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characters ↠ Save Your Breath Morgan Dane #6 D Lincoln Sharp suspects the worst He knows she didn’t leave willingly and turns to attorn. I might be a tad obsessed with this series I read the print version but I couldn t help snagging the audio as well I first fell in love with this series on audio and the way Cris Dukehart voices all my favorite characters and the storySave Your Breath is the sixth of the Morgan Dane series which work best read in order so the character and relationship development that anchor the stories makes sense even as each mystery is a standaloneIn the latest we finally get to see that sizzling attraction between Lance s private investigation business boss and mentor Lincoln Sharp and the clever and competent investigative journalist Olivia Cruz take the limelight Unfortunately this is achieved by Olivia being kidnapped just before she can release her latest story that has her botheredLincoln is beside himself at her disappearance and is joined by Morgan and Lance to get on the trail of facts that leaves them all cold with fear for Olivia s lifeI enjoy how this author can ratchet up the suspense and make each case feel desperate and dark even while inserting into the mad race to save someone the every day love and life of her characters And beyond that I love that all the characters on the investigation team are smart about how they do things Morgan is a defense attorney but she has training with weapons and self defense because she comes from a family of cops She isn t stupid about proving herself and racing off into danger which helps Lance treat her like a true eual partner on their casesThis one kept me wondering as to who was behind it all and why I knew better than to leap to the obvious solution because the author is great about twisting things It was a shock to me who was behind it but of course the clues were thereCris Dukehart was stellar as usual She takes an already strong story and enhances it so it becomes an even better experience with the book She has a good husky voice for the men and doesn t go too feminine on these tough women like Olivia Morgan and Morgan s sister Love her workSo my listening experience with the Morgan Dane world was fab as usual and I m always disappointed when the end comes but that very end was just the thing to leave me smilingMy thanks to Brilliance Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review

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characters ↠ Save Your Breath Morgan Dane #6 Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger investigate the mysterious disappearance of a true crime wri. I m no mystery expert but I think this series is great And it has heart It s not just mystery you get involved with the FEEEEEEEEEELLLLZZZZZZZZZZ

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characters ↠ Save Your Breath Morgan Dane #6 TerWhen true crime writer Olivia Cruz disappears with no signs of foul play her new boyfrien. I am loving the Morgan Dane series and was so happy to have another one of the books to read In this one Morgan and her fianc Lance Kruger become involved in trying to find true crime writer Olivia Cruz when she disappears Olivia s boyfriend Lincoln Sharp is Lance s boss and a central figure to the series As Lance Morgan and Lincoln race against time to find Olivia they realize that the book she is working on has ties to two cold murder cases as well as the recent suicide of one of Morgan s clients They must find Olivia before it is too lateThe aspect that stands out for me in this as well as the other books in the series is the wonderful characters I always enjoy reading about Morgan and Lance but the widowed Morgan s three small daughters add so much dimension to the books as well as her retired law enforcement grandfather who helps look after Morgan her home and her girls A young health compromised nanny also lives with the family and is an asset to the books It is always good to see secondary characters Lincoln Sharp and Olivia Cruz turn up and I enjoyed having them at the forefront of this book I really enjoy the way the characters team up and work together to solve crimesI voluntarily read and reviews an Advanced Reader Copy