(New) [This Could Be Our Future] author Yancey Strickler

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • This Could Be Our Future
  • Yancey Strickler
  • English
  • 02 January 2020
  • 9780753552834

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This Could Be Our Future Free download ¿ 104 Yancey Strickler Ó 4 Free download Ed toward better measurement of what matters technology and specificity of goals and refocus them to build a generous fair and future prepared society By re calibrating our definition of value a world of scarcity can blossom into a world of abundanceHopeful but firmly grounded full of concrete examples and bursting with creativity This Could Be Our Future brilliantly dissects the world we live in and shows us a road map to the world we are capable of makin. Yet another work tracing what s happened to us since the day we were cast out of the garden of eden some call it Reaganism some neoliberalism Strickler refers to Milton Friedman s article bringing financial maximization to the public s attention Since that day the well known curve showing that productivity continues to rise but wages stagnate Strickler thinks we can overcome the problem thru the power of platitudes Specifically he proposes what he calls Bentoism from the Japanese takeout lunch box which guides our decision making on 2 axes present future me us As feel good ideas go this ain t a bad one but I m

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This Could Be Our Future Free download ¿ 104 Yancey Strickler Ó 4 Free download Break free from a wealth obsessed worldWestern society is trapped by three assumptions 1 the point of life is to maximize your self interest and wealth 2 we're individuals trapped in an adversarial world and 3 that this path is inevitableThese ideas separate us keep us powerless and limit our imagination for the future We see them as the truth but they are just a point of view that previous generations accepted as inevitable It's time we replace them with. Yancey Strickler the author of this book is also the co founder of Kickstarter and he unabashedly calls his book a manifesto for a new economy As democratic socialism and a universal basic income are now being seriously discussed in the US I figured his manifesto would be along the same lines except with a bend toward supporting people s creativity which is definitely the kind of economy I d like to live under When I was traveling in Israel in the 90 s I met a young man from the Netherlands who was trying to make it as a photographer an artsy sort not a photojournalist Because the Netherlands is a so

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This Could Be Our Future Free download ¿ 104 Yancey Strickler Ó 4 Free download Something newIn this bold powerful book Yancey Strickler – co founder of Kickstarter – lays out an inspiring vision for a new world we have the power to create and how we can change course While the pursuit of wealth has produced innovation and prosperity it's also produced dire conseuences environmental collapse corruption exploitation and unhappiness around the world We don't have to get rid of money entirely though we can co opt the tools we have us. It pains me slightly to give this book a negative review because I think his diagnosis is basically correct He argues that since the late 1970s basically in response to Milton Friedman s 1970 New York Times article about maximizing shareholder value American life has had only a single value financial maximization to the detriment of all of us He argues that though it won t be easy or uick we can and should start working to change thatThe book is broken into two parts first he tries to convince you that financial maximization is the root of many problems plaguing us today then he offers his plan for action on