain it all This is similar to my favourite kind of artwork that presents the viewer with an abstract impressionistic image or several images but leaves it for the viewer to interpretYou have to be Jesse Ball to be able to imagine the world he creates You probably have to be Jesse Ball to understand how it all links together but there is sufficient thematic connection made to mean that the reader puts the book down knowing that they will be thinking about it for many days to come Like the subterranean connections within the novel this book lays the groundwork for some subconscious connections in the readers mind the kind of thing that is likely to wake you up in the night thinking about it as pieces join togetherAs an aside having just finished a re read of Deborah Levy s The Man Who Saw Everything how awesome would an evening called Deborah Levy and Jesse Ball In Conversation beMy thanks to Granta Publications for an ARC via NetGalley

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Read & Download The Divers' Game Jesse Ball ↠ 0 review review The Divers' Game ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook From the inimitable mind of award winning author Jesse Ball a novel about an unsettlingly familiar society that has renounced the concept of euality and the devastating conseuences of unmitigated powerThe old fashioned struggle for fairness has finally been abandoned It was a misguided endeavor The world is divided into two groups pats and uads The pats may kill the uads as they like and do The u. If Jesse Ball s mind was an actual place I d love to travel there I m sure it would be spellbinding and full of weird surprises riveting strange and disturbing No one writes about human cruelty and its conseuences like this guy and no one employs the enlightening power the perspective of a kid can provide far away from any cheap kitsch like the winner of last year s Gordon Burn Prize for Census a tribute to his dead brother To write like this you have to have deep moral convictions a sprawling imagination and the talent to turn this into intense affecting prose as a reader you need to be willing to put on your hiking boots and bring your compass in order to venture into the overgrown jungle at the heart of a remote narrative island because Ball s books are no beach reads The Divers Game is a novel in three parts In the first one we meet two kids living in a dystopian society that openly accepts and cements ineuality justifying this with arguments that rely on fear ignorance and ideas of superiority The people living in the lawless uarters outside the city most of them refugees are declared to be less than human and every kid is taught how to gas them if one of them crosses their path and disobeys or is perceived as somehow dangerous It has no legal conseuences to immobilize or even painfully kill them with gas the people in the city are carrying gas and gas masks at all times Together with their alcoholic teacher the kids want to visit the zoo and they are ultimately separated to experience two different areas where livingdead creatures are cagedIn the second part we meet kids living in Row House one of the lawless uads outside the city especially a young girl chosen to be the center of an enigmatic ritual that revolves around the limitless execution of personal power and the orgiastic experience of being part of a mob It was the cry of the punished that there should be punishment cruelty hate the world was always so much that the revelers had to flinch away had to retire from feeling and feel not what was before them but instead what they had felt what they might feel This ritual mirrors another one in the first part of the book that is feared by the people in the city because it revolves around the establishment of euality As you see Ball is playing with reversals and trick mirrors also watch out for a character named Lambert Ma who for some is a hero for others a terrorist In addition to that we learn about the eponymous divers game that the kids in the uad like to play I won t explain the game in order not to spoil it but I can say that it s about belonging and the dangerous attempt to overcome separation pay attention that it only works in one direction thus being relevant to the whole book The third part is a letter written by the teacher s wife shortly before her death and it contemplates the price an individual soul might pay for being cruel and when instead of fairness there is just order and its conseuences What I love about Jesse Ball is how lyrical his prose is his daring creative ideas and how he does not feel the need to destroy the power of his strong haunting images by over explaining them Rather he trusts in his readers abilities to appreciate the sheer beauty of his art and the iridescent associations he evokes This is a writer tackling very serious topics while proving that smart content and gorgeous writing can easily go together and I hope he will go on winning some prizes for this stunning novel

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Read & Download The Divers' Game Jesse Ball ↠ 0 review review The Divers' Game ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Woman’s final momentsBrilliantly constructed and achingly tender The Divers’ Game shatters the notion of common decency as the binding agent between individuals forcing us to consider whether compassion is intrinsic to the human experience With his signature empathy and ingenuity Jesse Ball’s latest work solidifies his reputation as one of contemporary fiction’s most mesmerizing talents. The Divers Game is the latest novel from Jesse Ball the 4th of his I have read and someone who is fast emerging as one of our most interesting modern day writers It looks like it s about a very violent society that pretends it isn t violent at allIt smells like licorice left in a holeSource A hyena who searched Jesse Ball s house in 2018 and found the draft of this novel He said we can welcome them as long as we can tell them apart As long as we can tell them apart Many of them wherever they were from they had red hats a kind of long knit hat a red hat no one remembers why and so Garing said This will be their symbol We ll tattoo the red hat on their cheeks and then we ll know who is who Then we can welcome themThis novel gives us a a dystopian set up but one that draws as Graham s review points out on Nazi era ghettos with immigrants and increasingly also criminals in theory allowed to live in the host country but in practice physically branded and legally non persons such that violence towards them from ordinary citizens is not considered legally and increasingly not even morally wrong Our morality is what we do Do you all understand that But if what we do ceases to be violence let us say it is the same but it is no longer violence then we are not violent we are no longer doers of violenceDespite the historical set up this reference to the pernicious effect of normalisation of behaviour is highly pertinent to our times gun crime in the US would be one parallel And in fact the author himself argues that to see this as a dystopia is to misread it interview from Paris Review linked belowI don t believe it is a dystopia Dystopian novels are pleasant distractions for the beach for the most part with lithe protagonists and evil This is not that at all Instead it is a short speech about violence real violence that I have observed in the past forty one years It is a parable about that it s a parable but there is no lessonThe initial set up is over explained in a rather clunky set up literally in a lecture But the novel comes in to its own after the characters escape the lecture hall and we experience other key elements of the society both the rather terrifying Day of the Infanta amongst the non people and amongst the citizens Ogias Day declared seemingly at very short notice only a fee days earlier for the first time in over 50 years a sort of comprehensive Jubilee although no one uite seems to know what will happen He said he heard on the last Ogias Day a lot of people died Everything turns upside down Freedom surprises people they don t know what to do with it People who have been paying back debts for decades and then the debt is just gone It makes them crazy especially if they know other people who did fuck all with their debts And everyone s in the same boat What is that You could see why people would be mad Are you saying you think it s a bad idea No no I mean I owe some I ve run it up pretty badly You know this job doesn t pay much I m glad for it to stop I don t owe anything she said I still live at home I heard she said that it isn t just debt It s all bonds So after tomorrow no one is married You d have to get remarried You have to reacuire your job Everything s started over It s a complete restart They have to explain all this That s why everyone has to go to the announcement points Can t be true I never heard any of that My brother says he says Ogias Day isn t for us anyway It s for people like you people who own things It s a holiday to keep you owning the things you owninteresting parallels to the political discussion on both sides of the Atlantic about writing off student debt but also to whether radical reform is really about the preservation of the existing systemThe last section gives the novel a powerful close as we get the suicide note of the lecturer s wife we learned in the first section that she killed herself using the gas citizens are given to defend themselves against non persons her actions triggered by what she and her society had become There is a permanent sickness in my stomach It is a revulsion and it is a disgust and it is a disgust at who I am and have been who you are who we are together who everyone together becomes in this day and ageRecommended although not Ball s best work and how The Wall made the Booker longlist and this didn t is a mystery but then how The Wall made the Booker longlist is a mystery in any case 35 stars as it isn t Ball s strongest work and readers would be better starting elsewhereAnd there is a wonderful interview here between two of my favourite writers Ball and the brilliant Patty Yumi Cottrell to the publisher via Netgalley for the ARC